Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Review: Is it a scam?

by Joseph Printer
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Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Analysis

Muscle Gauge Nutrition declares that BCAA Extended Performance is manufactured to promote protein synthesis; boost gym gains; and spur nitric oxide levels. They say that it will elevate endurance; enhance stamina; and increase lean body mass.
The distributor also attests that this supplement will amplify strength; magnify energy levels; and heighten physical performance. This review will explore the components in this blend and the relatedclinical information to determine the truth.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Components and Functions


L-Citrulline was found to intensify the levels of L-Arginine. This action amplified energy and shrank the time needed between each sexual encounter. This amino acid acted to assist in correcting erectile dysfunction through several pathways.
L-Valine is one of three essential amino acids necessary in increased degrees after physical stress has been placed on the body. It enhances recovery; maximizes endurance; and promotes muscle mass. It is often combined into many brands of male enhancement supplements. L-Valine is also told to diminish stress; suppress the appetite; and elevate the immune system.
L-Isoleucine can boost energy through glucose use; enhance physical performance; and increase muscle protein synthesis. Trials have proven that this essential amino acid can diminish recovery time; inhibit muscle breakdown; and magnify muscle mass. It may be combined with formulas aimed specifically gentlemen under hard gain training. L-Isoleucine is also beneficial during inactive segments to maintain muscle strength; support function; and promote structure.
L-Leucine is an essential amino acid which is commonly included in formulas for the elderly and intense trainers. This is because it inhibits muscle breakdown; fosters proper function; and triggers muscle protein synthesis. It can also amplify glucose uptake without insulin; intensify energy levels; and stimulate the release of pancreatic insulin. L-Leucine is proven to incite fat burning; magnify stamina; and aid weight loss.
Vitamin B6, or Pyridonxine HCI, is not only vital to testosterone production, but to its regulation as well. It also assists in the conversion of carbs which amplifies energy levels.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Directions

The label advises consumers to combine two scoops of this supplement with 8 to 12 ounces of water to sip before and during physical event.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Upsides and Downsides


Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Upsides

There is scientific validation for each of the properties in this formula.
This supplement has positive consumer reviews.
Compounds in this blend are proven to increase nitric oxide.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Downsides

No clinical studies have been conducted on the end product.
The company page does not provide informationabout a refund policy.
This powder blend does not have muchshopper testimony.
This supplement is not available on many webpages.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Purchase Location

Individuals canobtain this supplement from the manufacturer’s site for approximately $30.

Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Final Vote

The end product has never been through scientific testing and no kind of money back guarantee is available on the company site.

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