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04 Jun

You’ve heard your whole life that carbs are the devil and will just make you fat. There are diets that cut out carbs completely, reduce them to the point of uselessness, and make them out to be something they are not.

But did you know that if you eat a … Read the full article

01 Jun

Listen up, guys: lifting weights without any help will get you nowhere.

Sure, you’ll see some progress with just eating protein and the right foods, but you’ll eventually hit a road block that won’t let you progress any further.

And if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably hit that road … Read the full article

22 May

In Your Gym

If you’re like most men who are lifting weights at the gym, you want to be the biggest and strongest guy in there. If you’re not, then it looks like someone else has dominance over you.

And when you’re a man, that is just unacceptable. You need … Read the full article

13 May

If you’ve ever been injured before, you know that there’s a long and arduous process before everything gets healed.

There’s the initial healing phase where you just sit around until the injury is healed to the point where you can finally use that body part again, and then there’s the … Read the full article

05 May

Every man’s dream is to get bigger, better muscles while hitting the gym hard every day or several times per week.

Nobody wants a flabby body with droopy fat and muscles. The point of going to the gym is to get bigger, right?

Unfortunately for most men, gaining serious muscle … Read the full article