Does MuscleTech PhosphaGrow Sx-7 Work?

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MuscleTech PhosphaGrow Sx-7 Overview

PhosphaGrow Sx-7 is a muscle-building product manufactured by MuscleTech, which is a reputable company in the industry. The makers of this supplement guarantee that MuscleTech PhosphaGrow Sx-7 is formulated innovatively with potent components to help boost muscle mass. These claims, just like other companies’ assertions, make one truly hopeful. While others only exaggerate their claims to get the customers’ attention, we’re hoping PhosphaGrow Sx-7 is different since it is made from one of well-known companies in the business.

What are the Ingredients?

As indicated by its name, PhosphaGrow Sx-7 has phosphatidic acid, which is an unusual component. MuscleTech has selected to utilize a specialized form of this ingredient for optimal outcome, which is the Mediator® PA.This is a polished form of phosphatidic acid, which has been demonstrated to boost mTOR signaling for as much as 600 percent.

Does MuscleTech PhosphaGrow Sx-7 Work?

mTOR signaling is frequently foregone stage of muscle renewal. It is basically a protein that controls cell development, more particularly the muscles. Essentially, boosted mTOR signaling constitutes to greater muscle enlargement.

In a research, it was revealed that participants put on five pounds of muscle mass and boost the power of their leg press by over 100 pounds in about an 8-week period.

Since the components are tucked away in an exclusive blend, the precise quantity of phosphatidic acid in this supplement remains unknown. But this blend, which consists of three components, has an amount of around 1,500 mg.

The research performed utilized 750 mg of this ingredient. Hence, as long as half of the supplement’s exclusive blend is phosphatidic acid, the contained dose is just right since it matches the one used in the aforementioned study.

Moreover, PhosphaGrow Sx-7 also makes use of eurycoma longifolia. This is mainly utilized in muscle-building supplements for the purpose of boosting testosterone levels.

Lastly, there’s also the inclusion of Astragalus Root, which has been demonstrated to boost your workout functions and overall performance.

Product Price

Does MuscleTech PhosphaGrow Sx-7 Work?

As of this writing, this fitness supplement is only accessible via for a price of $100. But if you’re a GNC member, you get to have a discounted deal, allowing you to purchase PhosphaGrow Sx-7 for only $80. There’s also an additional shipping charge of $4.

A bottle of PhosphaGrow Sx-7 is good for 28 servings. If you calculate it, you’re shelling out $3.75 for every serving, which is quite costly for this kind of product. This is even more expensive compared with other similar products. The good news is that taking PhosphaGrow Sx-7 can be conveniently taken by taking 5 softgels every day, about 30 minutes prior to working out.

Final Verdict

PhosphaGrow Sx-7 has promising components that can potentially bring out positive results when it comes to your fitness goals. It’s great that the mTOR can be heightened by 600% as this can significantly increase my physical and workout functions.

Nevertheless, PhosphaGrow Sx-7’s cost is a bit high at $100. We’ll probably get a cheaper price once the supplement becomes more available in more retailers.

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