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03 Jul

Getting sick so many times per year is horrible. It eats up all of your free time, eats up your sick days, and really eats up your vacation time. Who wants to take a vacation when they’re sick? It would never happen.

Getting sick a couple of times per year is perfectly fine, and it happens to most people, even with really healthy immune systems.

I’m talking about the people who get sick every 2 months or more. This is when you should start seriously worrying about why you’re getting sick so often.

More of than not, it’s not just bad luck plaguing your existence. It’s usually because your environment and eating habits are really hampering your immune system.

The Food You Eat and Liquids You Drink Affect Your Immune System

Did you know that everything you put in your body directly affects how well you can ward off any impending infections or sicknesses? This is why you usually see people getting sick when their diet consists of fast-food and other processed junk.

This kind of food rarely has any significant forms of nutrition that help contribute to a healthy body.

Being devoid of essential vitamins and minerals can only hurt your chances at warding off disease and sickness.

You should be eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day. This is the bare minimum for water. You should actually drinking close to double that over a whole day.

Your Environment is the Leading Cause for Your Woes

Look around you right now, and you’ll most likely see why you’re getting sick all the time. Are your kids running around with runny noses? Are you at an office where it’s very tight and people are often with constant contact with one another?

Are you in a situation where you need to shake hands with a lot of people often?

All of these could contribute to your defense against germs. You involuntarily touch your face over 100 times per day. If you have any germs on your hands that cause the cold or flu virus, you’re going to have a better chance of getting it if you touch your eyes, nose, or ears in particular.

This is why it’s important to practice good hygiene, and wash your hands often.

How to Stay Healthier

For one, take more showers. Two per day is the recommended amount. In addition, eat every time you eat a meal, both before and after. If you have touched a lot of things in public? Wahs your hands after you’re done.

Have you just shaken a bunch of hands? Wash your paws afterward.

And take multi-vitamins!

These essential tips will keep you from getting sick and strengthen your immune system significantly.

03 Jul

Picking up ugly girls is pretty easy. All you need to do is be fairly good-looking, not be weird, and just be pretty nice in general. You pretty much throw some compliments their way, lay low, and be a regular guy.

But with the hottest chicks out there, you need to have your A game in place to have even a starting chance. These girls get attention all day long from guys who probably look twice as good as you do.

But it still is possible to pick up girls in the super-hot range. Here are 5 tips to help your chances of picking up the best girls out there:

#1 – Show Yourself in the Smoking Area at Clubs or Bars

Whenever you go to a club or bar, the coolest and most social people are always out in the smoking area, and that’s especially true for women.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of hot girls in the actually bar area, but how are you going to talk to them with loud music blasting and people all over the place?

At least in the smoking area, there are less people and it’s quieter to talk.

This is where you’ll have a good chance of grabbing a hot girl for the night.

#2 – Be a Gentleman

Contrary to popular belief, being a dick doesn’t really get you anywhere except an empty date. You need to be a nice and true gentleman to see any progress in your hot girl game.

You can try offering them a drink if you’re bold enough, or invite them to your table that you have, or just dance with them. But above all, be nice about it. Getting rejected isn’t that big of a deal. There are plenty more girls to choose from.

#3 – Charm Her Friends, and You’re in

While it may seem backwards to spend more time with a girl’s friends instead of the actual girl, it’ll actually help your chances of getting the girl you’re after.

If she sees that you’re a really awesome guy who can talk to her friends and be social, you’ll be in her pants before you know it.

But if you want a girlfriend that’s hot, this is also a good way to get there.

#4 – Make Eye Contact a Lot

Looking at her shoes because your nervous is an easy way to get rejected fast. Be confident, and look her right in the eyes when you’re talking to her. You may even get a quick kiss!

#5 – Don’t Use Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Being really corny is not how you get girls. They love random, quirky things, but not something they’ve heard a million times.

Be original, and don’t try too hard. The rest will fall into place. Trust me.

02 Jul

Going to the gym every day is supposed to be sort of a spiritual oasis away from the constant stress at work and at home. It’s supposed to be a place where you can go and get away from it, and then hit the weights hard to trash some stress that has built up. Cardio also has the same effect, as it allows you to get in your own little world and escape reality while making yourself fit and healthy.

But sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you get to the gym and question the motives and actions of some people, and it could totally ruin your entire gym session.

If you regularly go to the gym, here are 5 ways that people have probably ruined the gym for you:

#1 – Stole Your Equipment in the Middle of a Workout

Doesn’t this drive you crazy? You’re in the middle of a workout, step away to catch your breath, and someone has stolen your spot, and not even a polite “are you using that? either.

I’m not sure what some people are thinking, but it’s always nice to ask if someone is using a particular machine or area.

#2 – Didn’t Clean the Equipment After They Were Done with It

It’s pretty gross, isn’t it? They were just going nuts on the chest press for 10 minutes, got crazy sweaty, and just left it like that.

On occasion, when I was wasn’t paying attention, I would sit at these stations and have someone else’s sweat all over me. How gross is that? Yuck!

#3 – Hog the Dumbbell Rack

There’s an entire gym to workout in, but for some reason, people like to grab their dumbbells and do their workouts right in front of the rack, blocking anyone else from grabbing the rest of them.

How annoying is this? You just want to workout, but this guy can’t take a few steps back to let anyone else in on the action.

How hard is it to move away after you grab your dumbbells?

#4 – Leave Their Stuff All Over the Place

Some people have no manners. These kinds of people will treat the public gym like their own private room, littering the area with their own junk.

People don’t want to trip over your water bottle, bag, chalk, or whatever you brought that day.

#5 – Take Up Multiple Machines at Once

This is the worst. When someone takes up 2 or 3 machines or racks at the same time, you get so mad, right?

Nothing worse than someone who thinks he has the right the hog multiple equipment at the same time. Use one machine at a time, and then move on to the next, please.

02 Jul

Summer is already upon us, and what that means is that people will be taking their shirts more often to go to the beach, go to the pool, or just run around the block and enjoy the weather.

The summer is a time when the weather is warm, the drinks are flowing, and the good-looking people are outside showing off their hard work that was done over the winter to look this good.

But if you’re like most people, you were incredibly lazy over the winter and now have a lousy body that nobody cares about. But don’t fret! There is still time to get a sick body that people will drool over.

Here are some awesome tips to pack on some muscle this summer:

#1 – Eat Like You’ve Never Eaten Before

The key to building serious muscle and getting a sick body is to eat a lot, and to eat often. You also need a large amount of protein, but as long as you’re eating a lot of food anyway, it’ll probably contain enough protein for your daily intake.

You need roughly 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, and you also need about 2500-3000 calories to pack on efficient and steady muscle.

This isn’t that hard to do, honestly. If you want to eat junk food to get there, fast-food contains a lot of calories, and you’ll quickly hit your marks.

#2 – Get a Solid Muscle Building Supplement to Help

You’re running out of time to get an awesome body, so you’ll need some help big time. Muscle Building supplements are perfect for the occasion, as they allow you to seriously build muscle up to 75% faster.

Here are 3 awesome supplements for you to use:

Nitro Genix 365 [otw_shortcode_button href=”http://menshealthylifestyle.com/shop/muscle/nitro-genix-365/” size=”tiny” icon_type=”general foundicon-cart” icon_position=”left” shape=”round” color_class=”otw-red”]Buy Now[/otw_shortcode_button]
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#3 – Start Working for Real

If you haven’t seen any progress this whole time, your workout routine probably really sucks the big one. You need a solid routine, and one that will keep you building muscle at a steady pace.

Here’s an easy one that anyone could follow:

Monday – 12 sets of back and 9 sets of biceps

Tuesday – 12 sets of chest and 9 sets of triceps

Wednesday – 12 sets of legs and 12 sets of shoulders

Thursday – Off/or cardio

Then repeat. It doesn’t get any easier, guys.


With these tips, you’ll pack on so much muscle that you’ll look like a pro at it. Get out there and do it!

02 Jul

If you’re a decent-looking dude, you should be able to pull at least a decent amount of chicks in your lifetime. You should have no problem talking to women, either. it should all be a natural process that is difficult sometimes, easy most of the time, and thoroughly interesting.

But there are some guys who just don’t get any attention or loving, and drift through life without having any real contact with women. It’s not their fault, it’s that women seem uninterested in them, leading to the dreaded “invisible disease.”

Being invisible to women sucks, and you need to figure out quickly why they’re not interested in you.

But if you’re not sure why they don’t like you, here are some of the most common reasons:

#1 – Your Style Sucks

Wearing a lame t-shirt and shorts every day might have been fine in middle school and high school, but once you get older, it’s time to step up your style game. It’s not even that hard, either.

You can just go to Express or American Eagle, look around at the displays they have set up, and buy exactly what’s shown.

More often than not, you can get an entire wardrobe of sick clothes for under $300. That’s not bad at all, and girls will love it.

#2 – Your Facial Hair is Laughable

Your mutton chops or little goatee thing need to go. And if you have a rapist mustache? Shave that thing off quick.

Facial hair needs to be in taste, and you can’t overdue it. There’s nothing wrong with shaving once in awhile, either. Girls love the stubble look, but they’re not that into a full beard.

Try shaving once every 1.5 weeks. It’ll give you the perfect amount of stubble for about a week at a time.

#3 – You’re Awkward

Girls don’t like a guy that sounds like he has Asperger’s Disease or something. You can’t be a stuttering mess with the lamest jokes ever. You need at least a decent amount of funny things to say, and least some interesting tidbits.

You don’t need to be Robin Williams out there, but being funny is an easy way to be liked. Try copying the style of your favorite comedian. It works.

#4 – You Try Too Hard

Girls can tell when you’re trying way too hard at getting them. They can sense you being stressed. If you chill out, let the words flow, and don’t get into ‘lame mode,’ you’ll have an easier time getting the girl.


So these are the most common reasons why you can’t land any chicks and why they ignore you.

These tips won’t help every time, but they’ll help you get on the way to success.

30 Jun

If you’ve been slowly drifting through life without a care in the world and without a care for your health, you need to be paying attention to what you’re eating. Life is too short to end up in a hospital somewhere eating through a straw because you couldn’t take care of yourself.

But even if your diet is extremely terrible, there are foods out there that are so raved about for their extremely beneficial properties that it would be almost dumb to not eat them on a regular basis.

So if you’re a lazy dude who just wants to be healthy in the quickest ways possible, here are 3 foods that you should add to your diet:

#1 – Acai Berries

If you have no idea what these are, you’re probably not alone. Just a few years ago, people had no idea these things existed, except for maybe the health food nuts out there.

These berries were noticed because of their extreme nutrient-packed insides. These nutrients directly contribute to your immune system strength because of the high antioxidant capacity.

Just a few berries has enough nutrients in it to give you 100% of your daily antioxidant intake for the day. Isn’t that incredible? It would be silly to skip these.

And personally, they taste really delicious. They even make them chocolate covered now! make them part of a daily snack!

#2 – Asparagus

Asparagus is packed with vitamins and minerals, and just a few stalks of this stuff will be enough to give you your daily values of vitamins. Eating this with every meal will dramatically increase your resistance to sickness and disease.

In addition to being ultra healthy, it tastes really damn good with some salt and pepper! And since it packs a lot of water too, you’ll rehydrate yourself just by eating this really awesome vegetable.

# – Blueberries

Blueberries are especially healthy due to their antioxidant levels. They’re extremely packed with antioxidants. So much so that just half of a cup of them will be enough to ward off sickness.

In addition, there is tons of fiber in these. You’ll be able to have regular bowel movements just by eating these.


So if you want to live longer and healthier, eat these 3 super foods. You could add the berries to some yogurt for extra power, and you could add the asparagus to a steak dinner.

29 Jun

So, you just picked up a girl, have been dating her for a couple of weeks, and are now looking to score for the first time. And if you have a more conservative girl, she’s probably playing really hard to get in this area.

You want it, she wants, so you both want it. But in today’s society, if she sleeps with you too quickly, that would mean that she’d be a slut. This delays the whole process, as she’s looking to extend her societal qualities.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but that just means you have to be extra good in trying to get her into bed for the first time. And if you’re lacking in the smooth talking area, you could probably use a little help.

If you need help banging your new girl for the first time, here are some things you could try:

#1 – Try Making Her Feel Super Comfortable Around You

The reason she might not have slept with you yet is because she doesn’t feel fully comfortable around you yet. She mostly likely likes you, otherwise she would have ditched you a long time ago. But it might not be enough for sex yet.

If you treat her to nice gifts, dinner, a movie, a massage, or any combination of those, you’ll look like a big guy treating his girl right.

This could be a sign to her that you’re a keeper, and that it’s okay to have sex with you now.

#2 – Wait for Her Time

If she begins acting more flirty or starts wearing more revealing clothing around you, this a total heads up that you’re almost ready to have some sex for the first time.

And if she invites you over for movies or something, and she’s wearing just a robe, you’re in the clear!

But even if this all doesn’t happen, there are other signs that she’s ready to have sex.

#3 – If She Touches You More, This is Your Time to Shine

If she becomes more of a hands on girl, you’re about to have sex, and you can probably feel it. Girls use this tactic to tease guys, and it always works.

She’ll probably rub your arm, hang all over you, or try rubbing your chest. These are all signs that she’s letting you know that she’s ready.

So if you see any of these hints, you’re about ready to bang for the first time, and hopefully not the last time!

27 Jun

There are some people who live their whole lives thinking that being fat is the only way to live, and is the only way they have known. But being fat and out of shape doesn’t need to be forever, it is entirely changeable, and it starts with you.

There was a time when I was entirely too heavy for my own good, and it was mostly because I was eating junk at McDonald’s, not exercising, and just watching TV every day after work. This is a bad habit, and if you live in a comfortable zone your whole life, you’ll continue to be a fat lump on the couch.

Luckily, it is not too late. Far from it! You don’t need to live the rest of your life wondering what it would be like to be thin, flexible, and mobile. You can get off your butt and do something about it!

I went from 300 lbs. to just under 175 lbs, and I have plenty of muscle to go along with my skinny body now. I get more looks from the ladies, and my confidence is much higher than it used to be.

I once was scared to approach people to talk to them, but now it’s not a big problem at all. I initiate conversations all the time, and I found that people actually find me funny!

Here are some quick tips that helped me live a happier and thinner life:

#1 – I got a really awesome weight loss supplement called LIPO GENIX ELITE

Lipo Genix Elite was a godsend. It allowed me to keep eating what I was eating, but it curbed my appetite, made me feel full faster and longer, and reduced my hunger significantly.

I’m willing to bet that if I wasn’t using Lipo Genix Elite every day, I’d still be roughly 250 lbs. I estimate that this product helped me lost almost 100 pounds of pure fat!

It’s cheap, easy to use, and tastes awesome, and it’ll help you shed so much fat that you’ll be as skinny as me in a matter of months.

#2 – Get butt moving!

You need to be moving around a lot more than you do now, and I don’t mean just getting out of the couch to get more cheese products.

You need to be active so you don’t put yourself in an early grave, and eating a lot healthier couldn’t kill you, either.

Eat your greens, eat lean meats, and say hello when you lose all the weight you want to lose! Let me know how this works in the comments section.

24 Jun

Sitting down all day is terrible for your health, and you don’t even know it. While you sit and barely move because you’re not allowed to, blood is pooling in your legs due to inactivity. This constant pooling in one location leaves your body in a limber state, making you feel lethargic and really tired.

But the more troubling worry is blood clots. Yes, your legs pooling blood in them increases your chances of forming a deadly blood clot by over 67%! That’s huge.

There was a report in the news recently about a kid who was playing World of Warcraft for 8 hours straight. That’s a video game, if you didn’t know that.

He sat down for a straight 8 hours, and didn’t move an inch. When he got up, he died from a brain aneurysm due to a blood clot that had formed due to too many days of sitting in one spot for hours at a time.

8 hours is not even that long for most people. Think about your given work day: how long do you sit down? maybe 6 hours per day, with the hour off for lunch? You’re awfully close to what this kid was doing.

So now that I’ve thoroughly scared you half to death, how can you fix this problem without actually quitting your job and running every day? That isn’t a good option, so here are some good ones:

#1 – Stand Up Once Per Hour

Studies have shown that just 2 minutes of light activity per hour is enough to stave off the grim reaper for another day when you’re sitting around most of the time.

This is perfectly doable. Use this opportunity to walk to the water cooler, maybe go to the bathroom, or just stand in one place and bounce around for a little bit.

#2 – Try a Stand Up Desk

These seriously exist. They’re desks that are designed to be used while standing. But the beauty of them is that you can adjust them to your liking, and even to a sitting position.

So while you wouldn’t want to stand all day, you can adjust it for a little while, and then go back to sitting again.

#3 – Move Your Legs a Lot More

Restless leg syndrome? Get out of here! it’s saving your life!

Being restless at your desk, from tapping your fingers to bouncing your legs, can be plenty to keep your body active enough to stay away from disease and blood clots.