How to Improve Your Health and Fitness

by Joseph Packwood
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The health and fitness world is full of so many unverified information and misconceptions. There are a lot of diet tips and workout plans that tell us what to do and what shouldn’t be done, and there are so many conflicting studies as well.

But, in this article, we would clear up some of the confusion and provide you with tips on how to live a healthy and fit life.


The Scales Aren’t The Best Option To Track Fat Loss


The scales are important only if you have about 15kg to lose, but if you don’t, then you best ditch it.  That’s because it’s not going to give you any credible or useful information. The reason behind this is that scale weight cannot tell the difference between muscle and fat. And you should already know that when you increase in muscle, you lose body fat, and this would make you look better. When your muscles begin to reduce, that’s not a good thing, but increasing muscle is good. However, your scale won’t help you figure that out.

Doing Workouts On Top Of Dysfunction Would Cause Injuries


This information is often overlooked by a lot of fitness coaches and industries. Your body posture and movement while exercising obviously isn’t the key motivating factor, but that’s what determines your progress and results, or a situation where you exercise day in and out without seeing noticeable changes.

Even worse, when you train without taking into consideration your stance and body position, it can cause long-term acute injury. Hence it’s important to understand the right pose for each workout before you start.


There Are No Shortcuts To Weight Loss, Fitness, or Health

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This may sound sad, but it’s the truth. There are no quick fixes or magic pills to any of these. Of course, you can hasten the process, prevent yourself from making mistakes, and maximize your energy with trial and error methods, but the main words here are your energy.  Patience and hard work is a must, so the trick is to understand what works best for you and implement it, and this way, you would be able to maximize your time and see results faster.


Soreness Is Not A Sign Of A Good Workout


Just because you don’t feel any soreness in your muscles or joints the next day after an intense workout doesn’t mean that you didn’t train effectively.  Soreness is not a criterion for a good workout. Some people tend to feel sore, and others don’t. The level of soreness you would feel after a workout session is dependent on your body’s inflammation reaction to intense training.


Your Attitude Is Important For Results


If you start a regime with a positive and hopeful mindset, then you are sure to see results. Having a bad and pessimistic attitude would hold you back from trying out things that might turn out helpful and result-oriented. There is a direct link between a positive mindset and success, regardless of your natural abilities.


Age Isn’t The Only Factor Responsible For A Decline In Physical Performance


Nobody is going to live forever, but that’s the major reason why you should embrace healthy habits. The more time you spend on doing stuff that isn’t healthy for you, the worse you’ll get as you age. This has nothing to do with your age, but how much time you spent practicing a lifestyle that is harmful to your health.

Smoking for 15 years is worse than smoking for five years, and this has nothing to do with age. To get the most out of life, you need to filter out habits that can, in the long run, be detrimental to you.


Exercise Recovery Is As Important As Exercising


Having a good workout routine isn’t the only guarantee; the success lies fully in what you do post-workout. A healthy meal, nine hours of sleep, and stress reduction are all factors that should be incorporated in your post-workout plan. You don’t get the full results from working out; your progress lies in the efforts you put towards recovering from a workout session.


You Are What You Eatenjoying a healthy breakfast


What you eat can most times have the greatest impact on your health and design the foundation of your physical fitness. You should be mindful of the quality of the food you eat. Are you eating fruits or vegetables, was it pumped with antibiotics and hormones? These are the questions to ask yourself because your food is only as good as the source it was gotten from, so you need to be sure it’s healthy. You are what you eat.


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