Libido: Death by GMOs

Libido: Death by GMOs

GMO is a buzz word and the Monsanto Corporation wants your trending vote. To tell the truth, the goal which it is claims to be striving for is both honorable and exciting. The results create more than one profitable market for them.

Genetically Modified Process

The use of genetics to promote crops has been used for an extremely long time. Saving only the healthiest from harvested seed is considered genetics. Traditional genetics involves cross pollination or breeding in order to produce plants with beneficial characteristics. This too has been going on for some time. These methods offer a small degree of control..

GMO Pros

Many of those in favor of genetic modification will begin by telling you that genetics have been involved in agriculture for a long time. They say that GMOs and GE foods are basically in the same realm. They just allow for more control. When something is genetically modified in this way though, it actually alters its genetic makeup down to the genome.

One specific element of one organism is removed and inserted into another. On the surface, this sounds like a great solution to produce more crops, an abundance of food, and feed starving communities. Many of the issues associated with GMOs begin when you consider the actual portion of DNA being removed and inserted.

GMO Cons

In the case of Monsanto, glyphosate is being introduced. It is a chief component in a pesticide that they produce. The scientific concept, as far as production, is genius. They create crops that are resistant to their chemicals by making it part of the DNA. Next they saturate the field with more of their chemicals to eliminate both weeds and pest without the crops suffering. When the harvest is not quite ripe, they use more chemical to ripen it at super speed.

Toxic Overdose


Their team forgot a few things and dropped the proverbial ball. This raised the amount of chemicals that the public consumers are ingesting exponentially. Some estimates say it has been 15 years since we started consuming GMO crops, while others say 20. Either way the argument for these GMOs is that there have been no extreme side effects or consequences.

Side Effect Timeline

Look at an example of medication, side effects and a historical timeline. Depakote was first introduced in 1983 as an anti-seizure medication. In 1995 it was said to help mania and in 1996 it became a treatment for migraines. It required a black box warning in 2000 because it was causing pancreatitis in individuals using it for treatment.

By 2007 it carried a warning for pregnant women and possible side effects, but pointed out that there were insufficient human trials to prove this was true. It was merely a precaution and today the 2016 version of those precautions is available in a pdf file for viewing or download (1). That is a 33-year timeline.

Science Medium

The fact of the matter is science cannot predict exactly what may happen or how seriously the side effects will be generations down the road. GMOs have already been shown to be an endocrine disrupter (2) by way of the inserted glyphosate. Enter big pharma with erectile dysfunction and fertility medications.

 Endocrine Disrupter Insight

Endocrine disrupters (3) are substances which affect hormones and system functions. They cause negative results within immune and reproductive systems as well as impair physiological and neurological development within mammal populations.

Case in Point

The case has been made and proof has been laid. GMOs and glyphosate have been shown to screw with your hormones which means all hormones including testosterone. Of course, it is up to you to decide, if these pieces fit well enough or go fishing for more information yourself.

One of the main issues with the libido and erectile dysfunction, as well as several other reproductive and sexual issues, is the declination of testosterone. A reduction of this specific serum in your blood can reduce your energy levels too. You will need to reduce your toxin exposure as well; however, there are a number of natural male enhancement (1a) products to help your libido recuperate in the meantime.

As mentioned above, this chemical also compromises your immune system making your body more vulnerable to many disorders. Many of these can adversely affect your testosterone levels. One of the roles that testosterone plays is to positively modulate a process known as atherosclerosis and prevent your arteries from hardening. You might consider some help from effective testosterone boosters (2a) to speed you along.

Expand your Lens

Looking at the information and carefully considering the big picture, it seems that glyphosate GMOs may not simply kill your libido, but systematically murder all of your vital functions. It really comes down to whether you believe that GMOs are safe for consumption or not. Contemplate on whether being completely convinced is more important or your libido, pleasure, and sex life are.

Local Assistance

There are a number of simple steps you can take to boost your libido (3a), enhance sexual function, and further promote all of your body’s systems. The first is to find out where your local farmer’s market is. Fresh, organic, preferably locally grown produce provides two powerful weapons for your health arsenal.

 Nature’s Prescription


Fruits and vegetables offer a diet rich in antioxidants. Produce cultivated locally without chemicals eliminates a great deal of your exposure to GMOs and glyphosate. It does not completely eliminate it. The most abundant GMO crops include:

  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Canola
  • Cotton
  • Alfalfa
  • Sugar Beets

You should opt to buy only organically produced crops and drastically reduce your daily toxic intake. The GMO plants listed are also used to manufacture the largest majority of all food products. As an example, think about the fact that corn is used to make high fructose corn syrup.

Penned By: Michael Wolf

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