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Discover nature’s gift for muscle mass with Deer Antler Maximum Strength!


Remember American footballer Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens? Two years ago, he was at the edge of his career, playing 17 years professionally, and then suddenly he ruptured his triceps. The former Superbowl MVP wouldn’t stay injured for long. The talk around town at that time was that he was using some kind of highly-potent synthetic drug that makes your body heal faster. The truth is that he was using something to make his triceps heal faster, only it wasn’t synthetic.

Ray Lewis used Deer Antler Velvet to make his body heal faster.

He fully recovered and went back to win the Superbowl again on the same season he got injured. Quite a story, I agree. It makes you think even more about what Deer Antler Velvet is, and why top-ranked athletes such as Ray Lewis trust this product. We’ll take a closer look into what Deer Antler Maximum Strength is, and how it works to keep your body ready for battle.

Product information

Muscles can only start to grow when the rate of making new muscle protein is faster than the rate of breaking down muscle protein. Deer Antler Maximum Strength slows down the rate of muscular breakdown, and at the same time it increases muscle growth. Like what it did with Ray Lewis, Deer Antler Maximum Strength enhances your body’s healing rate by working directly with muscle-building proteins to increase the rate of myofibril repair.

Every time you do your workouts to bulk up, your muscle is stretched to the point of breaking. When your striated muscles break due to your exercise, your body automatically bridges the gap and the myofibril is repaired naturally. The gap between repaired muscle tissue bulges to show traces of where the myofibril repair took place.  The faster you repair your muscles, the faster you would see changes in your muscle growth.

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Active Ingredients

Deer Antler Maximum Strength contains deer antler velvet, which has been proven to contain IGF-1 hormones, or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. IGF-1 is a naturally-occurring protein which speeds up the healing process of your body. IGF-1 mimics the effects of a synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and that’s why many sports institutions keep an eye on IGF-1, not because the product is unsafe, but rather because using it may bring unfair advantage to the user.

Unlike many other products that claim deer antler velvet as a main ingredient, very few actually have enough concentration to actually make a difference. Deer Antler Maximum Strength has the highest concentrations of deer velvet to ensure 100% effectiveness. Deer Antler Maximum Strength is delivered via spray, with natural additives to improve absorption.

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It’s been almost three years since deer antler velvet was thrust into the spotlight, thanks to the media airtime given to it by Ray Lewis. You can’t discredit the fact that deer antler velvet was the key component in Ray Lewis’ recovery – a recovery that made it possible for him to return to compete at one of the most physical sports known to man, and win the world championships. The stuff works. It’s that simple.

Rating: Excellent

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