A Product Review of C4 Mass

by Joseph Printer
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C4 Mass: At a Glance

It is true that working on our fitness, may it be for physical or athletic purpose, requires us to have the much needed energy, so we can maximize the time we have for workouts. The going becomes tough when time and efforts for workouts end up being minimal because of insufficient strength and endurance. When this happens, it takes a longer time for your aspired effects to be visible. That is why there are several pre-workout supplements out there. These products are developed with the purpose of increasing your energy, so you can enhance your training performance. With this kind of supplement, your physical performance is heightened, so you get to produce greater results. On the other hand, it can be challenging to find the suitable product for you since the market is loaded with so many. One of the pre-workout supplements you can choose from is the C4 Mass. It is claimed to be one of the products out there that are genuine. C4 Mass claims to provide you supplementary carbohydrates vital for developing muscle mass, as well as sustaining your overall health.

C4 Mass can be purchased online. At bodybuilding.com, it has a price of $49.99. If you want to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer, just go to the cellucor.com for a cost of $59.99. This includes free shipping if you’re a registered member. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

About the Company & its Assertions

preview-full-shutterstock_558821248C4 Mass is developed and produced by no other than Cellucor, as stated earlier. The company is well-established in the industry and is based in Texas, United States. Cellucor is recognized for its creation of supplements/products that have been proven to be safe and effectual. C4 Mass is one of the products the company has and it should be as high-quality as others. This supplement is made based on a scientific formulation that guarantees the body has the energy it needs when training. The company asserts that clinical tests were conducted on people of various sizes and forms. According to them, the outcome has always been promising. The components in C4 Mass are also said to be effectual in giving you a burst of energy that will allow you to workout longer and more intensely. Also, C4 Mass is also available via GNC, a famous retail company. Plus, this supplement is a recipient of awards.

Understanding How the Product Function

Of course, C4 Mass functions with the use its components, which are as follows:

Caffeine (371 mg): Increases levels of energy so that you’re more prolific during your training.

Beta Alanine: This amino acid makes sure that your muscles endure the physical exertions of workouts. This also increases the levels of carnosine in muscle tissue. As a result, this detaches the acids that bring muscle exhaustion.

Arginine AKG: This increases the levels of nitric oxide. This also helps the body avoid from developing tolerance to nitrate.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: This, on the other hand, heightens your focus and concentration while doing your training. Plus, this component also reduces the possibility of exhaustion.

Velvet Bean Seed Extract: This ingredient has L-Dopa that rouses the dopamine in the body.

TeacorTheacrine: This contributes as a component that gives higher energy levels you last longer when training. It has been included in the product’s formula more recently. This is because it is thought to have lower body tolerance when measured up to caffeine.

C4 Mass Product Features

C4 Mass is simple and convenient to take.

This pre-workout supplement actually has a delectable taste and is offered in various flavors, so you have selections to choose from.

C4 Mass increases your energy levels to help you become more productive when training.

This product also heightens body’s mechanism to develop muscles.

There are assortments of flavors you can choose from depending on your preference.

Proper Use of C4 Mass

For proper consumption, take 1 scoop of C4 Mass and combine with 4 cups of water (8 ounces). Drink 20-30 minutes prior to working out. If you feel like you’re in need of much more energy, increase dosage with one more scoop with time. Of course, this is reliant to your body’s tolerance of the product. Just don’t take more than 2 scoops within a 24-hour period.

Safety Precautions & Health Warnings

preview-full-shutterstock_554051920Do not use C4 Mass within six hours if you have consumed caffeine and other stimulants. Drink lots of water during the course of your training. Hydration is vital. If you’re below 18, do not use C4 Mass.  Women who are expecting or breastfeeding cannot use this pre-workout supplement. Also, men who are taking drugs for erectile dysfunction or those who are using nitrates for chest achiness are not advised to take C4 Mass. For safety reasons, don’t let kids get near this product. If you’re about to go on a surgery, stop using C4 Mass 2 weeks before your scheduled operation.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

Thus far there are no adverse reactions linked to the use of this pre-workout supplement. Some people have claimed they experienced tingling feeling, though, but this is the outcome of beta alanine included in the product.

Bottom Line: What’s the Final Recommendation?

If the purpose is to obtain muscle mass, C4 Mass is the ideal means to get what you want. When measured up to similar products, this one is remarkable in terms of safety and efficacy. Other supplements promise you great results, but you end up suffering from medical issues due to side effects. C4 Mass, on the other hand, has undergone studies and tests proving to be harmless and functional. Besides, buying customers themselves can attest to the product’s safety and efficiency. Furthermore, it is recommended to take C4 Mass together with a testosterone booster, so your anabolic muscle growth is augmented.


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