Mr. Hyde Review: Is this Product the Real Deal?

by Joseph Printer
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General Idea

Developed by ProSupps, Mr. Hyde is a pre-workout supplement that gives 40 servings of powder that comes with various fruit flavors. The basic functions of this supplement are to offer the best muscle pumps when doing your workout regimen. Since extra bit of energy as well as stamina are required, caffeine is added into the mix.  Additionally, Mr. Hyde not only is developed for an energy boost, it is also for supporting muscle development. People who take Mr. Hyde do by adding one scoop to 8 oz of water, drinking it before proceeding with their workout session.

If you purchase Mr. Hyde through ProSupps, the cost is $59.99. The price varies depending on the vendor. In Amazon, you also get free shipping. Below are the numerous flavors with the respective worth:

Orange Burst, 7.9 oz $23.99

Blue Razz, 7.4 oz $23.99

Cotton Candy, 7.6 oz $23.99

Cherry Bomb, 8.0 oz $25.49

Mango Passion Fruit, 7.4 oz $30.00

Fruit Punch, 11.3 oz $27.99

Berry Blast, 8.1 oz $23.99

Watermelon, six sizes from $23.99

Also, there are outstanding qualities in Mr. Hyde. These are:

The supplement prides itself with its 3 elements – Caffeine Matrix, Strength Matrix, and Intensity Matrix.

Based on most customers’ statements, they love the Fruit Punch flavor the most.

Mr. Hyde has an important role in terms of energy advancement and intensity.

It goes greatly with water.

Although there are multiple flavors to select from, the most popular are the cherry bomb and the fruit punch flavors.

Customers who have taken this supplement said that the gritty texture was not an issue for them. Users take Mr. Hyde by allowing it to sit for about 5 minutes. Some customers began taking Mr. Hyde by one 1 scoop in every serving. They eventually added dosage, making it 1.5 scoops after the fourth cycle.

Caffeine Matrix Revealed

Mr. Hyde stands out primarily because the visibility of results is more immediate when compared to similar supplements. Every portion has 2 kinds of caffeine, both of which are valuable in terms of further alertness and improved stamina.

Strength Matrix Revealed

mrhyde-review-caffeine-in-mrhydeThe nutrients included in this matrix help in facilitating power and muscle enlargement. The nutrients are:

Creatine – used by those interested in bodybuilding and sports, as well as the fitness buffs.

Agmatine sulfate – helps in contributing to the muscle mass, which is something bodybuilders strive hard for.

Beta Alanine – this is the amino acid that supplies energy and intensified power while working out.

L-leucine – a special kind of amino acid that helps one to fortify their stamina while also sustaining and stabilizing blood sugar levels. At the same time, blood sugar levels are maintained in its stabilized condition. This amino acid also helps in the generation of the growth hormones in the body.

Generally, people who have personally tried Mr. Hyde have expressed their satisfaction of the supplement, citing its efficiency in sustaining them with increased energy and endurance. Thus, it prompts other people to try this product themselves. Besides, it has various exciting flavors to choose from. However, it is best to entirely consume one container before trying another flavor to help your body get adjusted with a new flavor.

The Intensity Matrix

mrhyde-review-intensity-in-mrhydePicamilon (pikamilon) – With the combination of GABA and Niacin, this component is recognized for its capacity to positively affect the mental side, such as enhancing one’s focus and motivation. This happens while also improving the flow of the blood in your system.

n-Methyl tyramine – This compound’s principal tasks are for energy supply and fat elimination.

Important Reminder: The results of all the components in one single supplement cannot be reproduced by others who use multiple kinds of products simultaneously. The only difference this makes is higher costs.

Negative Aspects

Of course Mr. Hyde has some drawbacks, just like any other products. This supplement can only be taken by individuals who are not/do not:



Have high blood pressure

Have heart problems

Have chronic health problems

Sensitive to caffeine and stimulants

In the case that you are included in the aforementioned cases, it is crucial that you see your doctor before taking Mr. Hyde. You need to be sure that you can use the supplement despite your condition. Moreover, it’s better to steer clear of soda and coffee, especially if you use Mr. Hyde daily. Another important thing to remember is to always follow the proper dosage for the product. Taking it more than you’re supposed to could have negative effects as there are concentrated nutrients and caffeine in the product.

Mr. Hyde Summation

Thanks to the wide range of components in Mr. Hyde, it is able to supply you with sufficient energy and strength, as well as endurance and stamina to be more active and successful in your athletic endeavors. Aside from these benefits, Mr. Hyde can also burn fat and allow you to have optimal muscle pumps. Help yourself reach a decision by giving your physician all the required information that explains everything about the supplement.

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