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Whitney	K. Fowler

Whitney K. Fowler

Fitness Instructor
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One of our best female trainers. Whitney has years of experience working with different gyms, clients and she is also a nutritionist.


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Career History

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January 2012 – present

  • Supervising other administrative and junior healthcare staff.
  • Learning about the medical history of a patient to ensure they have no allergies etc.
  • If necessary referring patients to hospitals or specialist clinics for further investigation.

August 2008 – December 2012

  • Prescribing medical prescriptions to patients.
  • Involved in the day to day running the practice.
  • Organising specialist neonatal clinics for pregnant mother, diabetes, health eating etc.

July 2006 – August 2008

  • Work in the accident and emergency ward.
  • Looking after patient under my care who are on wards.
  • Monitoring and advising medical students and other junior doctors.


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