10 Life Hacks for a Healthier You

by Joseph Printer
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While it seems that improving your health is hard, it’s really not. You just need to want it. Most people are pre-occupied with work and all the things they need to do that sticking to a healthy lifestyle seems inconvenient. Seeing things clearly, on the other hand, you’d know that nothing is as inconvenient as getting sick and generally unhealthy. So, here are 10 life hacks you can do to improve your health:

1. Start your morning with lemon water

lemon wateerA glass of water first thing in the morning kickstarts your entire body and adding it with lemon is just even better. Drinking lemon water generates numerous health benefits, but the most important benefits are: 1.) It flushes toxins out of the body 2.) It alkalizes your body and 3.) It keeps your digestive system fully functioning. This boosts your energy, fights off inflammation, and just makes you generally healthier.

2. Exercise before you hit the shower

You know exercising every day is great but sometimes it’s just hard to find the time. If you can relate to this, then maybe you can have some pre-shower workout instead. It feels greater to hit the shower when you’re sweating from some push-ups, lunges, squats, and others.

Every day, make it an objective to exercise first before you go to the shower. Tell yourself how it’ll make you feel better to do so afterward. After a couple of minutes, your muscles are toned and you feel way energized that you feel you can accomplish many great things today.

3. Meditate to find clarity

Meditation can help to relax your mind and reduce stress, something most people need these days. It’s not that hard to set aside as little as five minutes to meditate daily. Doing so generates remarkable results not only on your mental health but on your physical wellness, too.

People who meditate regularly are less stressed because they can handle stressors more efficiently. They tend to accept things as they are and focus on the positive side of things. They also sleep better (since they’re less stressed) and their immunity is stronger compared to those who don’t.

4. Get a water bottle to get you drinking more

You want to drink lots of water but you just forget most of the time. Next thing you know it’s already midnight and you’ve just drunk four glasses throughout the day because you got busy. If your inadequate consumption of water concerns you, you might want to have a clear water bottle and a permanent marker. Segregate the bottle into 200 ml intervals that correspond to every hour. If you don’t get sidetracked and remember drinking consistently throughout the day, you’ll reach your target by dinnertime and then you won’t have to worry about being dehydrated.

5. Prepare healthy lunches in advance

Your workweek can get so busy and intense that you end up eating the worst food lunch choices, such as fast food, because they’re convenient when you’re in a hurry. If eating healthily is important to you, then you won’t mind prepping for your lunch during the weekend when you have free time.

You can prepare your meals on Sunday – cook some chicken, boil eggs, chop veggies and just store them in the fridge. When the workdays arrive, you can just heat them up and you can quickly make a healthy chicken and veggie sandwich or some salad without needing so much time. With this you get to have a healthy lunch in the office, so you’re spared from the salty and sugary foods sold outside.

6. Take a break for some stretching

Feeling sluggish? Go for a stretch break instead. It increases your energy, heightens your concentration, and enhances your mood. Even just five minutes of some stretching to relax your muscles from long hours of sitting can make a great deal of difference.

7. Exercise while you watch a show

You know you always complain about your schedule being impossible that you don’t have the time to work out but it becomes a different story when it’s about your favorite show. If you’re so busy how come you manage to watch three episodes in a row?
Of course, it’s a guilty pleasure but you can actually put it to good use by doing the “watch and work” workout, which clearly means that you can perform some workouts while watching an episode of your current crazed show. This way, you can’t be too guilty.

8. Use essential oils as natural cleaning remedies

We all know that most cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals so why don’t we use essential oils and other natural alternatives instead? This is a good way to significantly reduce exposure to toxins, which are detrimental to our health. Aside from essential oils, lemon, lime, baking soda, and vinegar are potent cleansing agents that are way safer than most cleaning products.

9. Chew gum to hold back cravings

When you’re feeling restless in the kitchen when you know you shouldn’t, provide yourself a sweet distraction by chewing a gum. More often than not, people eat because they’re bored and not because they’re hungry. By doing this, you take your mind off the fridge’s content and you’re dissuaded from eating out of boredom.

10. Got a headache? Do yoga

Instead of going to the drugstore for some painkillers, why don’t you try yoga first? Tension headaches can actually be alleviated by yoga poses that are inversions. This means your head is situated below your heart.

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These kinds of poses help with tension headaches because they enhance circulation, stretch out tense neck and should muscles, and help you feel soothed. As a result, the headache is eliminated more quickly and naturally.

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