The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength and How It Can Improve Your Workouts

by Joseph Printer
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When it comes to working out especially in weight training, many of us tend to tunnel vision, focusing too heavily on big compound movements while neglecting the little things. One aspect of our training that typically false the wayside is improving our grip strength, which in turn can help us progress in other areas.

Being able to properly support the weight that we’re holding is sensual in our ability to properly perform in exercise and thus getting the most bang for buck.

Having poor a grip strength can be a roadblock in your progression as you may be strong enough to throw the weight up which is very typical in the bench press. Your progression will inevitably come to a halt at one point or another if you neglect your g rips strength, so make sure to employ these strategies in your next forearm workout.

1-Double/Single Arm Pinch Lift

The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength and How It Can Improve Your WorkoutsThis is a great exercise you can incorporate into your next arm workout, or is also an excellent choice for high interval intensity training. To perform this exercise all you need to do is to grab a plate of decent weight, a size to wear you’ll be able to hold it in a reverse curling position for at least 15 seconds.

If you are someone who doesn’t have calloused hands you may want to wear gloves at first as doing this type of exercise may cause some dripping in tearing in this area when you first start doing the exercise.

This exercise is the first honor list because it is one that you can do with relative ease and also is one that you can do on almost a regular basis as well. This is because the main area which it works being the forearms, consists of some of the densest muscle tissue in the body.

This means that the forearms tend to recover faster from work than other muscles, allowing you to work them more frequently.

2-Finger Curls

This is another relatively easy exercise that pretty much anyone can do have any fitness level. To do this exercise you’re going to need some type of flat bench to where you could hang your wrist in part of your arm over. You’re also going to require a dumbbell to do this exercise too, make sure that it is on the lights side.

Do the exercise you’re going to lay your arm on the bench, with the dumbbell in hand in a pronated grip. You are then going to do just as with the exercise implies in its name, rolling the weight down the length of your fingers, and back up again.

3-Wrist Curls

The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Grip Strength and How It Can Improve Your WorkoutsThe wrist curl is another relatively exercise to perform, and is very similar to the prior exercise. The difference being here is that you will not move your fingers at all, only pivoting at the wrist. You can do this exercise with either a straight bar or dumbbells, which ever you prefer.

Hold the bar in a pronated grip, with your palms facing the floor. All that you have to do here is curl the weight up using your wrists only. This is a great burner exercise that is best saved for the end of your workout, to work your forearms to exhaustion.

4-Reverse Grip Curl

The reverse grip curl is not only an excellent exercise I can help you develop your forearms, but is an exercise you should consider adding into your routine the next time you decide to train biceps.

To perform this exercise is virtually exactly as its name implies. You either need a straight bar or two dumbbells to do this exercise, which you will hold with a supinated grip. Hold the bar or bars at about shoulder width apart to make sure you are putting most of the stress on your forearms, and not your joints.

Make sure are we doing this exercise that you start the curl at the bottom or resting position and finish off all the way the top week you would a typical barbell curl.

Many people make the mistake of only doing this type of curl halfway through which can really diminish the results they see from this excellent exercise.

Another important thing you want to keep in mind is that while doing the exercise you want all of your weight to be balanced tours the back of your feet and making sure to keep a straight spine and proper posture throughout the exercise.

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