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06 Aug

Most people have been there: The workout is going well, or the process of carrying everything out to the moving van is progressing smoothly, until five minutes of strain go by, and suddenly a part of the body hurts for weeks, months, or even years. Young athletes often suffer from … Read the full article

30 Jul

If staying healthy was easy, everyone would always be in their best health. There wouldn’t be so many alternatives like weight loss pills and other supplements promising miracles. Doctors wouldn’t be in such high demands.

Staying healthy is the hard road. It’s so much easier to just stay in bed … Read the full article

04 Jun

Belly fat is some of the most stubborn fat to lose. Belly fat is also some of the easiest fat to gain back after it is lost. Think about it, where do most men hold their extra weight? Around the belly. This isn’t just coincidence either, it is an evolutionary … Read the full article

07 May

Are you going to the gym, but not seeing the results you want? This is a common problem for many men when they begin lifting. Your best bet is to use a personal trainer that can help you develop healthy lifting habits, but if you aren’t ready for that step, … Read the full article

08 Feb

When it comes to training, there’s always the process of recovery that’s just as important as the workout regimen itself. This is the difference between professional and average athletes since the best athletes are aware that the physiological mechanisms they want to improve their physique, endurance, and strength are also … Read the full article