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23 Jun

There are very few things on this earth that can change your life so much that you’ll feel like a new person. Other than crazy and hardcore drugs, getting a muscular body is the one thing that most people crave and envy.

That envy you see when another guy is really ripped and has women flocking toward him is very real, and you are not alone. Who wouldn’t want a sexy body that people say “now he looks really good!”

It makes you feel awesome, and it’s a total confidence booster. Not only that, but studies have shown that people who work out an average of 5 hours per week live 15 years longer than those who don’t.

So by getting a better body, you’re not only increasing your mental and physical health, you’re allowing yourself to live virtually 15 years longer!

It’s the fountain of youth, and most people would rather watch TV than actually get in the gym and start being active.

The biggest problem with trying to get huge is the difficulty in getting big.

I’ll be honest: it takes a lot of time and dedication to get a ripped body, and it takes a swing in nutrition to make it happen. Not only do you need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, but you need to eat a balanced diet so that your body has the nutrients it needs to build solid muscle.

If your diet sucks, you’re not going to see much progress. This is the reason why a lot of people give up after awhile. They don’t see many muscle gains, and they get discouraged.

Well, here are 2 tips that helped me get the body that I love:

#1 – Get a muscle building supplement NOW! 

The one product that helped me get absolutely is called Nitro Genix 365. It’s an extremely reliable product, and you’ll see consistent gains when you take it every day.

The key is in its formula. You’re able to see a huge spike in testosterone, and this spike allows your body to direct nutrients directly to your muscles, giving you an unbelievable pump.

In addition, Nitro Genix 365 allows you to life heavier, lift more often, and decrease recovery times.

#2 – Stop eating crap!

Get away from the sugar and start hitting the weights. This is the only way you’ll ever get anywhere.

Eat lean meats, protein, carbs, and veggies, and you’ll get far. In addition, make sure you’re working out your whole body every week, and don’t be lazy!

22 Jun

So you’re new to a college course, and nobody really knows each other, and nobody cares. You just arrived, put your books down, sat down in a seat that will presumably be where you sit for the rest of the semester, and now you’re ready to learn.

But what’s this? A hot girl sitting right in the same room as you just a few seats away!

But alas, you are too far away. Or are you….

If you’ve been that guy before, even if the girl was right next to you, you’ve been too scared to talk to her.

If you’re looking for ways to break the ice, talk to her, and possibly take her on a date to somewhere nice, here’s what you can say to her to get things moving:

#1 – This Class is Shit, Huh?

Showing disdain for a class is a surefire way to open conversation up between the two of you, and asking a question like this is surely going to be met with a response like “yeah, this class sucks. I hate it.”

Nobody likes class. If people liked school, they’d be somewhere else like Harvard. Everyone else lands in other colleges to get a degree and finally get a job.

Now that you have something in common, and now that you know she is also on board with hating things that you hate, you can continue this trend.

But don’t overdo it. Hating too many things can become stale.

#2 – Yo, What Did You Do for Last Week’s Homework? I Had No Idea What I Was Doing

For some reasons, a lot of girls in these classes aren’t too bright, and showing them that you’re just as dumb may open up more communication.

You don’t want to sound like a total moron, but if you let her know that the homework was stupid hard, she may respond with something like “I just did this. I didn’t really know, either. Haha.”

If you get a friendly response and laughter, you’re in the clear.

#3 – Which Way You Going? Wanna Go Eat or Something?

When the class is over and everyone is leaving, go right alongside her. If you’re comfortable enough around her and familiar enough, you can ask this. Otherwise, wait a little longer until you’re more like friends.

On campus, there’s always a lunch area. Depending on her answer, you can take her there easily.

You can always tell what she’s thinking of you based on this. If she goes, she likes you. If you declines, you’re busted.

Hope this helps!

20 Jun

The thought of banging a girl at your office is something you could only dream of while watching a really silly porn movie, right? It seems completely unrealistic to believe that you can safely bring a girl to your office unnoticed, get completely naked, and go to town on her without anyone hearing anything.

It just can’t happen, can it?

While it can be really friggin’ hard to do this, if you plan your moves right, it can happen and you can actually keep your job, too.

You wouldn’t do this randomly without any thought. That would be a one-way ticket to jobless town. This isn’t something you can just do without any blueprints in front of you.

You need to treat this like you’re a supreme military commander planning one of the biggest wars in human history. There need to be exit strategies, maneuvers in case things go badly, and of course contingency plans in case your original plan goes to shit.

This can even be written down if you’re hardcore like that, or just keep your plan in your head like a normal person.

But here’s how to have sex at your office with marginal success and few mistakes:

Work on a Saturday? You’re All Set

Depending on your job, there are statistically fewer people working on Saturday than during the week. This increases your odds of having sex without getting caught, or having to stop in the middle and get dressed really fast.

If you work Saturday frequently, now is your time to scout the area and look for places that could work in your favor. Is there a section of your office that nobody goes to? Is there a bathroom in a weird place that nobody ever goes to? Is there an empty office that nobody uses? These are all solid places to choose.

If You Work Late, You’re Also in Luck

When 5 o’clock hits, most people are packing their things up and flying out the door. Who the hell wants to stay at work longer than they have to? Only nutjobs, that’s who.

But if you’re forced to work late just because your masters say you must finish a particular project, it’s something you can take advantage of.

There’s a good chance that nobody will be around at night, and you could easily sneak a woman in there to bang. Not hard at all.

When in Doubt, Walk Away

Losing your job isn’t worth it, so if you feel nervous or unsure of your moves, back away. Like I said earlier, this needs to be a well-oiled machine, so if you have any doubts, that could ruin the whole experience anyway.

But if all checks out, go nuts!

19 Jun

You’ve seen this countless times in porn movies and in movies in general, and they make it look like the most amazing thing ever. Is it really, though? Is having sex in a pool really that special that you’d go out of your way to do it all the time?

Well, we’re here to let you know that it is not that greatest thing ever, and there are a few reasons why.

#1 – It’s Uncomfortable

Being in the pool is a place where you go to cool off, have fun, and swim around. Having sex should be the last thing you want to do in it.

But if you’re thinking about it, don’t do it. For one, you need heat and warmth to have a comfortable sex session, and a cold pool does nothing to help with that area. Your junk will shrivel up, her pussy will feel weird because the mix of lubricants and water, and your dick will feel like it’s rubbing on a carpet.

It’s really not the most comfortable thing ever, and you can never get a good grip on your girl. She just floats away every time you really get into it.

#2 – Anti-Gravity is the Worst

I mentioned how the girl floating away as you’re trying to really hammer away on her, and this is perhaps the biggest problem with this.

Since the pool replicated an anti-gravity chamber (and astronauts actually wear space suits in a big pool to train for space flights. Bet you didn’t know that!), it will feel like you’re having sex on the moon.

This might sound cool, but you don’t want to have sex on the moon. Trust me.

Not being able to get a good grip on her and just floating away are both in your nightmares.

#3 – The Water Resistance Kills You

If you thought the anti-gravity part was bad, get a load of this part. When you try to thrust into her, you’re met with a serious force with the water.

It’s almost like you’re humping in molasses. Ever did that? Can you imagine how that would feel?

It would be the same thing as doing it in a pool.

You’ll never be able to replicate the feeling you get from a hardcore session in the bedroom.


Just wait until you get into a nice, warm bed to have sex. It’s much better. I warned you!

17 Jun

Girlfriends and wives are not for everybody, especially if you’re a younger guy (or girl). Sometimes you just want to go out, get laid, and then come back to your bachelor pad and relax with no bullshit.

The thing that turns some guys away from having a hardcore girlfriend is the commitment, and that whole scene just seems like a drain on your psyche, doesn’t it?

There’s a time and place to settle down for good and get your life moving, but for now, you just want to cruise through life and enjoy every minute of it solo. And that really isn’t a bad thing, as much as you might here otherwise from other people.

Unfortunately, finding a girl who wants the same could be a bit of challenge. But rest assured, there are just as many girls looking for that as guys, so you have plenty to choose from.

Ready to land a hottie to bang on the regular? Here is how:

First, Prepare for the Battle

Whether you’re doing the online dating scene to find a girl like this (which is super easy) or whether you’re going to bars to meet girls like this in person, you need to prepare yourself.

This means making sure your apartment is habitable, making sure your appearance is solid, and making sure your wardrobe is up to code so you can give off a confident appearance.

These are all important for getting a girl to commit to this kind of relationship. If she knows you’re a guy who can have fun and take care of himself at the same time, you’re home free.

Second, Think of Ways to Spruce Up the Sex

This is especially important for your first time. If you’re just one of her typical guys she has sex with, you’re not likely to receive another call from her anytime soon. After all, when she’s had something like you before, she could just call up one of her other dudes and do it with them, and it’s a lot easier.

You need to bring more to the table to make yourself irresistible. Work on your oral game, your sex moves, and your cardio. If you can bang like a maniac for 30 minutes straight, she’ll never get enough of you.

Finally, Don’t Screw it Up

For most people, the temptation to go from friends with benefits to full-blown relationship is hard, especially if you see each other regularly.

If you go from the start and say “it’s only going this far” or just imply it, there will be no hard feelings.

But if you guys really like each other and like spending time with each other, it couldn’t be the end of the world to be exclusive. Why not!

16 Jun

Having sex outside is a rush like no other. There’s not much that can compare to the freedom of just having sex wherever and whenever you want.

But even though the freedom you get from having sex outside is a great feeling, there are certainly precautions you need to take in order to have a good time.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong, and you want to avoid as many as possible so there are no surprises.

Here are some of the worst problems and how to avoid them:

Getting Caught

This is the worst one by far. Getting caught by someone else while you’re in the middle of having sex is horrible, especially if it’s a stranger. It can be embarrassing, and you don’t know whether to run away naked or get dressed and then take off.

The best thing to do here is to not get caught at all. Sounds stupid, but you need to cover all of your bases before you have sex.

First, is your place secluded? Is there one way in and one way out so you can keep an eye on your entrance/exit? Did you choose a place where nobody ever goes to and if someone comes it’s super rare?

Is your place near a busy area that could see a frequent visitor?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need to find a better place.

Getting Attacked by Bugs

This can ruin any good time, whether you’re just camping or if you’re having sex. Using bug spray can be a good touch, but it seriously stinks to high heaven. Not only that, but it could ruin any mood you’re in.

Having the stench of bug spray all over you could make you not want to ever do this again.

The best thing to avoid bugs? Buy a portable and scentless bug away device. These things clip onto something nearby, and you don’t have to spray a bunch of crap all over you.

Getting Too Hot

When it’s summer, it’s going to be hot and humid. When you’re on your way to pound ville, where you’re having hot and furious sex, it could be easy to sweat like a gross animal and start to smell.

What you can do is bring a portable ice pack with you. These things stay frozen for up to 4 hours in a hot environment, and all you do is put this in your lower back, back of your neck, or on your forehead.

This sudden blast of cold will be enough to shock your body into a state of coldness.

15 Jun

Did you know that upward of 17% of women never have orgasms? Not even when pleasuring themselves? This is a sad state of affairs!

Do you want to be that guy who just can’t give her girl an orgasm? Absolutely not. This is why you need to be educated on the art of making a girl have an orgasm, and to be able to do it regularly.

But if you don’t really know what you’re doing, it could be pretty hard to get things going.

Luckily, I’ve put together a solid guide here to get you achieving orgasms on a regular basis with her.

Step 1: Learn How to Have a Good Oral Game

Over 50% of women can’t achieve an orgasm from just intercourse alone. This is why you need solid oral sex game, and you need to be a really good at it to get things moving in the right direction.

You don’t want to fully finish her off with oral (unless you plan on giving her 2 orgasms in a row, tiger), because then she might be disinterested in further sex.

Think about when you cum. Do you feel like continuing? Or do you just want to leave and take a nap?

It’s not quite as pronounced as guys, but it’s certainly a similar feeling.

But if you go downtown and do a swirling motion while fingering her, this will get the juices flowing.

Step 2: Use Her Whole Body

Whether you’re banging her or licking her downstairs, you need to take advantage of her whole body. I’m talking about her hips, tits, hair, shoulders, ass, and anything you can get your hands on.

These areas are very sensitive to touch, and will open up more possibilities for orgasms to happen.

Honestly, massaging the boobs is the easiest and most effective place to further get her in the mood. You could even try sucking them if you’re in the mood to. They love that.

Step 3: Try Deep Sex Positions

Doggystyle and other positions are good for going really deep inside her. Her g-spot is way down there, so you might not hit it with regular sex positions that might only get 3/4 of your penis in there.

By really pounding her g-spot, right after you’ve been licking her, you’re guaranteed to make her orgasm.

This is also the perfect place to get her to squirt!


With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making her orgasm every time.

12 Jun

If you’ve been in a long distance relationship for long time or are just starting, you could always use some tips to keep things good between you and your partner.

Let’s face it: this is tough for both of you. There’s no physical contact at all, and you can’t actually hold the other person. And doing stuff on a webcam just isn’t as good.

But in order to save the relationship, you need to make things work.

So if you’re in a long distance relationship and need some life-saving tips, here are some good ones:

When You’re Dirty Texting, Double Check That You’re Texting the Right Person

If your partner’s name is near a person you frequently contact, it would be a good idea to move your partner to the end of your contact list or something.

Accidentally telling your best friend that you love his tits will not go over well, and even more so if you sent that to a family member.

If this isn’t an option, always, ALWAYS double check your contact before sending any messages. This will go a long way in saving yourself any embarrassment.

When You’re Having Webcam Sex, Remember to Set the Mood

Doing this sort of thing takes a little imagination and dedication to make it happen correctly. I mean, it’s pretty much just masturbating to another person. It’s basically like watching porn.

But you should still set the mood to actually make things more fun than they are. Or if like that sort of thing, have at it!

But it’s important to start with dirty talk, loving talk, slow and sensual taking off of the clothes, and so on.

This will allow you guys to still feel like a couple and not just two people getting naked on the Internet for the millionth time.

Make Eye Contact A Lot

You don’t need to go overboard with this, but getting some eye contact in increases the love between you two. If you’re just touching your junk and hammering away without a car in the world, you might as well have just beat yourself off and went to bed.

This will also let her know that you care about the time you spend together, and it’ll almost certainly get you future sessions on the webcam!


So if you want and need some help with your relationship, these tips will help you for sure.

09 Jun

In a man’s life, there are a few certainties: you’re going to get older, you’re going to lose your hair, and you’re going to see a big drop in sex-drive and sex life satisfaction. These are all going to happen in a man’s life, and it’s completely natural.

But do you need to sit there and let it happen? Of course not! This is why we have male enhancement products: to help fix the problems you’re facing with your sexual health. Of course, not only old men are taking these products. Even younger men could benefit from using these.

Vitalast New Vigor seems to have one key ingredient: deer antler velvet. This is a pretty solid ingredient, and it’s been used in a variety of applications for preventing or curing sexual ailments.

It brings home the “take advantage of the spontaneous sex you’ll have,” meaning that this product is meant to be taken daily and not on an “as needed” basis.

So how did this product stack up against the rest? Read more about this review below:

The Effectiveness

Vitalast new Vigor has a picture of a big deer on the front of the box, and that’s because of the key ingredient inside: deer antler velvet. This stuff is really potent, and has been shown to seriously increase your sexual health tremendously.

But it also contains other amazing sexual health beneficial ingredients, as well. So this isn’t a one-trick pony here.

After 5 weeks of usage, we weren’t entirely blown away with this product. It definitely showed us some results in regard to better sex-drive, better sexual function, and an increase in sexual desire, but it didn’t do the best job compared to other products in its market range.

The Ingredients

The ingredients in Vitalast New Vigor are pretty solid. They have been clinically proven to enhance your sex life, but for some reason, they don’t work as well as we would have hoped. They work, but they didn’t blow us away.

Here are the ingredients:

  • L-Arginine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet
  • Peruvian Maca Root

These are the main ingredients in the formula, the reason why you see any results at all. L-Arginine is an especially strong sexual enhancer by itself.


Vitalast New Vigor will definitely provide you with results, but they won’t blow you away.

We recommend heading with a different product.

What We Recommend

We recommend a product called Deer Antler Maximum Strength. It, too, contains powerful deer antler velvet, but because it contain a high potency form of it, you’ll see incredible results like higher sex-drive, more testosterone, and way more sexual desire.

We highly recommend Deer Antler Maximum Strength.