Work Out Your Lower Body Starting Today

by Joseph Printer
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When thinking about which work outs you will do first each week, you should remember that working out different muscle groups on separate days is highly recommended. Many experts recommend that you work out your lower body before your upper body. If you are working out four days a week, two of those days should focus on your lower body. For example, you may want to work out your lower body on Monday and Thursday and your upper body on Tuesday and Saturday. What are the best ways to work out your lower body? Find out what most men do to get the best lower body work out results!

Front Rack Position Exercise

preview-full-zercher-reverse-lunge-2When you are starting your lower body work outs, you should do the front rack position exercise. It is important that you keep your body protected during this type of exercise. When you do the front rack position, you should not be reaching your arms across the body. You also shouldn’t reach too far backwards either. Make sure you are avoiding putting too much pressure on any areas that are currently hurt. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, pay attention to how you move so you can get into proper form.

Grip Type Exercises

There are also grip type exercises that will help you to work out your lower body. If you do these correctly, they are very efficient for producing bigger muscle growth results. The first and most important thing to remember with grip type exercises is to avoid doing them too often if you have elbow pain or other issues with your elbows. When creating a program with strength training, you can add in this type of exercise just make sure it isn’t your entire program.

Back-Squat Exercise

preview-full-shutterstock203058616To work out your lower body, you can also do the back-squat exercise. This is an exercise that you must be careful with. It is great for working your lower body but you can injure yourself if you aren’t careful when doing the cocking position. This is the position that occurs when you are rotating the body externally. If you currently have issues with pains in your body, be sure to speak with a doctor before you decide to do this exercise.

Hold the Weights

Another way for you to work out your lower body is to hold the weights. You may find that lifting the weights helps you to improve your body strength. However, holding the weights will help you as well. These are going to improve your lower body fitness, posture and help you to increase stamina levels too. When you lift any weights, hold them in place for between 3 to 5 seconds. This will help you to bring more control to your work outs as well. Another way to hold weights for benefits to your lower body is to hold them during work outs. If you are doing crunches, hold a weight above your abdomen when you do the exercise. If you are doing squats, hold the weight in front of you when you do the exercise. You will be surprised at how much holding the weights during your work out benefits the results you get.

When working out, you should focus on the different muscle groups around your body. During some days of your work outs, you are going to focus on your lower body. When you do that, you are able to increase the strength of your whole body. Any exercises that you choose to do, you will need to have more lower body strength to reach your goals. The above-mentioned exercises are just what you need to complete your work out plan for lower body improvements. If you haven’t tried any of these yet, it may be best to have a work out buddy with you when you first try them.


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