3 Best Ways to Get Stronger at the Gym

by Joseph Printer
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Every man’s dream is to get bigger, better muscles while hitting the gym hard every day or several times per week.

Nobody wants a flabby body with droopy fat and muscles. The point of going to the gym is to get bigger, right?

Unfortunately for most men, gaining serious muscle is a hard task. It takes a dedicated diet, dedicated training schedule, and a commitment to get a better body.

Be warned: it won’t happen overnight. Like anything that’s worth waiting for in life: good things come to those who are patient.

Patience is the key to success in the gym, but so is being aggressive and working hard to achieve those goals.

So if you’re looking for some great ways to get stronger in the gym and get that edge you need, here are 3 great ways to do so:

1. Use a Dedicated Training Schedule

Hitting back and biceps every other week won’t help you. But if you’re doing this set of exercises every Monday, you’ll see some great gains.

A lot of people will just go to the gym a few days a week and do whatever they feel like doing. Sure, this is better than nothing, but if you’re looking for hard muscle gains, you need to be more disciplined than that.

A solid schedule to follow if you’re doing a 4-day split is:

– Monday – back/biceps 
– Tuesday – chest/triceps 
– Wednesday – legs/abs 
– Thursday – Shoulders

This is the bare minimum. Feel free to do cardio before, after, or both after your workouts if you’re on a cut. You should probably skip cardio if you’re bulking.

2. Limit Your Resting Time

It’s usually the weak and skinny people who are sitting on the machine for 5 minutes between each set playing on their phones. Don’t be one of them.

Between each set, you should have a rest time of no more than 1 minute.

Ideally, you’d want to rest for 45 seconds and then start your next set to get a hardcore workout in.

Realistically, you should be done with 16 sets of back and 9 sets of biceps, for instance, in just under an hour.

3.  Use Supplements to Your Advantage

It’s hard to get the amount of protein and nutrients necessary to build the perfect body just from eating food.

You’ll most likely need a solid muscle-building supplement (or two) to get the most out of your workouts.

If you don’t feel like looking, here are a few of our favorites:

Nitro Genix 365


Xtreme Testosterone


Deer Antler Maximum Strength



All of these products will boost your testosterone, give you the correct blend of nutrients, and give you the best shot of building muscle FAST!

With these 3 tips by your side, you’ll be a muscle-building machine!

On top of these tips, remember to eat right, get plenty of sleep, and limit your stress to see the best gains.

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