06 Oct

Do you wonder how you can live a long and healthy life? Do you get more worried about illnesses and diseases as you get older? What should you do to avoid high blood pressure levels and heart or cardiovascular problems?

Your day-to-day routine, habits, and practices play a critical role … Read the full article

10 Aug

According to research, there are over one million people in the United States who have a disease known as HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Do you know what HIV is and what it can do? Are you aware of how dangerous it is and how much harm and damage … Read the full article

26 Jul

High blood pressure is a common health problem in which the force of the blood that pushes against the artery walls increases to higher than normal levels, causing heart disease and other health problems. Also called hypertension, it can develop without any noticeable signs and symptoms. In fact, there are … Read the full article’t-Have-To-Spend-A-Day-In-The-Gym-To-Lose-Weight-1200x600.jpg
15 Jul

When it comes to weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. It’s a common belief that you can only lose weight when you move your body. If you’re not great at moving your body, you can’t expect to shed those extra pounds.

People who are more … Read the full article