A Guide To Dressing Like A Gentleman

by Joseph Printer
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Many men think that fashion is not for them. In their opinion, looking nice and smart is like a math problem that just brings headaches and confusion, and only a few are good at. What they do not realize is that there is not one strict rule on how to look stylish. You do not need high-end suits, luxury brand shoes, and expensive accessories. You can look nice and smart even without having to spend so much.

How to dress better and sharper

Below are some quick and easy steps that can help you on your journey to being a well-dressed gentleman:

Get rid of clothes you have not worn in more than a year.

Do not let your closet get filled with stuff that you are not using. On your day off, dedicate a few hours rummaging through your boxes and luggage in there to see if there are things that you can throw out. Your high school P.E. sweats? Your tattered Halloween costume from 5 years ago? Those commemorative shirts from a local event? Unless they hold meaning to you, they are pretty much not worth a single inch of space in your wardrobe. If you want, you can pick out those that are still in good condition, keep them in a separate box, and donate them.

Quality over quantity.

Does the thought of spending more than a hundred dollars on a pair of shoes freak you out? Would you rather go for something that is only around 25 bucks? Unfortunately, most often than not, products that cost less are also of lower quality. They may not create as big of a dent in your wallet as compared to a popular, more expensive brand, but they also may not last as long. As a result, you end up buying a new one more times than you need to, and, in the end, actually wasting a lot more money.

Experiment with colors.

A Guide To Dressing Like A GentlemanA lot of men like to play safe in their fashion choices, and usually just stick with black, brown, and gray clothing items. There is nothing wrong with. But, if you want to up your style, you have to take a risk, and introduce other hues and shades to your outfits. A little bit of red, yellow, blue, or orange here and there will not hurt. Depending on the situation, it can work really well and help make you stand out.

Wear more prints.

Be adventurous. Diversify your wardrobe with shirts with prints and patterns. It can be a bit scary at first, but wearing something other than plains will give you a more interesting and bolder appearance. You can get floral shirts, striped pants, animal print ties, or shaded shoes to transform yourself into a preppier and trendier version of you.

Buy good fitting clothes.

Forget the days when loose and baggy clothes were the craze. These days, good fitting shirts and pants are in, and they can make you look nice and smart. Even with just a plain, white t-shirt, as long as it hugs your body perfectly, you can confidently walk in to any situation, and exude that confidence that you did not know you had in you all along.

A good pair of jeans is your friend.

Whether frayed, patched, fringed, or regular, a pair of jeans offers versatility and flexibility in your style. It can be worn with plain or printed tops, closed shoes or sandals, or with or without a jacket, and works for any time of the year. For less than 50 bucks, you can find different good quality brands that should last you many years.

Improving your overall appearance

Being elegant, fashionable, and stylish is more than just the clothes. You also have to take care of other aspects about yourself to fully transform into your best gentlemanly self.

Get into a healthy skincare routine.

A Guide To Dressing Like A GentlemanIf your acne and pimple problems from puberty follow you into adulthood, it can be quite self-esteem crushing. However, you should not give up that easily. You should know and understand that you can do something about these blemishes. Every time you stand in front of the mirror, tell yourself that you have to do your part in giving your skin a radiant and vibrant glow. Wash your face in the morning, and before you go to bed. Do not be embarrassed about using facial creams, toners, moisturizers, and the likes. There are facial care products that are specially made for men’s skin. If you have more severe skin issues, see a dermatologist to get these taken care of as soon as possible.

Pay attention to your hair.

Even though you are dressed to the nines, your look will not be complete without the perfect hairstyle. It is important that you do not look like you just rolled out of the bed, and cannot be bothered with even with just running a comb through your hair. Do some research on what hair products are recommended for your hair type. Visit the salon to get the right kind of haircut for your face. If you are dealing with dandruff and other similar problems, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to remedy it right away.

Fix your posture.

Do you tend to slouch when sitting? Do you spend hours and hours hunching over your computer keyboard? Do you frequently feel back aches and pains? Bad posture is a common problem in men and women. It puts extra strain on the muscles, joints, and bones that keep your spinal column in place. Moreover, it presses your internal organs closer to each other, resulting to disruptions in their performances and functions. It causes various discomforts, such as difficulty in breathing and inability to digest food properly. To fix that, you have to practice the proper way to stand and sit. When standing, hold your head up, throw your shoulders back, tuck your stomach in, and straighten your knees. When sitting, your back should be straight, your shoulders back, and your butt touching the lower end of the backrest. You can also start doing stretching exercises, planking, and yoga on a regular basis.

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