A Product Review of Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula

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Getting to Know Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula

This new formulation of product may be new in the market, but it promises to offer an advanced solution to weakness, which hinders your fullest potential to engage in workouts. With Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula, you’re said to encourage muscle pumps, boost your power and stamina when working out and promote remarkable muscle enlargement.

Understanding How Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula Function

preview-full-shutterstock_488751556This particular supplement functions by boosting the quantity of blood that is able to flow to muscle cells at all times. This accelerates the transport of nutrients such as oxygen. This also takes away the lactic acid that builds up in muscles bringing soreness and sends signal to the brain for the tightening sensation to stop. Furthermore, it boosts your mental functions, so that you’re mentally geared up for some fitness actions. This is possible sans the severe crash brought by stimulants. This product also helps you to be more prolific with your workout with every supplementary set.

What are the Components in Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula?

The following are the components in the product’s formulation with their respective functions:

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: This increases your mental readiness to workout. It is also believed to alleviate anxiety related to stimulants use.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG): This increases blood flow by encouraging nitric oxide fusion. This is said to also enable you to lengthen your workout performance prior to feeling exhausted. Lastly, AAKG is an active and efficient anti-oxidant.

L-Citrulline Maleate: This component is transformed to arginine in the body and then become nitric oxide. It can also increase the cellular component of the enzyme NOS to enable higher levels of nitric oxide to be generated.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous: This ingredient improves attentiveness, as well as enhances one’s concentration and lucidity. It also helps you avoid being exhausted and lethargic.

Beta-Alanine: This, on the other hand, decreases the beginning of exhaustion, so the tightening of muscles takes place for a lengthened duration.

Di-Creatine Maleate: This ingredient helps regulate and shield lactic acid levels, enables the production of energy to be prolonged, and allowing you to do more reps before getting completely tired. This is also ideal for anaerobic workout routine. Lastly, this increases muscle enlargement by enabling you to further perform under rigorous conditions.

2-aminoisoheptane: This one contributes as a potent repressor of hunger. It also rouses the nervous system to be prepared for powerful workout sessions. Thus, this is believed to increase overall athletic functions.

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula Product Features

preview-full-shutterstock_125274659Thanks to its ingredient tyrosine, this supplement does not result to severe stimulant crash linked to pre-workout products.

It is conveniently offered in numerous online and physical stores.

It is also capable of burning fat for weight loss.

It is claimed and believed to be highly effective.

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula tastes great and it blends well in water.

The product is produced in facilities sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration with the use of advanced methods.

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula Cost and Accessibility

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula can be availed directly at its official site with the price of $62.49 per container. A jar has 50 scoops. The supplement can last up to two months. This of course relies on the number of scoops you consume prior to working out. Generally, Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula is economical.

How to Use the Product Properly?

Based on the instructions on the label, the initial dose should be ¾ scoop 30 minutes prior to starting your fitness routine. This is a way to evaluate how your body reacts to the product. If you feel that the effect is manageable, you can increase the dosage to 1 scoop. The company behind Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula also suggests that a single scoop be consumed in the morning during your exercise schedules. Naturally, the supply lasts shorter when you double your scoop.

Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula Adverse Reactions

The following are the reported adverse effects associated with the use of the supplement:

Dizziness; this is the physiological consequence brought by the dilation of the blood vessel


Headache due stimulant crash

Shivery sensation

Sleeping troubles due to consumption of stimulants very close to bed time

Also observe the following safety precautions:

Only stick to the suggested dosage or quantity of the supplement. It is not advisable to exceed.

Keep away from kids.

Is there Possible Interactions with Other Prescriptions?

Consulting with a pharmacist or your doctor is crucial to make sure nothing like this happens. This is because taking Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula while also under medication for high blood pressure can potentially trigger adverse reactions. For instance, dilation of blood vessels brought by arginine-based supplements may be risky if used alongside specific kinds of blood pressure drugs.

The same goes if Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula is used alongside medications to regulate abnormal heart rhythm. This is because the stimulants in the supplement may offset the effect of said medications for rectifying abnormally fast heartbeats.

Bottom Line: Is Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula Effective?

This pre-workout supplement appears to be a reliable product that can be depended to do its designed functions. The claims include getting your mind geared up for working out, dilating your blood vessels for greater muscle pumps and increasing your body’s mechanism for recuperation after muscle exhaustion. As for the cost, it is reasonable as long as you only consume one scoop daily to make it last for up to 2 months. If you consume 2 scoops everyday, then your supply’s duration becomes shorter.

However, Goldstar Triple X Pre-Workout Formula does not have a lot of consumer feedbacks online. This could be attributed to the fact that the supplement is new in the market. Being new, however, does not mean a certain product is poor in quality. If it is good, it will eventually reap prominence with the help of positive feedbacks.


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