What are the Medications that Affect Sexual Performance?

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Various daily activities such as working out in the gym, healthy diet and adequate sleep can work wonders for sexual health. Studies show evidence that healthy lifestyle habits have a direct link to your overall bedroom performance, but these are just some of the factors.

If you are using any supplements and medications, they can cause certain effects on your sexual performance and in some cases, result in brief dysfunction. Always remember that even over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements cause some side effects.

Luckily, there are options to help solve these issues to ensure that your sexual activities remain satisfying and always at its peak.


For those who are going through a “rough” phase and the doctor prescribes an antidepressant, it has an influence on sexual performance. After taking these drugs, you are not in the mood at all for any “bedroom” activity.

What are the Medications that Affect Sexual Performance?These medications stimulate the serotonin receptors while at the same lowering norepinephrine and dopamine which are neurotransmitters that control mood. Although this helps calm the body to aid with depression, the effect also diminishes sexual desire and performance.

What should I do?

If under depression, you might want to add a drug to stimulate performance or try an herbal option. A substitute is adding a counteractive drug such as Viagra which kindles sexual arousal. If depression is minor to moderate, an herbal supplement specifically St. John’s Wort can treat the condition subtly without any side effects and does not alter the brain chemistry significantly.

Blood Pressure Medications

For those with high blood pressure, the doctor might prescribe a beta-blocker which lowers the pressure to a lower level. Although this is beneficial to the heart, it will lower sexual performance.

The medication can alter the blood flow to the sexual organs or disrupt with other physiological properties essential for sexual health such as achieving an erection.

What should I do?

Being able to perform optimally during sexual activity is a big factor for men, but also in maintaining relationships and overall happiness. Since high blood pressure is a dangerous condition if left untreated, there are other medications to use but it is best to consult a doctor first.


Among those with allergies, an antihistamine is the drug of choice to lessen the undesirable symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and coughing episodes. Although beneficial to highly sensitive individuals, the medication can briefly cause ejaculatory issues and potentially causing erectile dysfunction.

What should I do?

Luckily, these medications will only calm the symptoms as well as the libido for up to 8 hours without any lingering side effects. Try to listen to your body to determine what it needs the most. In case the libido is not at its “peak”, it is only temporary. If you are in the mood for a bedroom “escapade” tonight, you might skip on your morning dose.


The common cold is likely to occur at any time of the year. After taking an over-the-counter drug to ease the symptoms, you might be surprised that you seem “out of tune”. The reason for this is the cold medication you are taking.

Sudafed or any cold medication that contains the active ingredient Pseudoephedrine causes the constriction of the penile vessels, thus resulting in erectile dysfunction.

What should I do?

If the symptoms are minor, you can use home remedies for the sneezing and coughing episodes. After a break from the medication for a few days, your sexual performance will be back on track.

Opioid Pain Medications

Medical conditions and injuries might require an opioid painkiller. Although this medication is only for temporary use during the healing process, it can affect your sexual performance.

The opioid pain medications lower the sensitivity of the body as well as causing a drop in the level of testosterone, resulting in poor libido. It can lead to erectile dysfunction among men. Among those who cannot get enough of the drug and uses one for a long time can end up with detrimental effects on overall sexual health.

What should I do?

If under pain medications briefly for medical issues, consult a doctor regarding another aid to help with performance while completing the prescription. When counteracting pain medications, it is possible to use testosterone injections or another libido boosting drug such as Viagra.

Hormonal Drugs

What are the Medications that Affect Sexual Performance?Men with low levels of testosterone require a hormonal drug to increase the level of the hormone. With testosterone replacement, it can improve overall health and help with various sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues, poor libido, and poor sexual performance. Nevertheless, there is a drawback where some men suffer from frequent recurrence of these issues due to the medication.

What should I do?

Since every case of low testosterone varies, consult a doctor regarding the best options before using any medications. Oftentimes, lifestyle changes such as regular exercise or a healthy diet have a beneficial impact on sexual performance.

Recreational Drugs

Although legal in some parts of the world, marijuana and other recreational drugs, as well as alcohol consumption, will not help in any way with your sexual performance.

The drugs can cause impotence due to the alterations in the chemicals necessary to achieve an erection and changes in the flow of blood.

What should I do?

The best approach to maintain peak sexual performance is to limit the use of drugs and alcohol or avoid them entirely.

Bottom line

If you are under some medications and notice a slight or evident decline in your sexual performance, the root cause is certain. Depending on the medications or supplements you are using and their potential effects, there are ways to prevent a decline in your sex drive. If it becomes troublesome, consult a doctor to start the right intervention.

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