Picking Up Chicks: The Baller’s Pickup Guide

by Joseph Printer
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There’s an art to picking up girls regularly and taking them back to your place. It’s not easy, and not many guys can do it without some help from guys like myself.

Whether you like it or not, girls won’t talk to guys with no game. They also won’t talk to guys who don’t take care of themselves. If you look like a slob and can’t even hold a decent conversation, your chances of going home with girls after a night on the town are slim to none.

Luckily, I’m here to save your sorry hide. Here’s the baller’s guide to picking up chicks:

Get Your Finances Straightened Out

Nothing turns a girl off more than a guy who can’t afford to do anything. She wants to go out to a bar, but you’re too broke to afford drinks. She wants to go to the city and have a fun day exploring, but you can’t afford the train ride. Or get this: she wants you to take her out to dinner, but you can only afford Burger King.

This is why you need to get your money situation straightened out. If you already have a nice amount of money, good for you. But for most guys out there, they have just enough to pay rent and eat, let alone going out to party.

Some great ways to make extra cash are to go on Craigslist and look for odd jobs. These are easy to do, and you’ll easily make like $400 per month, which is plenty to afford a fun lifestyle.

Stop Being a Slob

Next on the list is to stop being a slob to get the attention of girls. This is the easy part, really.

You want to hit up your nearest Express store, get some fitted v-neck t-shirts, some nice fitted jeans, and you’re all set.

And cologne and putting gel in your hair couldn’t hurt, either.

Last, Learn Some Game

The hardest part is getting your game good enough so that you can land hot chicks without even trying.

I can’t really teach this to you, you just need to practice. But I can give you some pointers.

  1. Be confident, and speak clearly.
  2. Be direct, and look her right in the eyes.
  3. Don’t plan your entire conversation
  4. Have talking points in place to fall back on so silence doesn’t become awkward

That’s it! You’re all set. You will fail the first month or so, but when you get comfortable, you’ll be good. Just remember: there are plenty of girls out there. Who cares if they say no.

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