13 ordinary things women wear that are actually super hot

by Joseph Printer
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Skin-tight skirts, lacy lingerie, and sky-high stilettos- these are just a few of the kinds of wearables that we think could boost sex appeal. Ladies, definitely, can hit you with it and it could be great!
There’d be times when you’d want to be hit with their Lucite heels, of course, metaphorically. However, these aren’t that only things that make women “super hot.” Most of the time, they are hotter than how they’d appear with their nighties on.

Ratty T-Shirts

“I have this decade-old shirt that has my alma-mater’s logo and several rips on both armpits. Any person would think that this t-shirt is totally unattractive, given its years of service- but my husband without a doubt, loves it,” a wife shares.
Part of the reason could be the ways it is being worn. Its textile’s disastrous thinning gives a silhouette to everything underneath. The rips in the armpit could be a portal for the husband to squeeze his hand in to grab her boob. Most importantly, there is nothing sexier than being told by a husband that “that thing” makes her extra hot than any other thing on.

Flannel Pajamas

They are inevitably plastered, decorated with quirky prints like penguins in bow-ties or Chihuahuas in Santa’s hats. Her mom has probably bought it for her during Christmas. Pajamas are perhaps the most “ill-fitting” item for pushing “hotness” to another level because let us admit it, it could hide even the gigantic props that Kim Kardashian flaunts.
However, this is exactly what makes PJs hot- it hides everything underneath. It’s the sleepwear’s burlap sack, the anti-thesis of erotic moments, the sartorial equivalent of “What now? I do not care!”This is exactly how it operates; the reverse psychology of “erotic callings”.


Once in history, women actually wore underwears that covered their behind, shocking isn’t it?
Just imagine this, a woman wearing an underwear that did not, almost instantly, reveals her entire derrière. Under clothes, briefs are a generous covering that created a panty line that subtly points to what is down below. It is, definitely, a time of suggestion and restraint- good old days!

Black Bra, White Top

The “Fashion Police” had everyone of us believing that it is a big no-no for a woman to allow her bra to take the scene. White shirts, according to them, should be paired with a nude undergarment and that tank tops need strapless brassieres. It has made us think, haven’t they thought of the “hot” tandem of a white shirt, black bra combo?
Gwen Stefani should be hailed queen for this; pairing a white wife-beater with a lacy black lingerie. She takes the over-used appeal of “obliviousness or laziness” into a head-turning act of rebellion. It is a look that has gotten the “Bohemian” fictional look of Carrie Bradshaw made chic by nonetheless, Miranda Kerr. Enough said, I will just leave the final verdict to T-Pain, who in his song, “Up Down” enticed, “Shorty got the black bra showing… She a bad bitch and she already knows it.”


While glasses convey an image of a “highly intelligent” individual, it has made women hotter; of course, intelligent women are “hot”. However, its appeal goes beyond it. Regardless of whether she is just using a pair of cat-eyed secretary specs or an over-sized black rim, glasses almost always provide intrigue and mystery. Men would think, is she one of those buttoned-up nerds who frequent libraries and attract everyone around by letting her hair down? Or she is an intellectual who wants to get away from the usual confines of her ideas?
Clark Kent became the “Superman” when he decided to get rid of his glasses. Who does she become when she takes off her glasses?

Messy Buns

Most of the time, ladies spend a lot of time just to be able to sport a carefree look, more time than what you have thought of. This studied messiness, really, is just all about getting a message through: “I am a carefree, easy-breezy gal who got up from bed and effortlessly tied my hair up.” While it is absolutely not true, the silent message works, right?

Sports Bras

Bras define shape; sports bras minimize and flattens it. Honestly, men see no difference between the two. The other kind is intended to make the boobs bigger and the other one works by making them disappear; however, there is sexiness in the futility that inside the flat-inducing garment are real, bouncy boobs.


Well, we don’t need further explanation for this. Your boxers are those that touch every single cell of your private bits and then, it touches hers. It is not “the actual thing” but it’ll do for now.
No Make-up
“It, honestly, looks like you are wearing a mask on when that stuff is applied on your face,” a wife, whose husband dreads it when she wears make-up shared. Often, women wear make-up not for men, but to show it off to other women around. While it sounds unpleasant for some, there is something appealing about un-ornamented faces.

Boyfriend Jeans

Allow me to tell you this: this apparel does not really belong to a man. They don’t belong to any male figure, for than matter. In fact, she has just shed out a significant amount of cash just to come up with something like it. But, admit it, there is really something sexy about the unrealistic scenario of a woman in a man’s jeans.
Maybe, she has rolled out of her bed following a hot one-night stand and forgets that she is wearing a wrinkled shirt and ripped denim. Better yet, the boning has been just so awesome that she has decided to put it on for a longer period of time. Either way, this will fill-in for the honest facts that this kind of jeans does nothing for her.


They are laid-back, soft, and easily removable, aside from the fact that, the messages “juicy and “flirt” are flashing across her behind. Yes, it is tacky, but who out there would not want to check her butt out.


Truthfully speaking, tomboys are- above all- the sexiest.


Did you think I have forgotten about this? How could I? It helped launch the Lululemon billion-dollar empire.

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