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15 Nov

Do you get easily out of breath after walking up a single flight of stairs? Do you experience pain in your knees and ankles after running only a couple hundred meters? Do you often get chest discomforts and feel lightheaded even if you are not doing anything strenuous?

If your … Read the full article

27 Sep

Sometimes it’s hard to find a running watch that’s right for you. Some people dislike the concept of the running watch; however, the running watch is known to be beneficial to your overall performance. In fact, depending on your outdoor activity a running watch can even enhance your ability to … Read the full article

12 Sep

Why Even Do Cardio?

Besides the boost that aerobic exercise, also lovingly known as cardio, gives to your heart, cardio can help you lose weight by burning calories. It can also support and improve your level of fitness, increase your physical endurance, and give your metabolism a boost. The benefits … Read the full article

06 Aug

Most people have been there: The workout is going well, or the process of carrying everything out to the moving van is progressing smoothly, until five minutes of strain go by, and suddenly a part of the body hurts for weeks, months, or even years. Young athletes often suffer from … Read the full article

30 Jul

If staying healthy was easy, everyone would always be in their best health. There wouldn’t be so many alternatives like weight loss pills and other supplements promising miracles. Doctors wouldn’t be in such high demands.

Staying healthy is the hard road. It’s so much easier to just stay in bed … Read the full article

04 Jun

Belly fat is some of the most stubborn fat to lose. Belly fat is also some of the easiest fat to gain back after it is lost. Think about it, where do most men hold their extra weight? Around the belly. This isn’t just coincidence either, it is an evolutionary … Read the full article