Devil Eyes – 6 Reasons Your Eyes are Red and Bloodshot

by Joseph Printer
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Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and your eyes are all red and bloodshot for no reason? The likelihood is that there is a reason, you just are not aware of the particular reasoning for this. An unusual symptoms, red eyes can be due to a whole number of issues within the body and while the symptom is not usually a warning sign of anything terrible, on the rare occasion it could be quite serious. Here are a few reasons for red eyes and other symptoms you should look for to help you understand the cause.

 1. Conjunctivitis

preview-full-uveitis-symptomsConjunctivitis is sometimes referred to as Pink Eye. It is an infection of the eye that causes it to appear puss-filled, with mucus clogging it shut. It tends to be due to a virus or bacteria, but can also be due to allergies. If it is viral or bacterial, it can be highly contagious. Although it isn’t anything too serious to worry about, try to stick to only using your towel. If you only have it in one eye, careful not to wipe the gunk into the other eye as you will contaminate this eye too.

 2. Corneal Abrasion

This is considered to be a serious injury and you will need medical attention. A corneal abrasion is mind-blowingly painful for such a tiny injury. The thin layer that covers the eye is quite delicate and when it is torn, even slightly, it can cause a very red eye, which will swell. This will be accompanied by pain, a sensitivity to light, and extreme watering of the eyes.

 3. Scleritis

This is a disorder of the white part of the eye, which is attached the muscle to help it to move. For some reason, this part of the eye gets inflamed and can be extremely painful. It is to do with the body’s immune system overreacting. If your eye is red due to this, it will also be very painful.

 4. Uveitis

This is when the middle part of the eye swells. This part of the eye provides blood for the retina. It can either be infectious or non-infectious, but it doesn’t tend to be that serious, but if the case is a serious one, it can result in blindness. The other symptoms include seeing floaters, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.

 5. Dry Eye Syndrome

This occurs when your tear ducts cannot produce enough liquid to keep the eye moist and lubricated. It causes friction between the eye and the eyelid, which irritates the eye. This irritation can make the eye uncomfortable, sore, and red. This can easily be solved with saline solution and eye drops.

 6. Bleeding in the Conjunctiva

preview-full-landscape-1445715811-conjunctivitis-175423329The conjunctiva is the transparent layer over the white part of the eye. There are lots of blood vessels in here that can sometimes burst, causing bleeding in the white of the eye. This is not really a serious condition as the blood is not under the cornea so it will not affect your vision. It looks scary and it may be a little painful, especially if it has come from injury, but it tends to go away quite quickly.

 It is important to get a lot of Vitamin A in your diet to help protect your eyes. Vitamin A can be found in fruits and vegetables and will help the eyes to repair themselves if damaged. You will also find multivitamin supplements, like Ultimate Man Once a Day are very good for getting your recommended amount of Vitamin A every day for better eye health.

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