5 Secrets of Long-Term Couples Who Still Have Amazing Sex

by Joseph Printer
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It’s actually a natural progression of things – it gets dull after long years. New things always bring excitement and bliss, while the old ones are discarded. Sometimes it’s the same thing for relationships. The intimacy and the passion that was once so steamy eventually fizzle out. Having sex with the same person for several years can make it seem more of a routine – insipid and monotonous. So, some couples just don’t do it as often as they used to. What’s the point if isn’t exciting anymore, right?

A survey shows that 57 percent of men in long-term relationships aren’t thrilled with the sex they’re getting. But not everyone experiences the same sexual plight since another 32 percent of men reported their sex lives were just as awesome now as they had been in the first six months of their relationships.

1. Their affection continues

5 Secrets of Long-Term Couples Who Still Have Amazing SexFor one, people’s satisfaction over their sex lives doesn’t rely on the things that happen during sex, but how happy and content these couples are outside of the bedroom. The emotional satisfaction they get from each other makes the quality of sex passionate and intimate still. It’s only logical to want to have steamy sex with someone you have strong feelings for.

When a couple continues to show their affection non-stop, it becomes easier for them to translate this affection into a hot sex. This is why it is vital for people to continue with the sweet gestures and not just when you want to have sex.

2. They have sex discussion

Couples who actually talk about sex end up being happier about their sex lives. While it may be uncomfortable for some to discuss it, it’s a good way to know what you expect from each other in terms of sexual satisfaction. For instance, suggesting a new position, complimenting your partner, or even asking for a feedback are important parts of the sex talk couples should have.

If talking about it brings discomfort, start with something subtle. Tell her something she did that you really liked and made you feel crazy with desire. If you want to ask her to try something new, but are hesitant because you’re worried about what she’ll think, you can tell her about it by saying you dreamt about the two of you doing whatever it is that you want to try. When you do, gauge her reaction. If she appears to be curious, ask her if she’d want to try in real life.

3. They concentrate on her pleasure

5 Secrets of Long-Term Couples Who Still Have Amazing SexOne of the greatest determinants of her sexual gratification is whether she’s having an orgasm. Since orgasm is a given for most men, it’s not associated with satisfaction for guys. But female orgasm, on the other hand, surely determines whether she’s truly satisfied with everything she’s got, or she’s just so-so satisfied not because she had an orgasm, but because she loves you. Of course, most guys would prefer that their partners would truly be pleased with the experience, both emotionally and physiologically.

The thing with female orgasm is that it’s fastidious. In fact, only 66 percent of women reported that they commonly get off during their sexual liaisons. For this reason, it can be helpful to understand her anatomy, so that you’ll have a better glimpse of how to pleasure her.

If you can succeed in making sex amazingly pleasurable for her, it’s possible she’ll want to do it more frequently. Of course, having more sex is one of the main factors that bring sexual satiety for both sexes.

4. They spice it up

It’s only fitting that couples who have had sex with each other repeatedly for years will find a way to mix things up for the sake of variation. Couples who attempted small deeds of adventure in the bedroom, such as new positions, sex toys, wearing provocative outfits, or watching porn together were more content with their sex lives, according to a research. Variations in the bedroom during sex can also make her more likely to have an orgasm.

5. They gear up the stage

Sexual satisfaction is also about setting the perfect, romantic atmosphere when having sex. Lighting candles with a romantic soundtrack in the background is actually hot it’ll make people want to jump in bed to partner it with a mind-blowing sex.

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