What to Do When You Feel Unexpected Pain in Your Side 

by Joseph Printer
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When you feel pain inside of yourself, it can be a scary thing to happen. While having pain on the outside of your body is easy to see and diagnose, when you have pain inside of yourself, you can’t exactly see what is going on in there.

This lack of insight leads to many diagnoses that are incorrect, and may even lead to paranoia when there is no need for it. So when you feel pain in your side that you have no idea about and it just sort of sprung up out of nowhere, here’s what you can do about it:

First, Try to Google Your Brains Out

Google is your friend when it comes to this stuff, and you can often narrow your symptoms down to a likely source. But while you can find likely reasons for why you’re feeling a certain way, it can also open up Pandora’s Box for other ailments that are likely not what you’re facing.

There have been situations where people have rushed to the emergency room for what they thought to be cancer because they read scary symptoms for Google. What ended up happening to the person was just a bad case of gas.

So do your research, but make sure you take it with a pinch of salt if it seems too far-fetched to be true.

Second, Get an Opinion if You Don’t Feel Better

If it’s been several days since you’ve been feeling the pain in your side, and you’ve ruled out that it’s not a muscle tweak, gas, or just because you slept weird, it could be time to visit a doctor and see what’s going on.

Of course, if the pain is very mild, give it some more time, but if it doesn’t get any better or gets worse, then you should go.

The doctor will run a number of tests on you to see what’s going on, from X-rays to an MRI, and they may even do blood work and other tests.

Depending on what your symptoms are, they may even send you to a specialist.

Last, Relax

You need to relax when you’re dealing with something like this. Getting all worked up and stressed out can only make things worse, and you could even use your own body to make things worse.

There have been situations where people have gotten much worse because their own brain thought they were worse. This illusion was strong enough to induce stronger symptoms.

It’s also similar to how you feel nauseous when you see someone throwing up. Same idea!

So make sure everything it alright, and you’ll be back in action!

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