A Review of Testo Factor: Is this Product the Real Deal?

by Joseph Printer
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General Idea

This brand of male enhancement promises to increase the levels of testosterone by using only natural herbs that have been used traditionally to address sexual and reproductive issues in men. Testo Factor, specifically, is said not to only boost testosterone levels, but also bring about positive changes in one’s overall health. This includes increased muscle lean mass, boosted metabolic rates and fat burning functions as well as enhanced energy levels.

Testo Factor Defined

Basically Testo Factor is touted as an effective testosterone enhancer that comes from a formula of natural herbs. It is in its pill form to be easily consumed via oral ingestion. To see optimized results, it is recommended to take 3 capsules of Testo Factor in the morning with water.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials

shutterstock_373416934When it comes to customer reviews and feedbacks, it would seem that Testo Factor is popular. This is primarily because the statements from most consumers are positive, praising Testo Factor for its safety, reasonable cost and the product’s efficiency in being a testosterone booster. Of course, there are still poor reviews. For instance on Amazon there is a few negative statements saying that Testo Factor is a sham.

What Are Composed in Testo Factor?

Tribulus Terrestris
Protease and Peptidase enzymes
Milk Thistle
Coleus Froskohlii
Alpha Lipoic acid
Horny goat weed
Black pepper extract

Learning How Testo Factor Work


Testo Factor includes Tribulus Terrestris in its formulation in addition to natural herbs. These components have been recognized for hundreds of years for their potency in heightening a man’s sex drive, his strength and endurance. This occurs as the natural herbs increase the natural generation of testosterone from the testes. Of course, Testo Factor does the trick similarly, targeting the male gonads like the testes to kindle the natural production of testosterone.

Testo Factor is fit for you if:

You’re really looking for a testosterone enhancer that can augment muscle mass, energy, as well as sexual and overall endurance.
You’re keen in body building or you’re a bodybuilder yourself.
You are interested in boosting your lean muscle mass and burning fat as it also improves your reproductive health and sexual performance.
You don’t like stimulants like caffeine.

Testo Factor is not fit for you if:

You’re in a hurry to see positive effects.
You’re interested in using a product with once-a-day dosing.
Your main concern is to enlarge your penis or solve your premature ejaculation

What are the Upsides of Testo Factor?

Can be bought via third party vendors like the online sites eBay and Amazon
Able to cut down or decrease blood cholesterol levels
Able to increase metabolism, eradicate fat excess, and enhance lean muscle mass
The components in the formula are each endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration
Offered with a money-back guarantee for life
Unknown adverse reactions
No caffeine
Affordable than other similar supplements at $39.90 for one month supply

What are the Downsides of Testo Factor?

According to reports, Testo Factor won’t work of you are over 25
There’s no scientific research that can confirm the claims
The list of ingredients is not complete, there’s no information about the quantity of the ingredients in every serving, either
Results will initially become visible after 3-4 weeks

Testo Factor: Summing It Up

It is appealing that Testo Factor comes with a money-back guarantee that can last a lifetime. It is also great that the price of this product is very reasonable especially when compared to other similar products. Its inclusion of the natural herb Tribulus Terrestris can help since it is a known traditional testosterone enhancer. It does not contain stimulants such as caffeine, so no side effects. On the other hand, Testo Factor cannot increase the size of your penis. Taking 3 capsules in the morning every day can prove to be burdensome for others. It’s also a red flag that the product does not have its own website, plus the fact that there’s no scientific research that can support its claims of efficiency.

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