Scheduling Sex Doesn’t Mean You Have To Give Up The Fun And Romance

by Joseph Printer
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While sex is something that happens almost every day at the beginning of a relationship, it is an activity that often becomes less part of a relationship the longer two people are together. This is quite unfortunate, especially when you consider the intimate connection that two people share during sexual intercourse. One particular problem that couples often face when it comes to their sex lives would be the fact that their lives become so busy, that sex is an activity that seems to be last on the last most days.

Once married, many couples start to think about becoming a family – and this usually involves children. Children take up a lot of time and effort, leaving both partners in the couple too tired to have sex. Additionally, work and many other responsibilities take up so much time. Scheduling sex often seems like the only way to make sure you and your partner are able to have some intimate time, but, for many couples, the idea of putting sex on the calendar seems can seem unromantic and boring.

Scheduling Sex Can Still Be Romantic And Fun

Scheduling Sex Doesn’t Mean You Have To Give Up The Fun And RomanceScheduling Sex Isn’t Bad As It Sounds!! A report by Huffington Post explains that once married, and many couples only have sex once a week – sometimes even less – and that this activity often becomes something that is not as important to the couple anymore. Sex is a beneficial activity that helps two people continue to share intimacy in their relationship. This can be quite tough to uphold when there are too many tasks on your schedule.

Even though it may feel like scheduling sex is unpleasant, there is no need to let the fact that you might need to start scheduling sex to ruin your sex life. If you go about the process of scheduling sex the right way, then there is no need for confusion, misunderstandings or problems when it comes to maintaining the spark in your relationship.

Open Communication

The first step to ensuring that the scheduling of sex does not interfere with the intimacy and romance of you and your partner’s sex life is to have open communication about the fact that you need to start plotting down sex on your schedule. Bring up the topic in a conversation with your partner, but not in such a way that they may think you are not satisfied with them in the bedroom. Be considerate when talking to your partner, and listen to what they have to say – if they are not in full agreement with you, talk about the differences you two may have.

It is important that both you and your partner agrees that scheduling sex would not cause negative effects in your relationship. Talk about the fact that both you and your partner are leading busy schedules, and that scheduling sex can help you two make sure there is enough time for intimacy in your relationship.

Schedule It

Scheduling Sex Doesn’t Mean You Have To Give Up The Fun And RomanceAfter you and your partner mutually agree on the fact that it might be a good idea to schedule sex, it is time to add it to your schedule. There is no need to make it too official. Agree, for example, that you will go to bed early on Friday nights – book a movie night for you and your partner. You can watch some fun movies together, switch it all off and then spend some intimate time together in bed. Maybe schedule your Sunday afternoons so that you and your partner can spend some time together. Perhaps even schedule out a couple of minutes on Monday morning – even if it’s just for a quickie. This will give you and your partner a great start to the new week – every week.

In addition to these ideas, there are ways to include romance in your schedules sexual activities. Schedule a date night every week, and make this night special. One week, you can cook, the next week your partner. Start things out slow – and don’t overlook the importance of foreplay. Foreplay is vital if you truly want to ensure every sexual session is intimate, especially if your girlfriend is struggling with an issue such as sexual pain disorder or low libido, as this can help to get both of you “in the mood,” and create more intimacy and romance during sex.


Scheduling sex is sometimes necessary to ensure a couple is able to share some intimate time together in the bedroom. For many couples, however, putting sex on their schedule and plotting this activity down on a calendar feels like the romance and intimacy of sexual intercourse cannot be maintained anymore. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. You still can keep the romance up, even when scheduling sex – simply follow the tips we shared in this post, and you’ll discover that sex can be truly satisfying, even when scheduling it on your calendar.

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