In a Long Distance Relationship? These Tips Will Save Your Life 

by Joseph Printer
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If you’ve been in a long distance relationship for long time or are just starting, you could always use some tips to keep things good between you and your partner.

Let’s face it: this is tough for both of you. There’s no physical contact at all, and you can’t actually hold the other person. And doing stuff on a webcam just isn’t as good.

But in order to save the relationship, you need to make things work.

So if you’re in a long distance relationship and need some life-saving tips, here are some good ones:

When You’re Dirty Texting, Double Check That You’re Texting the Right Person

If your partner’s name is near a person you frequently contact, it would be a good idea to move your partner to the end of your contact list or something.

Accidentally telling your best friend that you love his tits will not go over well, and even more so if you sent that to a family member.

If this isn’t an option, always, ALWAYS double check your contact before sending any messages. This will go a long way in saving yourself any embarrassment.

When You’re Having Webcam Sex, Remember to Set the Mood

Doing this sort of thing takes a little imagination and dedication to make it happen correctly. I mean, it’s pretty much just masturbating to another person. It’s basically like watching porn.

But you should still set the mood to actually make things more fun than they are. Or if like that sort of thing, have at it!

But it’s important to start with dirty talk, loving talk, slow and sensual taking off of the clothes, and so on.

This will allow you guys to still feel like a couple and not just two people getting naked on the Internet for the millionth time.

Make Eye Contact A Lot

You don’t need to go overboard with this, but getting some eye contact in increases the love between you two. If you’re just touching your junk and hammering away without a car in the world, you might as well have just beat yourself off and went to bed.

This will also let her know that you care about the time you spend together, and it’ll almost certainly get you future sessions on the webcam!


So if you want and need some help with your relationship, these tips will help you for sure.

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