3 Simple Hacks to Maximize Your Supplement Membership

by Joseph Packwood
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Let’s begin this by saying – not all supplement memberships are worth it.

Many supplement memberships are intended to swindle their customers by tricking them into a membership disguised as a free sample offer. Basically, you get a free sample and you only have to pay for shipping initially, but in the process, you skim over some terms and conditions that authorize the supplement company to charge you with a  monthly membership fee. Roughly 4 out of 5 supplement memberships are designed to trick you into buying supplements that you have no plans of committing to, and sometimes, they even charge you for canceling your subscription!

The telltale signs of a good membership deal are when the supplement company is fully transparent with their monthly subscription fees, plus they sweeten the deal by adding more exclusive perks and discounts that give you more value for your membership.

This is the kind of membership that doesn’t just benefit the company, but also provides you with great perks that help you improve your health and performance. Companies benefit by having a consistent, recurring customer, and the savings are passed on to the consumer – but many customers are not fully aware of what their benefits are, and how they can maximize the value of their membership.

Here are 3 simple hacks to maximize your supplement membership:


  1. Go for the loyalty discount

3 Simple Hacks to Maximize Your Supplement MembershipThe best membership deals are those that allow you to save big in the future with a loyalty discount. Basically, you just maintain your membership for a few months, and you get a massive maintaining discount to lower your monthly expenses. Instead of hopping from one product to another, you can save big with a product that you’re familiar with, and one that you know would work.


A loyalty discount is a great offer for supplements, and it’s almost exclusively offered by superior supplement brands that work better than the average supplement product. It’s a telltale sign that a product works if they are giving you more incentive as a loyal customer, and they aren’t charging you anything upfront just to save on your purchases.


Male UltraCore’s Club UltraCore membership gives customers a massive 50% discount in just the 4th month of membership. This is a great contrast compared to other brands that offer bulk purchase discounts that require the customer to pay a huge sum upfront without even experiencing the product first.


  1. Check for free products and other membership bonuses

3 Simple Hacks to Maximize Your Supplement MembershipInstead of a membership plan, some companies may offer you bonus products or supplement samples. Mostly, these free products are offered to recurring customers as a small bonus to attract them to keep their membership. In most cases, the bonuses aren’t valuable enough to keep your membership. Some brands even give out cheap merchandise with their branding for free, and that’s just more advertising for them.


What you should be looking out for are supplement memberships that offer free supplement products with every purchase. Never go for sample products, because that just makes you the company’s guinea pig for their new products. Look for supplement memberships that give you a free full bottle of a health supplement that you would actually use. A 1-month supply of supplements normally ranges between $30-$50, and you could be saving that much if you’re getting these supplements for free.


Male UltraCore is again a great example since they offer a 1-month supply of a health supplement product of your choice. You can choose supplements for your heart health, joint health, cognitive performance, weight loss, fitness, and more. Best of all, since it’s made by UltraCore Supplements, you’d know that these products are absolutely premium, and you get a free supplement every month!


  1. Content Access

These days, digital content is getting more expensive. Unlike before when almost every bit of content on the internet was free, these days, you have to pay to get access to premium content – and that’s why memberships that provide access to premium content are worth it.


A weight loss pill that gives you access to a premium weight loss diet plan makes it easier to lose weight. A performance-enhancing pill that gives you access to home workout training videos can save you a lot of money. At the end of the day, what you spend on these types of content can reach hundreds of dollars, and if you can get it for free as a part of your supplement membership, it would be added value and savings on your part.


Male UltraCore gives Club UltraCore members access to XR30 Total Home Fitness videos, a collection of 12, 30-minute workout videos that are designed to maximize weight loss and muscle growth. Male UltraCore is a premium performance-enhancing supplement, and what better way to try out your newfound performance than a challenging series of workouts that can improve your physique?


Not all memberships are designed to take away your hard-earned money, and Male UltraCore is a great example that gives you better value for your trust and loyalty. In this list alone, you could save over $200 every month, just by taking full advantage of Male UltraCore’s Club Ultracore membership. At the end of the day, if you’re signing up for a membership-based product, make sure that you’re signing up with a supplement company that is known for its quality, technology, results, and great aftersales support. That way, you’d know that just with the product that you’re buying, you’re already getting your money’s worth, and everything else is just a bonus.



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