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24 Jul

When you’re in a loving relationship, everything seems to be going right. You move in together, you go out all the time and have fun, and may eventually get married and be together for a long time.

But when she’s your girlfriend, you have the opportunity to nip a problem in the bud that you don’t like, otherwise you may be stuck with it. One problem in particular that a lot of guys have trouble bringing up is weight.

When your girlfriend is putting on a lot of weight, it can be really hard to let her know to chill out with that. While a little fat is fine, you don’t want to be dating a blimp when you’re used to a skinny as a rail girl with a slammin’ body.

Call it superficial if you want, but guys like to have their girls looking really good. It’s sort of bragging rights with the public, and even their friends. If she puts on 100 pounds, there goes that.

So if your girlfriend is getting a bit heavy, here’s how you can bring it up without getting slapped, and she may even solve the problem herself:

Be Straight: “You’re Getting Fat, Babe”

This is the easiest and most direct approach to the problem, but it’s also the riskiest.

Calling your girl fat to her face risks a slap or punch, and it may even make her really insecure. She may also end the relationship if you think you’re not attracted to her anymore.

But the most positive outcome is that you’ll finally let her know straight up that she’s heavy, and she’ll realize that her eating habits have gotten really bad. She’ll then be able to fix them and lose weight.

Be Sly: “Want to Go to the Gym With Me? It’s Fun”

While you’re not telling her to her face that she’s fat, you’re sort of implying that she has gotten a bit on the heavy side, and that she could be helping herself out by going to the gym.

Inviting her along with you to the gym is telling her that you think she could lose a little weight, but it also brings up an escape route for her to take.

It’s definitely a good option.

Be Subtle: Start Shopping Healthier and Limiting Her Bad Habits

When she eats something that isn’t the most healthy, you could telling her how unhealthy it is, or even say “you’re going to eat that shit? Why?”

So while you’re sitting there eating some healthy food and she’s eating junk food, all while she’s getting fatter, she’ll realize that you’re focusing on her diet.

And when you start buying only healthy stuff, it’ll drive that point home.

24 Jul

When you’re on a diet, you just want to lose weight, look good, feel good, and then maybe hear some compliments about your new physique when you’re done. But when you start hearing things while you’re on your diet, this is when you start getting super annoyed.

News flash: when you’re dieting, you don’t want to hear anything from other people, especially if it’s bogus ways to help you lose weight faster, or if it’s just totally misinformed opinions.

When you hear this, you instantly get bothered, and it usually becomes evident in your face that you don’t appreciate their comments one bit.

So if you’re on a diet and have been for a while, here are 5 things that you absolutely can’t stand while on a diet and may have heard already:

#1 – Ever Try *insert random stupid diet they heard about recently*?

Losing weight is not rocket science: you take it less calories than you’re using per day, exercise, eat the rights foods, and you’ll lose weight. It’s that easy.

So no, I haven’t tried some stupid fad diet that you heard on Fox News the night before. I know you’re trying to make yourself feel special, but I’d rather not hear about some silly diet that is really complicated and is based on pseudo-science.

#2 – You’d Have Better Results Doing This

You’ll always hear this from some guy or girl who doesn’t even diet, nor have they exercised in the last two years.

Oh, you’re suddenly a supreme work out pro? That’s nice. Maybe when you lose a bit of weight with your all-star diet program, let me know. Until then, I don’t care.

#3 – Why Are You Dieting? You Look Fine

I’m glad you think I look fine, but your opinion on my body won’t dissuade me from trying to better myself.

Some people are content being the way they are, but some people have motivation to better themselves. What’s wrong with that, right?

This is something people say to pretend they’re being nice. The worst!

#4 – My Cousin Lost a TON of Weight Recently

Wow, that’s amazing! By simply telling me about your cousin or brother who lost a lot of weight recently, you think you’re connecting with me on a personal level.

That’s pretty sweet, bro. Just kidding, that’s annoying, and I don’t care.

#5 – Just Don’t Eat. You’ll Lose it Fast

Worst advice in the world.

Not eating slows your metabolism and conserves your fat deposits, making losing weight even SLOWER.

You need to eat at least 1000-1200 calories per day, otherwise you’re hurting your progress.

Nothing worse than unfounded advice, am I right?

15 Jul

Cancer is a very scary word to hear, and it’s especially scary to hear from a doctor when you’re in for a regular check up. While your life habits directly contribute to your rate of getting certain types of cancer, you may also have a genetic disposition to cancer, as well.

Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol are two of the biggest ways you can skip over the cancer, and live a healthy life. The second best way to avoid cancer is to eat a lot of antioxidant rich foods and vegetables, as well as fruits.

But if you have any of these common signs of cancer, you may want to get an immediate screening:

Extreme and Long-Lasting Fatigue

Long-lasting fatigue that seems to go on all day long is one sign of cancer, whether it’s colon cancer or brain cancer. The cause for this extreme fatigue is not really known, but it’s most likely attributed to your white blood cells being on high alert 24/7 attacking the cancer cells that keep replicating.

Replicating cells never stop, which is why you get tumors. And when your white blood cells can’t handle the amount if cancer cells that keep getting stronger, it can wear your body out.

If you feel tired all the time and get great sleep and don’t have adrenal fatigue syndrome from drinking too much coffee, it could be smart to visit a doctor.

Extreme Headaches

Headaches are another sign of cancer, especially brain cancer.

Due to the way the tumor in the brain pushes up against your brain stem, it causes pressure, and this pressure gives you severe and constant headaches.

You may not ever get relief from this symptom, even when taking painkillers, which is a good sign that you have a form of cancer.

You Haven’t Gone to the Bathroom in a Long Time

If you’re having trouble defecating, it could be a sign that your colon is clogged up with cancer cells. Colon cancer is very common in people who have diets rich in red meat and don’t eat enough vegetables.

It’s recommended that you get regular colonoscopys done to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Anal Bleeding is Occurring

If your anus is bleeding regularly, it could be a sign that you bowel cancer. This is a bit different than colon cancer, as it’s at the latter half of your digestive system.

You may also experience pain when going to the bathroom, or you may feel like you still need to go even after you already went.

If you experience any of these symptoms, visit a doctor!

15 Jul

When you get to be 50 years old or so, it’s recommended that you get a colonoscopy every 5 years to make sure you’re not developing any bad tumors in your digestive system. A colonoscopy does a clean sweep of your digestive system, including all of your intestines, colon, anus, and upper GI tract.

All of these areas are susceptible to cancer, especially if your diet is not up to par. If you eat too much meat and not enough veggies, this is what you should do.

Even if you’re not 50, it’s a smart idea to go at least once every 10 years. It couldn’t hurt you, and it only takes a day of your time. Not eating kind of sucks, but you’ll live.

Besides, you get to enjoy a nice nap when you get the sedative to knock you out for your colonoscopy. What’s not to love? You don’t even know what’s going on!

Getting These Done Can Help You With Other Aspects Of Your Health Too

In addition to doing a colonoscopy, you’ll also usually get an endoscopy at the same time to see what is going on down your throat. For instance, an endoscopy will check to see if you’re having problems with heart burn or with tumors in your esophagus.

When you have constant heartburn, you burn your throat, making it weaker and weaker. In turn, this could also allow cancer cells to form in your throat, causing you severe distress.

If you got a regular checkup, you could prevent all of this.

The best part is that both of these procedures are completely free under most insurance plans.

Because it’s labeled as a preventative procedure, it’ll be free of copay!

Ensure No Blockages or Tears

Tears or blockages are very common in your GI tract, and you may not even know it. People who suffer from Crohn’s Disease suffer from scarring over time, and eventually, it could completely block off part of their intestines and colons. In addition, this disease could completely destroy the colon, and you wouldn’t know it until it was too late.

If your colon was damaged, waste would leak into your body, creating a septic situation. When your body goes septic, bad bacteria is floating all over the place, and it could eventually lead its way to your heart and other vital organs.

By getting regular checkups, you could have seen this tear before it completely opened up and poisoned your blood.

This is how important these checkups are. Don’t ignore them!

14 Jul

Everyone gets pins and needles in their hands or feet occasionally. It happens a lot of the time because you simply have been sitting in one spot for too long and haven’t gone anywhere.

Inactivity is the leading cause for this condition, and it’s not usually serious. But if you experience this condition for than a few times per week, it could be a sign of danger, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

So if you think you may have this happen way too often, here are the leading causes for it:

#1 – Diabetes

The most common sign of diabetes is tingling in the hands and feet, as well as face. It’s the main reason why people seek help, and why they first get diagnosed with the illness.

Diabetes is a fairly common but serious condition, and you must take it seriously. It most commonly occurs due to an excess intake of sugar over time, leading to an overreaction to sugar whenever it enters the body.

That’s why people with this disease need to watch their blood sugar levels with a hawk’s eye, because too much sugar, or too less, could be deadly.

#2 – Nerve Damage 

If you have constant pins and needles in a certain area of your body, it could mean that you have extensive nerve damage that should be fixed immediately.

Nerve damage occurs from trauma, even if you’re unaware of how it happened. While it may be tough to pinpoint a specific nerve that had been damaged from something, it’s always good to make sure it’s not a vital nerve that you need to live.

If it’s an important nerve, you may need surgery to help yourself stay healthy.

#3 – Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders have also been linked to the dreaded pins and needles condition, which is the leading symptom for problems with the kidney. While you’re more likely to get jaundice from a bad kidney, you may also experience pins and needles before the liver even gets to that point.

So really this could be a good warning sign for you to go to hospital and get checked out. It could save your life.

#4 – Vitamin Deficiencies 

Most Americans are not very healthy, and their diets are not very healthy either. Eating food that lacks nutrition will only hurt you, and it could also give you pins and needles regularly.

If you lack the proper amount of minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits, you’re more likely to suffer from chronic illness and pain, as well as frequent bouts of pins and needles.

14 Jul

Countless people have had this happen to them in their lives. It happens when you’re at work, when you’re on the couch, when you’re just walking around, and even when you’re sleeping. And then when you finally switch positions, you notice that your leg or legs don’t work, and then you need to wait until the blood rushed back into them.

But it’s not over yet. Then you get the tingly feeling that seemingly never goes away, and it can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful.

But why does this happen? Is it a bad thing? Is it something worse that we’re ignoring?

Your Leg Falls Asleep Because of Lack of Blood Flow and Oxygen to the Muscles

When you’re stuck in one position for too long, you don’t realize it, but you’re reducing the amount of blood that body part is receiving, seriously reducing the amount of oxygen it is receiving.

This isn’t bad in the short-term, but in the long-term, it could be a serious problem that could have lingering effects.

For instance, if you had your hand up in the air for a long time and then put it down again, you might notice some blood rushing back into it and then getting an empty feeling. This happens because of gravity, and it happens all the time.

After a few minutes, you’ll be back to normal. But if you arm was stuck in that position for hours or days, you risk losing it for good due to congealing of the blood inside your arm.

This would lead to decay and septic blood, which would be a serious condition if you’re away from a hospital. Most people won’t ever encounter this, but it could happen if there’s an accident of some sort.

What You Can Do

While it is hard to put down a good book and switch positions, it’ll be good to move around and get the blood flowing again. it may be annoying to remember to do this every so often, but it’ll reduce your chances of getting the dreaded “dead leg” or “dead arm.”

It’s not that hard to do, and you’ll love it rather than having to stand in one spot for 5 minutes until you can feel again.

Being conscious of a problem is a good thing. if you can put an end to it for good, you’ll never get that awful tingly sensation again!

13 Jul

With the summer in full-swing, everyone wants a sick body to show off on the beach, around the park when you’re jogging, or to show off to your new women that you just picked up.

Whatever the reason, ripped abs are on most guys’ wishlists, and it’s because they can make any decent-looking guy into a stud. This one simple set of muscles can make you look irresistible to women, and they also happen to be the easiest to get, too.

With these top 5 ways for getting ripped abs, you’ll be the talk of the town in no time:

#1 – Get Yourself an Ab Roller and Get to Work

Ab rollers make you look kind of goofy, but you’re only using it home most of the time, so who cares?

They’re also pretty damn cheap, and you can usually get an ab workout down in just 10 or 15 minutes. That’s not hard at all. Most guys can do that, even if they’re ultra busy.

Don’t have 15 minutes to spare? Don’t know what to tell you big guy. Miss an episode of Friends perhaps? It’s really such a short time. Get in there, roll, and get out. Maybe watch TV while doing it.

#2 – Crunches are Gold

Those old crunches you did in gym close are still the gold standard for building abs. They’re easy to do, you can do them anywhere, and get you a solid workout in just 10 minutes or so.

If you can pump in 15 minutes, you’ll be awesome.

#3 – Planks

Planks are great for building core strength, and it’s because you’re supporting basically your whole body with your core with this exercise.

You put your elbows out in front of you, and then you get on your tippy toes, sort of like you’re about to do a weird push-up. Once you’re in position, you just hold it for a few minutes. Do this a few times, and you’ll feel the burn.

#4 – Dieting

With all of that fat, your abs will be blocked by it. if you want to reveal your sick abs, you gotta lose a bit. Dieting isn’t that hard, and you can still each junk food sometimes, just not as much.

All you need to do is watch your calories. It’s that easy. Anyone can do that.

What you should try to do is stay in the 1500-1700 calorie range, and you should lose a decent amount of weight. Once you get a feel for it, reduce your caloric intake to 1400-1500, and then you can keep it there.

Then enjoy your sick abs, brah!

13 Jul

Everyone gets angry. It’s a natural emotion that a lot of humans experience from time to time, and this feeling usually subsides when the situation is corrected or after some times as gone by.

But for some people, when anger boils over a certain point, the only solution is to react in a violent way. This can be anything from hitting a wall, hitting something with intent on breaking it, or getting into a physical altercation with someone. The last one is the worst, and it’s the one that will get you in the most trouble.

While this happens with men more than women, these tips will help anyone get over anger without being violent.

Here are 4 ways to get over your anger before you get yourself in serious trouble and wind up sitting in jail for awhile:

#1 – Leave Immediately and Go For a Walk

This is the easiest and most effective solution for getting over your anger without hitting something or losing your temper.

Leaving the situation you’re currently involved in, gathering your thoughts, and letting yourself blow off steam when off on your own is perfect for losing your anger.

The thing that makes people even more angry is when they stay in the situation they’re currently and it gets worse and worse with each passing minute. Don’t do that!

#2 – Yell As Loud As You Can

There’s nothing wrong with yelling. Yelling won’t get you thrown in a jail cell usually. While this is a much better solution than throwing your fists around, use your better judgment here, too.

Are you super mad and it’s 2 am? Are you in the middle of a kid-populated area? Maybe you’re in the supermarket with a lot of people around you? Yeah, these wouldn’t be the best times to lose your mind and start screaming like a nutcase.

For one, the cops will come anyway. Seconds, you’ll be really embarrassed when you realize what you did.

#3 – Bring a Stress Ball With You Everywhere 

Stress balls are perfect for getting out stress and angry emotions. They were made for this exact you reason. They’re soft and squishy, and squeezing one as hard as you can just melts away any negative emotions you have, and let’s you get out your aggression on an inanimate object and not out on a human.

These things are really cheap and really small, so sticking one in your pocket is really easy to do. This is a great solution to punching someone!

10 Jul

Guys are very simple creatures. We eat, we sleep, we go to the bathroom, watch sports, and then we think about women the rest of the time. With virtually nothing else to entertain us, it’s the best we got.

But if you’re a lady, you’re probably wondering why guys think about women so much. Is it because we’re stupid? Is it because of out low attention spans? Maybe a little of both?

Whatever the case may be, here are 5 reasons why guys can’t stop thinking about women all the time:

#1 – We Like Intercourse a Lot

This is probably the most obvious one. Men love to have sex with gorgeous and exciting women. And if you thought that was sleazy enough, we dream about having sex with multiple women at the same time.

Even though women think men are gross because of this, there’s an easy explanation for this: it’s in our genes. Humans are instinctually trying to reproduce at every given moment. Why do you think so many people cheat on each other?

We weren’t made to stick with one person. Out instincts tell us to spread our seed to as many women as possible, and that’s what a lot of men do!

#2 – We Love Clean Houses and Apartments 

Guys are slobs and women are pretty damn clean. If you have a solid woman around who cares about you and who you care about, she’ll probably be sleeping there quite often. And nobody wants to live in a dirty house or apartment, so she’ll almost always clean the place up for you.


#3 – We Love the Female Body

There aren’t too many things better than the female body. You have the breasts, vagina, pretty face, and the tight butt to complete the package.

As guys, we can’t get enough of all of this. It’s enough to keep us occupied mentally for up to 23 hours per day, and maybe even a complete 24 hours when we’re sleeping. Gotta dream, right?

#4 – We Need a Woman

We need a companion in our lives. While nothing can compete with our boys when it comes to fun, a good woman is perfect for traveling and having a good time with.

Not only can you have fun with a woman, travel with her, go to bars with her, and then go to sporting events with her, you can end the night with sexual intercourse.

Can’t do that last one with your boys, can you? Nope!

So ladies, we need you!