Reasons Why You Might Need to See a Nutritionist

by Joseph Printer
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Nobody wants to set up a meeting with a nutritionist. Eating healthy is something that many believe they should be able to deal with on their own, and don’t see the value in a nutritionist. On top of that, you have to pay for the privilege of having someone else tell you what to do and what you can eat. Handing over that sort of control to your life is something that nobody is exactly enthusiastic about. There are certain situations, though, when seeing a nutritionist would be in your best interest, such as when thinking about adding hemp oil to your life, since it helps with stress and anxiety, as well as pain. You might have to swallow up a bit of pride, but if one of the following applies to you, it would probably be in your best interest to call up a nutritionist and make an appointment.

You Might Be Allergic to Something

food allergy, allergens, nuts, egg, seafoodIf you think you might have had an allergic reaction, then you definitely shouldn’t be taking any chances. Even if you think you know what you’re allergic to, if you want to be safe in the future, see a nutritionist. It’s possible that you’re mistaking the actual catalyst that you reacted to. Alternatively, even if you were correct in your guess, certain foods share the same allergens, so unless you want to have an individual reaction to each one, talking with a nutritionist will allow you to cut out entire food groups that might do damage to you. And it’s possible that you didn’t have a reaction at all; a nutritionist should be able to determine that, and send you to a doctor if need be.

You Feel Like You Have IBS

It’s not normal to get diarrhea frequently, or to go for multiple days without having a bowel movement, or to have stomach pains any time you have to go. It’s possible that you have IBS, which would require medical treatment, but it’s also possible that your diet is just wreaking havoc on your digestive system. A nutritionist might be able to get your bowel movements much more comfortable and regular without any need for medical intervention.

Dairy Makes You Feel Horrible

If your stomach feels twisted and bloated every time you have anything with dairy in it, it’s probably that you’re lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance has degrees, though, and you might not have to cut out dairy entirely, only limit it. If you want to have a more comprehensive answer, see a nutritionist for their expertise.

Weight Loss Plans Aren’t Working

There are all kinds of potential reasons why you can’t lose weight or keep it off. It might be a metabolism issue preventing you from making meaningful progress. You might be making some fundamental mistakes with your regime, miscounting calories or taking the wrong dieting advice. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, a nutritionist will help you identify it and overcome it.

You Can’t Manage to Gain Weight

If you’re at an unhealthy low weight, it can be a priority to put on pounds. Some guys can eat all day and never gain a single pound. A nutritionist will be able to make a plan for you to sustainably gain weight the healthy way.

You Get Heartburn Frequently

Heartburn or acid reflux isn’t just frequently uncomfortable, it’s actually very dangerous. It’s caused by stomach acids making their way up your esophagus, and that can have extremely bad long term effects on you. You might need to eventually see a doctor to fix the problem, but often times, heartburn is more of a diet issue than a medical one, and a nutritionist can help you get better.

Your Hunger Levels are Changing Drastically

If you’re absurdly hungry out of nowhere, or if your appetite has completely vanished, that can be a sign of something significantly wrong. See a nutritionist to find the source of your swinging appetite level.

You’ve Got High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is just one of a wide amount of issues that can be linked to your diet. High blood pressure can be a major health issue, and needs to be reined in immediately.

Your Cholesterol is Through the Roof

Correcting your cholesterol starts first with your diet. High cholesterol can back up in your blood vessels, eventually turning into plaque, and kill you with heart attacks or blood clots. Lowering your cholesterol will require creating a personalized diet full of heart healthy foods, and avoiding saturated fats and trans fats. Utilize a trained nutritionist to help you navigate these complex waters.

You’re Losing Weight but You Don’t Feel Well

man standing on scale, losing weightThere are lots of ways to lose weight, and not all of them are healthy. Losing weight is counterproductive if it leaves you less healthy than you were when you started. See a nutritionist so you can go over your weight loss plan, and find out what it was that you did wrong, and what you can do to lose weight in a more healthy manner.

You’re Obsessing Over Food

You really shouldn’t be thinking about food when you’re not hungry. If you constantly find yourself looking forward to your next meal, then that constitutes something a bit more serious than hunger. It’s likely indicative of a growing eating disorder, and you should try to deal with it as quickly as you can. With a nutritionist’s help, you can deal with your urges in a healthy way.

You’ve Had Numerous Stress Fractures

It’s not normal to get stress fractures frequently. What it speaks to the most is a calcium deficiency in your diet, so if you’ve had several stress factors, see a nutritionist so you can create a diet plan that will be better for your bones.

You’re Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in America, fueled largely by the obesity epidemic. If you have diabetes, or if you’re pre-diabetic, then it is vital to your health to see a nutritionist and set up a healthy meal plan. There are few lifestyles more dependent on a healthy diet than that of a diabetic.

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