13 Physical Features That Make You A Hundred Times More Sexually Attractive to Women

by Joseph Packwood
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13 Physical Features That Make You A Hundred Times More Sexually Attractive To Women

When it comes to men’s physical features, women have different preferences to what attracts them the most. Some say killer six-pack abs are enough to drop their panties while others say a gorgeous smile can take their breath away. Other girls also insist it’s the confidence that they fall for.

On the other hand, some women avoid men because of the way they look, which may have something to do with the way they carry themselves.

But setting personality aside, some men are blessed with physical features that make them more seductive and sexually desirable. You certainly have the edge over other men if you have these physical features:

1. Nice smile

A smile can brighten up anyone’s day. Even a baby’s smile is enough to make your day. In the same way, your smile can melt a woman’s heart, especially when it’s accompanied by your smiling eyes, which they say is the true measure that can tell whether the smile is genuine or fake.

A nice smile also shows your good disposition in life and your good humor, which is mostly preferred by women. If you find it hard to build some muscles, maybe perfecting your smile will do wonders.

A recent poll says two-thirds of women prefer a partner who has a nice smile. And this only takes one simple tweak, to spend more time on whitening your teeth for that gorgeous and sparkling smile she will always look for.

middle aged attractive man2. Older age

Compared to younger males, older men are more attractive to women mainly because they’re more confident, independent, and a bit wiser. They’re also better able at handling females due to their various experiences.

3. Thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows can give the impression of manliness and magnetism, especially when they seem to be neatly manicured even when they’re not. Women find men with bushy eyebrows to be more masculine and rough.

4. Towering height

Tall men look more attractive and handsome to women compared to shorter men. This is because women find tall men to be better able to protect them. Women are wired to look for security in their partners financially and psychologically.

5. Flat stomach

A toned stomach signifies health and self-care. Women prefer men who know how to take care of themselves and don’t lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which can be problematic in the long run.

6. Wide shoulders

Like height, wide shoulders can psychological signify your ability to protect your partner. This also makes you appear more masculine, especially when you have a narrow waist and muscular built.

7. Streaks of grey hair

While some people are bothered by some streaks of grey hair appearing here and there, some confident men consider their grey hair at the temples an asset because, to some degree, it commands respect. It also signifies wisdom, stability, and rich experience.

8. Bristle

A freshly shaven face is attractive, so is a face with bristle. Bristle can enhance your manly looks, which is quite interesting for some women.

9. Full lips

Full lips are often associated with kissable lips. Recent studies reveal that women find men with full lips to be rugged and sensual. The study further suggests that lips convey warmth and receptivity. And when someone is excited, their lips seem to become red and full due to the surge of blood that rushes in the area. And this creates the sensuality that anyone is looking for in a partner.

10. High cheekbones

Men with prominent cheekbones and wide jaw look more masculine, strong, and confident. This is a look that conveys higher testosterone levels, which makes women go crazy for you.

11. Veins

Veiny arms are attractive because they’re a clear manifestation of hard work, strength, and endurance. They also imply that their owner works hard to stay physically healthy and on top of their game, making him more desirable and sexier. Those veiny arms also suggest that they can protect any woman from harm and able to lift heavy objects including their potential mate.

12. Happy trail on the stomach

While some women dread body hairs, others are sexually triggered after seeing hair trail on a man’s stomach making its way from the belly button down. Women who find these hairs attractive say it makes men appear animalistic, beasty, wild, and ruggedly sexy. These men seem to be full of testosterone, which gives them higher sex drives.

13. Facial scarring

Scars are sexually attractive, particularly when they’re a result of violence. This may seem counterproductive since women prefer less aggressive men. Yet, facial scars can emphasize a man’s bravery and strength. Facial scars also show a man’s risk-taking behaviors in the past, which is manly and sexy.

Other Things That Make Men Sexually Attractive

If you’re the type of guy who isn’t blessed with the natural physical features that give women the chills, worry not. There are lots of things you can do to enhance your sexual attractiveness and they only require some pretty small tweaks.

  • cute guy with glassesWear glasses

If you have vision problems, save the contacts for appropriate occasions and wear glasses on ordinary days. Women say men look charming in glasses. It’s because glasses are linked with intellect, which is one quality that most women look for in a potential mate.

  • Express slight embarrassment

Gone are the days when men are expected to refrain from showing their vulnerable side to avoid being branded as weak or emotional. Times have changed. This time, women appreciate guys who are not afraid to show some emotions like blushing after their first kiss.

  • Choose a manly scent

Never confuse manly scent with a man’s odor after a heavy workout. A manly scent pertains to your natural fresh smell after a shower. The fresh smell of your shirt or the masculine perfume you wear also enhances the level of your attractiveness.

  • Learn how to cook

Your ability to cook delicious meals is a big plus for women. Kitchen masters look seductive and more masculine. Kitchen skills can signify that you can take care of your partner and feed her well, which can make any woman fall head over heels for you.

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