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10 Jul

People crave to be active. Being a lazy slug and sitting down all day gets really old, and you know it’s bad for you every time you do it. But all of that sitting has increased your chances of forgetting about exercise and continuing your trend of sitting on the couch.

The next logical step for these kinds of people is to take up regular walking. It’s fun, easy, and you get out of your seat for a good 30 minutes or so. It’s perfect, right? Wrong.

While walking is certainly better than sitting around doing nothing, it actually is one of the least productive forms of exercise for increasing your heart rate, losing calories, and generally getting in shape.

It is Not Active Enough

In order to get in healthy shape, you need a combination of exercise and great food. You can always add in a good diet, but exercise can’t be as easily skipped. And unfortunately, walking simply will not cut it if it’s your only form of exercise.

According to recent studies on the benefits of walking, you will only burn 90 calories per hour of walking compared to the 550 calories per hour burned when running. That difference is massive, and is the reason why you won’t get in shape or healthier just from walking.

With such a wide gap in regard to calories burned, it should be obvious that you need to incorporate several forms of exercise in your life.

You don’t need to completely remove walking from your life, but running wouldn’t hurt you.

Your Heart Needs Differences in Beats Per Minute

In order to obtain a healthy heart and enhance your overall health, your heart needs to fluctuate in beats per minute. If your heart is pumping at a steady pace and never going beyond 110 beats per minute or so, you’re unable to clear out fat deposits in your ventricles, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

People who run or exercise vigorously often see heart rates at around 160-180 beats per minute, effectively flushing out all of the junk that you don’t want stuck inside your heart.

In addition, these same people are more likely to choose healthier foods because of their active lifestyle, further reducing the instances of heart attack and stroke.

So if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, walking will not get you there alone.

09 Jul

When someone takes your weights or machine at the gym, it’s extremely annoying and impolite. For one, the person who invaded your space should have enough manners to ask if you’re still using it. Second, if you’re within 5-10 feet of a piece of equipment, it’s always polite to ask if someone in the general area is using it, unless it’s obvious that the people around you are already using another piece of equipment.

So if someone you don’t know swoops in and steals your weights, here are some options for you to try, and they don’t involve punching the guy in the mouth:

#1 – Say “Hey dude. I still had a couple of sets to do.”

When you say this, it should become incredibly apparent that you were using the machine or weights in question, and that the person should back off and come back at a later time when you’re finished.

Most people would take the hint and leave you alone to finish your workout, but you may get a few people that say “mind if I work in with you?”

The response is entirely up to you as it’s your personal space, but I like to let people work in with me whenever they want. For one, it doesn’t actually slow you down at all, as they’re just working out when you would be resting anyway. Second, it gives you a chance to connect with someone on a personal level at the gym and make a new gym buddy.

A lot of the time, you just get in, get out, and never talk to anyone. It’s nice to talk to someone once in awhile.

#2 – Throw in a Last Quick Set and Leave

If someone steals your equipment without saying anything, you could say “I was using that. Just let me get a quick set in there, and then it’s all yours.”

If you fly in there, finish your set, and then move on to your next exercise, everyone wins. You don’t get a guy who gets pissed at, you don’t miss your workout, and there are no awkward questions and answers in the middle.

Unless you actually have more than one set to go, then it would be best to ask them to work in with you or come back when you’re done.


Hopefully this helps you next time some guy creeps on your space!

09 Jul

When you’re losing weight, you’ll almost certainly get questions about how you did it and what you did to lose it. More often than not, people seem to think there’s a secret trick to losing weight, so they’ll want to know every last detail about your weight loss routine.

It’s easy to just say it’s a combination of old fashioned working out and eating right, but this will likely invite more questions. If you’re looking to just answer everything all at once and move on with your life, here’s what you can say to people about your change in body type:

#1 – Please Don’t Ask Me About it. It’s Personal.

If you’ve been a big and heavy person your whole life, you’ve probably grown to acquire a sort of reserved personality. It comes with the territory, but it’s something that a lot of people have had to deal with.

But once you lose a lot of weight, this personality shift doesn’t happen overnight, and you still feel pretty uptight about answering questions about your body.

While people will prod and pry, it’s perfectly okay to let them know that you’re uncomfortable with talking about your body in front of people. They should take the hint and move on.

#2 – Mention the Foods You Ate in Detail

A lot of people are far too lazy to go to the gym every day to lose the weight that they want to lose, so they’ll inevitably look for shortcuts in the eating department.

But did you know that 50% of the weight loss part is attributed to the foods you eat? So these people aren’t exactly incorrect in asking you.

But you should always let them know what’s good to eat and what to stay away from, as well as what your meals consist of. It’ll allow other people to gather the same ingredients and copy your meals, leading to a healthier society. Nothing wrong with helping others be healthy, too!

#3 – Bring Them to the Gym

Some people will suggest that you bring them to the gym to help them be healthy, as well. If you’re up to it, and if they’re close enough, you should try to help them out by showing them your weight loss routines.

While you don’t have to be married to the idea, if you go to the gym for a few weeks with them until they learn the ropes, you can let them go on their own. But if working out with someone is fun enough, keep going with that person!

Working out alone can get boring anyway.

08 Jul

If you’re feeling depressed all the time, or are depressed by things that occur in your life, it’s a debilitating issue that should be thought about. Depression is a very serious and clinical condition, and it’s not just a feeling you get when you got a bad grade on a test or were yelled at by someone close to you.

The word ‘depressed’ has sort of taken on a pop-culture persona, and it’s not a correct analysis.

So if you’re a person who feels extremely down, severely depressed, and may think about suicide often, here’s what may be triggering your depression and what to do about it:

Depression Has Often been Thought to Be Caused by a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain

There’s a reason why people with clinical depression are depressed while others feel not-so-bad. It’s not just because some people have less-stressful lives and better existences, even though that may contribute to the overall cause.

It’s usually a combination of your environment, personal life, and your body composition.

It’s often thought that your body composition, such as your genes, chemical make-up, and personality, contribute to your depression by 75%, while the rest of the factors make up the rest of the equation.

Essentially, if you can conquer your mind, you can conquer your depression.

But taking harmful pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life is hardly an option. While it could be a good bandage for temporary relief, the side-effects are usually so severe that people would rather be depressed.

For instance, some anti-depressants cloud your thoughts and memory so badly that you barely feel like you’re conscious. Imagine feeling like you’re totally empty upstairs, without any capability to think properly?

Sounds awful, but this is what may happen to you if you take these drugs indefinitely.

A Natural Way to Helping your Depression

Rather than taking drugs every day that may make things worse, you should look toward a more natural and wholesome way to help your depression.

First, you need to think clearly on what may be causing your depression. Is it you? Is it your job? Is it members of the opposite sex? Maybe a little bit of all of them?

If you can pinpoint your cause, you can reduce or cut it out of your life completely. Of course, if your problem is lack of women in your life, you need to help your appearance and personality.

That’s a more complicated issue, and you could probably find tips to help you pick up women easier, but if you find your cause and eliminate it, your chance of reducing your depression significantly decreases.

You could also try taking peppermint essential oil supplements, as well as fish oil supplements. This will help your brain produce more beneficial chemicals! Try anything before pharmaceuticals, and you’ll be fine.

08 Jul

Feeling lonely can be worse than death if you’re the kind of guy who hasn’t seen any attention in his life. Even if you used to get attention but now you’re in a rough spot, it can feel just as bad.

Sitting in your house doing nothing every day gets old fast, and it’s especially old when you’re doing it all by yourself. At least if you’re in your house with a girl or buddy, it can be fun sometimes.

Loneliness is the leading cause for depression and suicide in the world, so it’s important to bond with other humans. We’re a social species, as much as some people would say otherwise. We crave physical and emotional contact with other like-minded people, and it’s absolutely essential to a healthy life to have at least part of these bases covered.

So if you’re lonely, here are some tips that can help you acquire friends, a girlfriend, and how to deal with it while you’re looking for these two:

Finding a Buddy or Several Buddies

Finding friends is pretty easy. You just need to find people who are interested in the same stuff you’re interested in. Once you figure out what your favorite hobby or hobbies are, you’re all set to begin your search.

As much as some people may say they don’t have any hobbies, you have to do something every day for 12-15 hours per day until you go to sleep.

Do you watch a lot of TV? Maybe play a lot of video games? Maybe you enjoy board games?

Whatever your passion is, discover it. Then you can hop online and find forums or communities that have people who enjoy your hobby, as well.

Once you connect with people, you can wait until they host a annual meet-up party. Most communities have them. Then you can bond!

Finding a Girlfriend

This will require even less work!

With so many online dating websites, you can’t fail at this. Just take pretty solid photos of yourself, write a half-decent bio about yourself that seems uplifting, and get to work.

Plentyoffish.com is pretty awesome to start out on. It’s free, easy to use, and has plenty of search functions.

So you can look for chicks and then can look for you. Do this for a number of free websites, or even pay if you want.

Dealing With Loneliness in the Meantime

While looking for companions, you need to stay sane.

What better than to join a club or join a team of some sort. There are always leagues looking for people to join, and you may even make some friends with these guys! Who knows, right?

If you don’t make any friends here, at least you kept yourself busy and stayed out of the house for awhile.  

07 Jul

If your girlfriend was once really fun and exciting to be around but is now suddenly kind of boring, this is perfect for you. But if your girlfriend was always pretty boring to do things with, this will also help you out in big ways.

Having a boring girlfriend is the worst. All they want to do is sit around the house, do some boring activity that is over in an hour, or just watch a movie (which isn’t always bad, by the way).

You want to do some fun things, especially in the bedroom, and the outcome of a less than enthusiastic girlfriend is that things suffer in the bedroom. If she becomes more edgy, she’ll be more adventurous in sexual endeavors.

Here’s how to get your girlfriend to do exciting things, and even in the bedroom:

Introduce new Activities that She May Want to Do with Friends

It is not always bad if she brings her friends. For one, it allows you to bring your buddies too, allowing you to hang out with your boys and have a blast. Second, it allows her to see new activities with her friends, see how fun it is, and then revisit the same activity with you later on at a future date.

What’s not to love about that? Things to try could be anything, from the extreme to the less extreme, such as rock climbing, ice skating, swimming, skiing, or playing a sport that you guys may not have played before.

Ask Her to Explore More

This can be both sexually and physically. If she is a very reserved individual, it can be difficult to break through that barrier of adventure. It’s basically getting too comfortable to the point where you just don’t feel like doing anything new anymore, and this is  a problem with a lot of people.

People are more comfortable just sitting on the couch than finding new areas to explore or new moments to share, and it can lead to stale relationships and lives.

Asking her to explore her surroundings with you, both in your state and in the bedroom, can open her up to new ideas.

Bring it Full Circle

When she is finally ready to open up and find new things and places to explore, run with it and bring your work full circle.

This means you’ll finally be able to introduce your original extreme ideas to her now that she’s ready to me adventurous. What this means is that you’ll lose your boring girlfriend and get a brand new fun girlfriend!

07 Jul

When guys have some chores to do, they’re usually the worst ones around the house. More often than not, the women simply do not want to climb on a roof and clean out gutters, and they definitely don’t want to fix a chimney or something. These are the kinds of jobs that dudes get stuck with, and while we may seem like we can do them well, we most likely have no idea what we’re doing.

On top of that, we definitely don’t want to do hard jobs anyway. But what if you could get your girlfriend to do them for you? Is it really possible to get her on a roof and doing the things we would rather not do?

It is possible, but it’ll require some hard work. Here’s how to make it possible:

Buy Her Awesome Gifts

If you buy her something awesome, she may feel more inclined to take care of some things for you, especially the hard work.

But you can’t just buy her lame things and expect her to go mow the lawn now. You have to get some really sweet gifts that she’ll never get over. Something like a necklace or ring could be great, and they’re usually not that expensive.

$100 could get you an entire afternoon off!

Take Her to Dinner

Taking her to dinner could be a good follow-up to buying her awesome gifts, and dinner is usually only $75 or so, and that’s for a more expensive place.

If you go to a cheaper place, it could probably only run you $50 or so, including tip.

This will definitely help when you bring up the idea of her pulling weeds or fixing the garage.

Get Her a Great Vacation Package

Everyone loves a good vacation, and nobody loves them more than a woman. Plus, this allows you to take a vacation, too. What’s not to love?

So while you’re enjoying the hot sand under your feet all on your dollar, you’re piling up the list for getting her to do annoying and hard jobs.

If you do all three of these things, she’ll be absolutely certain to do some major chores for you.

When to Bring it Up

You don’t want to immediately bring up the idea of her doing your chores. That will fail.

But after a few weeks goes by after you initiate your plan, you could suggest that she do something for you since you do a lot for her.

She really won’t have a good answer. She’ll HAVE to comply!

You’re welcome.

06 Jul

Losing your boner right in the middle of sex happens to some guys. A lot of the time, they’re completely baffled as to why it happens. It rarely happens when you’re a healthy man, and the only time most guys see this happen is when they’ve just been drinking heavily. This is most often called “Whisky Dick,” or some variation of that phrase.

But when it happens because of nerves, or anxiety, or any combination of the two, whether it’s because you’re hooking up with a hot girl or haven’t gotten laid in awhile, you feel like less of a man and your confidence takes a huge hit.

So if this happens to you, here are some things you can do to get your boner back in action, and she might not even notice you lost it in the first place:

Go Down On Her

If you’re having sex, it’ll be obvious that your boner is going down. She’ll notice it right it away when you’re not hitting her g-spot anymore.

So if you’re losing it, you can go down on her while you get your boner back. The best part about this is that she will love it, and it’s so hot that most guys will get horny again off of it.

It can be a really smooth motion that she wouldn’t even notice. She’ll think it’s just part of your sex act.

So when she’s ready to go, and your boner is back, you can go back to town on her. You could even go back to this move if it happens again. It’s ingenious.

Take a Break

This is for worst case scenarios, and you should use this with caution. Taking a break could cause her to lose her mood, and then you’re completely screwed.

Don’t just sit around on your ass while you’re taking a break, use this moment to take a male enhancement product to get the juices flowing again.

There are male enhancement products that go to work immediately, giving you your sex-drive back in as little as 20 minutes. So if you really need help, this will be your best option.

Try Using Sex Toys

If you’re losing your boner, a sex toy could be enough to give your spark a boost again. A lot of guys may find regular sex boring after awhile, and this could cause a loss in boner action.

Using a sex toy of your choosing, whether it’s for men or for women, could get your sex-drive back in action.

06 Jul

Having sex takes two people, and it often involves one person who is more experienced than the other one. Usually, one person has much different moves from the other person that throws everything off, whether it’s a good thing or bad. Different scenarios is why people like having sex with other people. It makes things fun and exciting.

And while it always seems like the logical reason for bad sex is the man’s fault, there are plenty of ways why the woman would be at fault.

Whether or not you’ve actually seen these for yourself is one thing, but here are 5 ways women can completely suck at sex and really ruin the moment:

#1 – Being Too Emotional

Being aggressive and somewhat violent can be a big turn on for a lot of guys and girls, and it’s not really what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about when girls cry, get moody, or become sad or depressed.

For some reason, having sex could be such an extreme and emotional situation that the girl will be overcome with emotion, resulting in a sobbing mess that you don’t want to deal with.

Nothing kills your boner faster than a crying woman while you’re having sex with her.

#2 – Asking Too Many Questions

If she’s asking way too many questions, it could be annoying enough to kill your sex completely.

These questions could be a number of things, but they usually are something like:

“Are you liking this?”

“How is it? Is this your best?”

“I’m usually better than this, I’m just nervous.”

Women, stop asking questions and getting self-conscious. The guy is just excited that you’re having sex in the first place. If we didn’t want to have sex, we wouldn’t. It’s that simple.

#3 – Farts or Queefs

This goes both ways, actually. If a dude farts, it could ruin the whole mood. But when a girl farts, she usually ends up laughing for some reason, even though it’s mostly not funny at all when you’re having sex.

If you need to fart, try to make it silent, or if it is loud, just pretend it never happened and move on. Or do a quick smile and keep going.

Farting isn’t that funny, so don’t be annoying.

#4 – They Only Want to Do One Move

One move is fine if it’s doggystyle and she knows how to position her body, but if she never wants to switch it up, it’ll ruin sex for the next time.

Try something new. It won’t kill you.

#5 – She’s Self-Conscious About Her Body

This is the worst. She’ll wear a shirt or something to cover her body, or she’ll only slide her pants down just enough to get her vagina exposed.

We don’t care what your body looks like, as long as we get to have sex. As long as we’re having sex, we’re happy.

Take it all off!