5 Things that Meat Heads Do that Annoy the Crap Out of You 

July 27, 2015 / Uncategorized
5 Things that Meat Heads Do that Annoy the Crap Out of You 

A meat head is a dude that eat, sleeps, and breathes the gym, and just incessantly talks about how much he lifts and what he ate for dinner to get “sick gains, bro.”

And while that may be annoying by itself to some people, there are plenty of other things they do that are far worse, and may even ruin your day. So whether you’re at the gym or just walking around the neighborhood and happen to see these guys all over the place, here are 5 things they do that absolutely drive you bonkers:

#1 – Talk About Creatine and Protein All the Time

Yeah, we get it, dude. You work out a lot, and you’re super jacked. That’s really impressive in and of itself, but we don’t want to hear about it every 5 seconds. We definitely don’t want to hear about how much creatine and protein you consume to get sick muscles, bro.

In addition, leave out any nutrition advice or what you eat every day. That’s even worse than the creatine and protein discussions with people who have no interest in talking about it.

#2 – Wear Sleeveless Shirts Non-Stop

Sleeveless shirts are for guys going to gay bars, the beach, or to bed. That’s pretty much it. I guess you could get away with it at the gym, but that’s pushing it.

But these guys will wear these things anywhere they go, whether it’s the mall, the smoothie stand, to the library (lol), or to the supermarket.

It’s akin to wearing your pajamas to the bowling alley.

#3 – Call Everyone “Bro”

Not everyone is your bro, bro. Stop calling everyone bro. Unless you’re actually friends with the person you’re calling bro, don’t say it every 5 seconds as a meeting.

You can say any variation of it, such as “man” or “dude,” or anything that sounds nice and pleasant. Lay off the bro.

#4 – Think Being Loud and Annoying is Cool

Being loud and annoying is not cool, and nobody likes it. If you enjoy being loud, go into a basement with sound proofing and let loose. But if you think fighting, being loud, and being obnoxious makes you a really cool guy, you need to get some hobbies fast.

#5 – Thinks He Owns His Space

The meat head who thinks he owns about 5 square feet no matter where he is is the worst. He thinks because he’s huge that he gets to do anything he wants even in public.

It doesn’t work that way. Use some manners and think of others around you, bro.