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Scheduling Sex Doesn’t Mean You Have To Give Up The Fun And Romance
While sex is something that happens almost every day at the beginning of a relationship, it is an activity that often becomes less part of a relationship the longer two people are together. This is quite unfortunate, especially when you consider the intimate connection that two people share during sexual intercourse. One particular problem that […]
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How To Protect Yourself Against STDs
A lot of you have probably often heard adults and doctors say that the most effective way to keep yourself free of any sexually transmitted disease, or STD, is by not having sexual intercourse. It makes sense, because if you do not have sex, there is zero chance that these infections transmitted via sex fluids […]
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What are the Medications that Affect Sexual Performance?
Various daily activities such as working out in the gym, healthy diet and adequate sleep can work wonders for sexual health. Studies show evidence that healthy lifestyle habits have a direct link to your overall bedroom performance, but these are just some of the factors. If you are using any supplements and medications, they can […]
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The Case Against Supplements
If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve wished for a faster and easier solution than long-term dieting and exercise. Weight loss pills and supplements may seem like the answer for quick and low effort weight loss. But they are usually only slightly effective at best, and at worst they can be dangerous for […]
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Best Foods to Boost Metabolism
Fitness goals are all about boosting the body’s metabolism. There are specific training targeting at boosting the metabolism. Why is metabolism so important in fitness? Metabolism is the process in which the body makes energy in the living cells. It involves many chemical reactions that are necessary to keep the body healthy. It includes the […]
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Side Effects of the Keto Diet
You’ve probably heard of the ketogenic diet by now, and if you haven’t, I’ll briefly summarize it. It’s a diet that requires you to eat foods low in carbs but high in healthy fats, and almost everyone has tried it at least once. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like an awesome diet; It sounds […]
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Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Review: Is it a scam?
Muscle Gauge BCAA Extended Performance Analysis Muscle Gauge Nutrition declares that BCAA Extended Performance is manufactured to promote protein synthesis; boost gym gains; and spur nitric oxide levels. They say that it will elevate endurance; enhance stamina; and increase lean body mass. The distributor also attests that this supplement will amplify strength; magnify energy levels; […]
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Universal Nutrition Animal Test Training Packs Review: Is it a scam?
Universal Nutrition Animal Test Training Packs Analysis Universal Nutrition sells Animal Test to diminish estrogen; enhance strength; and increase testosterone production. It is said to magnify lean body mass; amplify endurance; and intensify gym gains. The companyalso attests that this supplement will spur recovery; stimulate muscle repair; and decrease catabolic stress hormones. This review will […]
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Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Review: Is it a scam?
Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump Pre-Workout Analysis This supplement is advertised as a pre-workout product to enhance lean muscle mass; amplify power; and boost strength. The company attests that it will inflate endurance; enrich overall training results; and expand stamina. Italso asserts that this formulafosters nutrient delivery; multiplies nitric oxide levels; and promotes blood flow. […]
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