5 Guy tips for amazing oral sex 

by Joseph Printer
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Be a better lover in bed with these tips!

You’re a grown man. Certainly you’ve had some experience going down on a woman. You might have even made her climax. Congratulations. – But do you know what you’ve done right to make all of this happen?

For most of us men, going down to business is all a hit-or-miss probability. You either do it right, you do it wrong, but you don’t know what you’re doing that makes your brand of cunnilingus good or bad. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can improve your cunnilingus game to make her crave for your lips over and over again. Here are 5 tips for better cunnilingus:

Tease gently

Once you start teasing her vagina with your lips, maintain the slow pace. Anticipation is what gets women riled up. You can start with a gentle lick of the vulva, to her inner thighs, but avoiding her clit. Look at her and gauge her anticipation and restlessness. The more she gets hot and bothered, the more you know that you’re doing a good job setting her up for the big O.

Patience is a virtue

To give her the best cunnilingus experience, restrict yourself from diving right away. Let foreplay work its way to where she wants it to go. Instigate and tease her enough until she invites you to go down on her. Make your foreplay count. Make her beg for it. Tease, and tease, and tease until she’s all the way soaked to the fabric. Starting things slow is the way to go when you plan on giving her the best orgasm that she had with cunnilingus.

Use your hands

Your hands should match what you do with your tongue. If you’re going for a more sensual maneuver down under, back it up with what you do with your hands. You can cup her ass, massage her breast, play with her nipples, or go the full play with masturbation.

Soft lick, stab, and circle

There’s no real guide on how your lips should go when eating her out, but there are three tongue-and-lip maneuvers that you would need to master. Soft lick, stab, and circle. Soft licks are appropriate when you are teasing her with anticipation. Circles involve a circular motion of your tongue, touching her vulva and clit. Lastly, tongue stabs that are more aggressive and gives her clit the best erotic pressure. See how she responds with each maneuver to see what she likes. Do it in cycles to keep her hooked and anticipating.

Clit suction

After you’ve done all the steps, she’ll probably be close to madness for anticipation. Deliver the coup de grace by doing the clit suction motion. Gently suck her clit and play with your tongue, just like you would when you play with her nipples.  It’s important to maintain a rhythm to help her orgasm faster. She would likely be more than willing to orgasm, so watch out for that squirt!


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