Clues she’s about to break up with you

by Joseph Printer
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Women aren’t the easiest people to understand. When they break up with you, how many times have you said, “Well! I never saw that one coming.” It hits you like a tonne of breaks because you’re caught off-guard. Yet despite women being undeniably complex creatures who make algebra look like a walk in the park, they do give off very subtle clues in the lead up to a break-up. Let’s take a look.

She Won’t Talk Dirty

 Maybe you’ve texted your girl to tell her you want to be inside her, but instead of playing along, she’s either not responded for several hours, or she’s responded to say, “I see.” Either way, you’re in big trouble!

She’s Gone Quiet

 If she suddenly goes from cheery to more depressing than Detroit on a wet sunday afternoon, you have to reason that something is wrong. If no one close to her has died, the chances are she just isn’t all that interested in you anymore.

She Won’t Argue

 Arguments can be a sign of passion. But if she suddenly stops arguing with you and instead says, “you know what? You win,” it’s a classic sign that she’s had enough. She’s tired of the arguments – and she’s tired of you.

She Doesn’t Seem To Care When You Have To Go

 To get a girl’s attention in the early days of a romance, you can tell her that you’ve gotta leave early in the morning. She’ll get upset and beg you to stay a little longer. But when she’s not feeling you anymore, she won’t give two hoots when you’ve gotta head off. She might not even see you to the door because something good is on the telly.

Your Bed Times Begin To Differ

 If you’re sleepy and want to hit the sack early, she’ll stay up late watching repeats of The Walking Dead. If you decide you’re staying up late, she’ll be tucked up and sound asleep by 10PM. You just can’t win.

She’s Not Jealous Anymore

 You knew she was into you when she was jealous of all your female friends. But nowadays she’s even suggesting you hang out with other women. What the hell is going on here? If a hot girl checks you out and your own girl doesn’t give a crap, you’ve gotta be worried.

She Suddenly Loves Plus Ones

 You plan a trip to the cinema and wait for your girl to turn up. But, hold on; who is that with her? Is that her sister? Jesus. You can’t have a threesome with her sister so it must mean she can’t stand to be alone with you.

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