UltraCore Supplements Ultra Sleep Aid Review – Is It Right for You?

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Ultra Sleep Aid is a supplement specially designed to help individuals achieve relaxation and calm in order to accomplish and sustain a balanced mood. This supplement is manufactured by UltraCore Brands, a health and wellness brand that was launched in 2017. UltraCore Brands specializes in health foods and nutritional supplements and it has its headquarters in Manhattan, NY.


Ultra Sleep Aid Review Summary

Ultra Sleep Aid is a sleep supplement suitable for those who need to have a complete rest at night without getting totally knocked out. This product from UltraCore Supplements contains calcium, vitamin B-6, magnesium, melatonin, and a proprietary blend that includes a selection of sleep-boosting organic ingredients, GABA, taurine, and inositol.


According to the official website, UltraCore Brands developed Ultra Sleep Aid as a sleep aid that is particularly formulated for men.


Granted, several sleep-boosting supplements in the market have similar, if not identical, formulations. What makes Ultra Sleep Aid different?


Do its ingredients and formulation deliver a better quality of sleep for its users? Or is it yet another waste of time and money? Let’s go on a deep dive and find out more about this product and if it is up to standards.


Detailed Ultra Sleep Aid Reviewa relaxed sleep

Ultra Sleep Aid might be quite a fresh item on the market. Still, with its evident popularity on Amazon pages, this product is steadily growing its reputation through numerous client reviews. However, how does this sleep supplement exactly benefit its users? Is it just all hype?


Ultra Sleep Aid is a part of Manhattan-based health and wellness company UltraCore Brands’ latest supplement line called UltraCore Supplements that features essential health supplements that address men’s health concerns.


Based on their product description of Ultra Sleep Aid shown on the UltraCore Supplements merchant page, this sleep supplement aids its users through the following effects:


  • Promotes sleep naturally
  • Contains melatonin
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Prevents insomnia


One of the fascinating things we noticed about Ultra Sleep Aid is its no-frills approach to promoting better sleep. There’s not much in the way of hype when it comes to Ultra Sleep Aid as the product is relatively new, but its ingredients speak for itself. As it grows in popularity, we can expect that to change as more people try and review the supplement.

Now, let’s see whether all of these are pure sales talk or truly as good as advertised.

We will assess Ultra Sleep Aid deeply through a detailed review we have provided below. Feel free to add in more inquiries or comments about this supplement in the comment section.


Ultra Sleep Aid Ingredients

Ultra Sleep Aid is powered by the following ingredients as stated on its label:UltraCore Supplements Ultra Sleep Aid Review – Is It Right for You?


  • Calcium (100 mg). Apart from strengthening bones, calcium aids in helping the brain use the amino acid known as tryptophan. Tryptophan manufactures melatonin, which is crucial for sleep.
  • Vitamin B6 (2 mg). Vitamin B6 regulates melatonin levels, which are the hormones responsible for sleep.
  • Magnesium (50 mg). Research shows that supplementing with magnesium may improve sleep quality. It may also help insomnia, stress, and regulate moods, which is linked to sleep disorders. Magnesium also boosts the presence of GABA,  whose function is to help the body and mind relax.
  • Melatonin (3 mg). A natural hormone that the brain releases in response to changes in light that helps regulate the body’s internal clock. Melatonin is responsible for the human sleep cycle.


Meanwhile, its proprietary blend includes valerian root (centuries-old insomnia and anxiety remedy), hops (ditto), skullcap (a natural mild relaxant for anxiety), chamomile (sleep aid), passionflower (insomnia and stress remedy), L-taurine (an amino acid that increases glycine and GABA to ease the brain and regulate moods), inositol (balances biochemicals), and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Ultra Sleep Aid actually works.

How does Ultra Sleep Aid Work? Detailed Observations

According to the manufacturer, Ultra Sleep Aid works by delivering essential nutrients to the brain to regulate the nerve cells, which can be overstimulated due to stress and anxiety.


Furthermore, Ultra Sleep Aid claims to work thanks to its proprietary amino-acid delivery system that ensures that the formula can breach the blood-brain barriers so that the brain receives the desired nutrients.


Ultra Sleep Aid has a fantastic mix of sleep-boosting ingredientsUltra Sleep Aid packs an adequate amount of natural sleep enhancers, vitamins, and trace minerals that all work together as far as the research suggests.


Ultra Sleep Aid does have potent sleep enhancers proved to work. These ingredients are also dosed safely yet potently in each serving thanks to the high-quality standardized ingredient extracts that UltraCore Brands is known for.


UltraCore Brands have created a sleep aid that offers a unique blend of natural ingredients, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals whose main difference is potency.


They have been fully transparent with what’s inside the product. Each ingredient is laid out, listed, and tested for potency. No gimmicks needed or no additives required.


The price per 60-capsule bottle is $49.95, which may be a little pricy for some. Fortunately, as we will see later, Ultra Sleep Aid, like each UltraCore Supplement, can be obtained for free.


Note: Magnesium deficiency causes sleep disruptions, and poor sleeping patterns sometimes come from a lack of magnesium, but sleeping aids must not be used as an alternative. It is better-advised to eat the right stuff, such as vegetables and fruits, to get your dose of magnesium.


Final Verdict – Ultra Sleep Aid – Should You Use It?

In conclusion, Ultra Sleep Aid garnered generally favorable responses to those who have used it. Sleep quality is a concern for many, and Ultra Sleep Aid, with its unique blend of sleep-boosting ingredients, may give you another solid option to help you get the sleep you need.

However, it must be noted that consulting your doctor before going on any regimen of supplementation is highly recommended regardless of the purported safety of an ingredient. That’s because you may have pre-existing or underlying medical or physical conditions that may interfere with its effectiveness.


Information on UltraCore Supplements and Club UltraCore

UltraCore Supplements, recently launched by UltraCore Brands LLC, showcases over a dozen supplements available on a subscription basis, from heart health, cognitive function, testosterone boosting, and performance enhancement multivitamins and everything in between.


Each UltraCore Supplement catalog consists of 30 daily servings per bottle and retail for $49.95 a month.


Joining Club UltraCore, UltraCore Brands’ online customer management platform, can help you get even more out of your journey.


Club UltraCore is an online platform where you can manage your subscription with UltraCore Supplements.


Membership is free, and if you have already purchased UltraCore Power, you will be automatically registered to Club UltraCore. And, you’ll get automatic membership and a free UltraCore Supplement of your choice every month for as long as you are taking UltraCore Power.


Otherwise, you can just head over to ClubUltraCore.com, register, and you’ll be entitled to awesome perks, freebies, and discounts apart from gaining access to their exclusive supplement line.


In case you are already receiving your UltraCore Supplement free via an UltraCore Power purchase, you can easily use another. Go to Club UltraCore, and from there, you can change your free monthly supply of it to any UltraCore Supplement of your choice from over a dozen great supplements they have on offer.


Lastly, Club UltraCore offers significant discounts if you buy more than one UltraCore Supplement. That’s excellent brand building by the company and shows how UltraCore Brands repays its most loyal customers. If anything, more companies should follow suit and do the same as UltraCore Brands has in building a strong relationship with its clientele.


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Where to Buy Ultra Sleep Aid

Ultra Sleep Aid is available through the UltraCore Supplements website and one bottle with 60 capsules is taken twice a day for a total of 30 individual servings (one month’s supply).


Ultra Sleep Aid is also available through Amazon. However, we recommend that you purchase it straight from the official website to ensure that you are getting the product straight from its source, and not a reseller.


Click here to order Ultra Sleep Aid


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