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10 Aug

Male UltraCore™ makes bold claims about being able to get you bigger, thicker, and fuller erections – but does the product really deliver? The shocking results are in.

Admit it – you’re reading this because you’re unhappy.

Your partner knows it, and YOU know it.

You’re unhappy about your performance in the bedroom.

You’re unhappy about not being able to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs.

You’re unhappy about not being able to give your partner the vaginal orgasms she craves.

You’re unhappy about your size, girth, and stamina.

And it’s given you many sleepless, frustrated, and/or embarrassing nights – for both you and your partner.

I feel you – it’s safe to say that every man has had his share of moments of doubt and insecurity in the bedroom.

It’s okay to admit it.

You would know that there are solutions for your manhood problems – that’s precisely why you’re reading this in the first place.

And like many a man seeking to improve his lot in the genetics marketplace, you’ve probably already subjected your manhood to all sorts of treatments involving all sorts of oils, ointments, tinctures, and creams that promise to turn you into Ron Jeremy overnight.

Fair enough; who doesn’t want to be his favorite porn star in bed?

What kind of man doesn’t want to give his partner the best sexual experience ever – the sexual experience that leaves her moaning to high heavens in pure, delightful ecstasy?

Unfortunately, we all know that many of these deals are just modern-day snake oil potions developed by sketchy, unscrupulous, fly-by-night outfits that take advantage of a man’s desperation to better himself.

Worse, there are a lot of products out there that are downright unsafe at any dosage.

What you’re probably looking for is a male enhancement supplement that works as well as it says it does.

A supplement whose claims are backed by REAL scientific research.

A supplement that uses only the finest, all-natural ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe.

A supplement that transforms your penis by virtue of its patented technology that is uniquely its own.

Something that will get you bigger, thicker, and fuller erections, as well as increase your testosterone, libido, vigor, and stamina, when and where it matters the most – in the sack.

Well, that day has come – I’m here today to talk to you about Male UltraCore™, a male enhancement supplement that has taken the industry by storm in 2019.

I was born a skeptic and I will probably die one, but I couldn’t pass an offer to try the product out to see how it works first-hand.

Let’s see whether it stands up to the bold claims it makes, and if it’s worth taking at all.

What is Male UltraCore™?

Male UltraCore MensLifeAdvice Bottle and Box

Male UltraCore™ is a male enhancement supplement that derives its efficacy from the two patented and proprietary technologies that were exclusively developed for the purpose of allowing you to get bigger, girthier, and fuller erections as well as boosting your free testosterone levels and sex drive: VI-PEX and STEM.

VI-PEX is an abbreviation for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. In a nutshell, what it does is it boosts blood-flow throughout your penis with a blend of nitric oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors that allow longer, more purposeful vasodilation action that lasts you throughout the day.

STEM, on the other hand, stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method. What this technology does, on the other hand, is to build up free testosterone in your system through its patented blend of ingredients that boost testosterone levels and inhibit the production of estrogen and DHT – which directly affect your libido and stamina in the bedroom.

Combined, these technologies make Male UltraCore™ the “most powerful sexual enhancement formula ever”, targeting your size, stamina, and sex drive – or at least that’s what the literature says.

What are the benefits of Male UltraCore™?

Male UltraCore MensLifeAdvice one bottle

Male UltraCore™ claims its core benefits as follows:

  • Bigger, thicker, fuller, firmer, and rock-hard erections
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased semen volume and motility
  • Increased frequency of erections
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Clinically proven to raise free testosterone levels

According to the developers of the product, Male UltraCore™ provides these benefits by virtue of its blend of all-natural ingredients, which include the following organic and nontoxic compounds:

  • Tongkat Ali – promotes increased levels of testosterone and libido
  • KSM-66 – Ashwagandha variant proven to increase testosterone for sexual function
  • Fenugreek – builds up free testosterone levels in the body
  • ZMA – Zinc and Magnesium Aspertate; converts free cholesterol into testosterone
  • L-Arginine – promotes blood flow as well as binds vasodilation compounds together to increase erection size
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Ayurvedic herb that helps boost testosterone production
  • Maca Root – lessens oxytocin and prolactin, reduces refractory period and promotes testosterone production
  • Horny Goat Weed – PDE-5 inhibitor for better, harder, longer erections within minutes, at will
  • Muira Puama – aphrodisiac that heightens sexual arousal and increase erections
  • Damiana extract – promotes bigger erections when combined with Muira Puama
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa – aphrodisiac that promotes frequentation of erections
  • Butea Superba – works with erectogenics and vasodilators to promote sustained erections

Fair enough – but how does Male UltraCore™ actually bring these ingredients together with its technology to do what it purports to do? Let’s find out.

How does Male UltraCore™ Work?


Male UltraCore™ claims to “transform your penis” in 5 stages. Without delving too deep into the nitty-gritty, I will summarize it into bite-sized pieces for all of us to digest it easier.

STAGE 1: VI-PEX releases compounds for systemic vasodilation. In minutes, blood flow is increased towards the penis, making for fuller, thicker erections.

STAGE 2: PDE-5 inhibitors are then introduced to support the prolonging of vasodilatory effects to sustain your erection and keep it hard.

STAGE 3: STEM is then activated to release testosterone-boosting elements such as Tongkat Ali and ZMA. These elements work together to increase your free testosterone and work synergistically to maintain your sex drive high and your erections hard.

STAGE 4: STEM limits the metabolism of testosterone to other hormones to further enhance your libido and stamina.

STAGE 5: VI-PEX and STEM combine, with the STEM technology intensifying the VI-PEX-enhanced blood flow. As the body focuses blood flow to the penis, penile tissue expands to adapt to the newfound blood volume and pressure for firmer and bigger erections.

OK, all well and good – but the $50,000 question remains is – is it actually effective?

 The Verdict: Is Male UltraCore™ Effective?

Now this is where the proof of the pudding lies.

I had just signed up for a one-month supply of Male UltraCore™ based on what I’ve read from the literature. I was extremely impressed with the literature, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Besides, I have nothing to lose, thanks to the 90-day money-back guarantee that Male UltraCore™ offers – so I went ahead with the purchase.

Now, take note that I haven’t actually touched an enhancement supplement for quite a long time – and this is the first time in years since I have…but boy, was I thoroughly impressed at how soon the product works after taking it.

Usually, I would expect the usual side effects for male enhancement supplements, but thanks to the organic nature of the product’s ingredients, there weren’t any at all.

Since then, I’ve noticed a marked increase at the quality and frequency of the erections I experience about 4 weeks into my supplementation, and the results do not just stay inside the bedroom (my girlfriend will attest to the mind-blowing sex we’ve had these past few weeks, but that’s another story)…

But rather, it has spilled over into my daily life – because the knowledge of being capable of pleasing your sexual partners does a whole world of wonders to a person’s confidence…and this manifests into all aspects of one’s daily life.

Now I can’t attribute all of this to Male UltraCore™, but I can’t doubt the quality of my erections, my performance, and my confidence since going on it weeks ago.

The only drawback I can think of so far is that all of its products are available only through the official website – which is also a good thing, because of the proliferation of fakes all over the market.

See for yourself – if you’re thinking about enhancement supplements, there isn’t a better choice to start with than Male UltraCore™.

Male Ultracore Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Male UltraCore™?

Male UltraCore™ is exclusively available on its official website – accept no substitutes, nor any other marketplaces where they purportedly sell it. Like I said, it’s probably a good thing that the product is only available on the official website, in order to avoid counterfeit products or products that are otherwise tampered with.

Does Male Ultracore have any side effects?

Since Male Ultracore is an all-natural supplement made from all-natural ingredients, you should not experience any side effects. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Male Ultracore or experience any odd symptoms after taking it, please contact your doctor and discuss them. In addition, you should always contact your doctor first before beginning a new supplement regimen.

How fast will I see results with Male Ultracore?

With Male Ultracore, you will see results extremely quickly, but the best results will be seen when you consistently use this product daily for up to 2 months. At this point, you will start seeing the most dramatic results.

About the author

Wolfgang Körtig is a German blogger, writer, and connoisseur of all things pertaining to the good life. Based out of Pleystein, Körtig runs a blog called Der ewige Mann, where he publishes his musings on the state of masculinity in today’s milieu, as well as politics, sport, and the art of manliness.

28 Apr

Wouldn’t it be nice to go up to anyone, no matter what their status and always know what to say? Everyone has some degree of social anxiety. That time you fumbled with your words because the girl you were talking to was just so out of your league. Or that forced laugh you put on when your boss said an unfunny joke. You don’t want to be rejected, that’s the biggest fear of all and where most social anxiety stems from. There are ways to get around it and completely transform your social life so you can be at ease no matter who you’re in conversation with.

1. Meditation

I’m sure you’ve heard that meditation can help with most mental illnesses. I’m not saying social anxiety is a mental illness, but at certain extremes it can be and meditation is an incredibly helpful tool. Sitting alone in “presence” for about 20 minutes per day can help train your brain to be more present in your everyday life. After about a week, you will be able to bring this newly cultivated “present state” into your conversations. You will notice that you will instantly feel at ease and they will be getting super chill vibes from you. There’s nothing to really worry about when you’re in the “now”.

2. Give your brain proof

You can’t just decide to be less anxious in social situations and make it so. You need to give your brain some proof that it is indeed safe and nothing bad is going to happen if you go talk to that hot girl over there. To do this, you need to give yourself practice with real people in real life. Bring your “present state” with you and try talking to some strangers. Building up experience like this is the only way you will change. See every opportunity as a chance to flex your mouth muscle. Talk to the teller at the bank, the waitress at the restaurant or stop someone in the street and tell them you like their style. These things sound like torture for the shy guy, but as long as you feel centered and in a “present” and calm state, you can’t fail.

3. Stop judging others

You wanna know the reason why you think everyone is making fun of you behind your back and secretly hates you? It’s because you are doing the same thing to them. Stop judging others and you will start to lose the fear that others are judging you. Start by labeling everyone you meet in a positive way. Even as your walking down the street, point out what you like about the person walking by. The more you do this, the more your brain will start thinking everyone is thinking of you in that same positive way. It doesn’t take long to change this habit and once you stop seeing others in a negative way, the fear of judgment will stop.

28 Apr

Low-Carb is very “in” right now. People are trading in their bun for salad greens and their whole wheat pasta for zucchini everywhere you go. Just like there are good and bad fats, there are also good and bad carbs. However, they aren’t getting as much press as coconut oil and cauliflower these days. The natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables are a million years apart from the refined white table sugar and corn syrup. Just like “trans fats” are bad and “monounsaturated fats” are good, the same dynamic applies to sugar. Our brains run on glucose, and if you cut out all carbs, your body is going to suffer. Here’s how to get the good carbs in and keep the bad carbs out.

1. Fruit is your friend

When you eat an apple, that sugar leaves the stomach within minutes and is already being used to help run things in the ol’ body. The pulp continues to the small and large intestine where it acts as fibre. You’ve heard how great fibre is by now I take it…Fruit is also an incredibly fast energy source. Fruit sugar will completely change the way your workout. Fuel up by popping a few dates and maybe a banana. This will give your body the energy it needs to complete your workout with energy to spare.

2. Potatoes before grains

Grains have received a lot of flack in recent years. The thing about grains is that they are irritating to the gut lining which may be a good enough reason to cut them out all together. A lot of us are now sensitive to gluten and if you’re sensitive to wheat, chances are you will be mildly sensitive to other grains as well. This is where potatoes come in. Potatoes are a vegetable, even though they’ve been put in the grain category for God knows why. Potatoes have that good kind of sugar that your body loves. Any root vegetable will fit the bill as a substitute for grain. Try sweet potato, taro, kabocha squash or even yucca!

3. Avoid the bad guys

The worst kind of carbs are white table sugar and white flour. Get those out of the house ASAP. It’s ok to have syrups in small amounts, but they are still what they look like; “pure sugar” and its not the good kind of sugar found in vegetables and fruit. If you want some sweetness, try using stevia. It’s a natural sweetener derived from a herb similar to licorice. Add a little bit to your smoothie instead of your usual agave syrup or sweetened almond milk. It’s pretty much safe to say, that if it’s not a vegetable or fruit, it’s not a good carb. The exception to this is raw honey which is utilized by the body as pure energy. It would be beneficial to have a spoonful of raw honey before your workout to get you pumped up.

28 Apr

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a sexual rut. Going through the same old routine, night after night. You have your favorite positions on rotation and what seemed new and exciting in the first few weeks of dating, now seems a little bland. How do you remedy this? You need to “shake it up”. Here are some easy ways to bring a little novelty into the bedroom.

1.  Leave her hanging

This is super simple, but incredibly effective. Undress your girl and get her completely naked. Start sucking her breasts and tease her pussy a little bit. Tell her “Don’t move from this spot, I’ll be right back”. Leave the room for about ten minutes. Making her wait like this will get her wet with anticipation. If she’s into being tied up, that’s even better. Tie her wrists together so she can’t even check her phone. She’ll have no choice but to wait.

2.  No underwear

Try leaving the underwear at home for a night. It’s especially hot if she’s wearing a skirt or dress. Just knowing that she’s naked under there is enough to make you hard right in the middle of dinner. Don’t be afraid to massage her vulva a bit at different times during the night. You can even get frisky in the cab. She will be raring to go by the time you get home.

3.  Location, location, location

Why not have sex in the kitchen? Or in the shower? Or on the coffee table? Changing the location can make everything seem new again. You will be forced into new positions as well like sitting and standing since you no longer have a perfectly flat surface like the bed. Make it your goal to have sex in every room in the house. Kind of like a sick, twisted game of Clue.

4.  Naked time

Spend a morning in the nude. This might be a bit challenging if she’s shy about her body, but with your encouragement she will eventually get over her self consciousness. Have breakfast together and watch how her breasts jiggle as she cuts into her pancakes. When she’s brushing her teeth, come up behind her and start fucking her over the sink. Part of the thrill is that sex can happen at anytime and since you are both naked, you’re ready to go.

5.  Dirty Talk

Some people feel weird about dirty talk. It’s usually the cheesiness of it all that makes it seem awkward. The key is to keep it simple. A really good way to get her talking in bed is asking questions like: “Can I touch your breasts?” and get her to respond. She might say “yes” or she might say no, which is even better. Build on the dialogue and keep asking questions. Some other examples could be “Are you gonna get wet for me?” or “That feels good, doesn’t it?”. This is a great way to get her more confident with dirty talk.

28 Apr

Kissing a girl for the first time can be downright terrifying, especially if it’s the first date. It’s that moment near the end that seems to hang in time. Both of you are thinking about it. She might be thinking “I hope he doesn’t” or “ I hope he does”. You might be thinking “should I?” or “shouldn’t I”…Someone’s gotta make a move. Here are some tips to make sure that kiss happens.

1.   Give her signs

You can’t just be all friends-y throughout the date and then expect a kiss. At this point she’s expecting a high five at the most. Make it obvious you want to kiss her, she will pick up on it and won’t be all shocked when you try to plant one on her later. Look at her lips while she talks to you. She can see you doing that. She knows exactly what you’re thinking. Women are intuitive. She might respond by licking her lips or giving a smirk every time you do it. Or she might not give it any acknowledgement at all, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t notice.

2.  On the lips, or nothing at all

Kissing a girl on the cheek is a cop out and shows that you were too scared to go all the way. Do not make this mistake. She will be talking about it with her girlfriends for days afterward. This puts you in a “beta” kind of frame. It shows that you need her approval. If you want to kiss her, kiss her! It’s all or nothing. Believe it or not, it’s a bigger deal to women if you don’t go for the kiss than if you do. Even if she’s not interested in a second date, she will feel validated and that’s a good thing.

3.  Tell her about your urges

Tell her “I really want to kiss you right now, but I think I can wait a little longer”. Even if it’s the first date and you’re having dinner. It’s not inappropriate. Do you really think a girl would respond negatively to that? If anything you’re boosting her ego. She might say something like “awww, that’s sweet”, or she might just write it off and think you’re joking. Whatever response you get, you’re getting your point across and calibrating her for later. She will be mentally preparing herself and that’s exactly what you want to be happening.

4.  Recognize her signs

There are times when she’s just really hoping you don’t kiss her. If she’s not really starting conversation or looking off into the distance or seems distracted, something is wrong and she just wants to go home. She might just not like you or maybe you said something that threw her off. If you try to kiss a girl who’s acting like this, of course she’s going to turn away. She’s not feeling it and it’s very clear. Wait until she seems comfortable in the given situation.

28 Apr

If you want to take your health to the next level, there are some foods you need to avoid at all costs. Luckily I’ve listed some easy swaps you can make so you still feel like you’re getting your fill. Here are some of the ways you can replace the bad guys.

1. Swap white rice with cauliflower

You might have seen bags of cauliflower rice popping up on grocery store shelves lately. Grains have recently been shunned and for good reason. Grains in general are very rough on your digestion. There is a reason why the Kings and Queens of the past lived longer than the commoners. They could afford a balanced diet and had exotic fruit and fish sent to them from foreign lands. You don’t want to eat like a commoner, do you? One really easy way to lessen your grain load is to trade it for cauliflower. Buy it already ground or grind it yourself in a food processor. Add in fresh herbs and some butter or olive oil. It’s just like rice, really!

2. Swap ice cream with bananas

This might sound a little…unique. But if you have a sweet tooth that just can’t be tamed, blend up some frozen bananas and you’ve got creamy banana ice cream. Regular ice cream is the ultimate no no. It has high amounts of sugar AND fat. Cow’s milk specifically, is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics that you definitely do not want in your body. Bananas contain fruit sugar, but it’s used as fuel by your body and brain immediately, unlike table sugar which is unrecognizable by your body and ends up wrecking havoc on your digestion.

3. Swap canola oil with coconut oil

Canola oil is THE WORST. It’s highly inflammatory and can cause scarring on the lining of your intestines! That doesn’t sound too good does it? Sunflower and vegetable oils are a tiny bit better, but still in the same arena. Avoid the damaging effects of canola oil and start using coconut oil! Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides. This is highly beneficial for heart function. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It can be found in a liquid form or in a butter-like solid form.

4. Swap coffee with green juice

Your morning coffee might make you feel like a million bucks, but is it the best thing for you in the long run? As you know, coffee is a stimulant and after the initial high, there’s going to be a crash. You knew it was coming, that’s why you’re already brewing your second cup. Having a green juice in the morning instead of coffee will give you “real” energy that will last all day. Greens are rich in minerals, a key component to getting your body energized as well as contributing to your overall health and vitality. Make a blend of celery, parsley, cucumber, green apple and ginger. It’ll make you feel like you’re invincible.

28 Apr

Having insomnia can basically ruin your life. Some nights you’ll sleep fine, but others you won’t fall asleep until 4 or 5 in the morning. Or maybe you fall asleep right away but then shoot awake at 4am. I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to solve your insomnia for good. Here are my top tips.

1.  Melatonin

Did you know that melatonin is actually an antioxidant? That’s right, it’s actually really good for you and when taken in small amounts, it can be just what you need for a good night’s sleep. Take the melatonin at the same time every night otherwise you might mess up your circadian rhythm. Make sure you don’t take any more than 1 mg. Anymore than that and you will be tired the next day and will probably have some strange dreams.

2.  Don’t eat before 7

For some people, insomnia is caused by their digestion. The food moving in their body is making their nervous system fire off. If you’re tossing and turning and waking up too early, this could be the culprit. Don’t eat past 7 o’clock. Try it for a few days and see if it works! It could be the answer for you.

3.  Desensitize yourself to noise

What I find really helps for light sleepers is getting a fan or a noise machine. You can find 10 hour YouTube videos of rainfall or wind. It helps cancel out any sudden noises.

4.  Don’t think too much

If you’re a light sleeper, chances are you have a sensitive nervous system. Your nervous system can fire off from anything from stressful thoughts to over working to over eating! Take it easy before bed, you don’t want to get caught in a cycle of stressful thoughts. It just builds and builds and before you know it, the birds are singing.

5.  Don’t move a muscle

Once you are in a comfortable position. Stay there. Fight through the urge to switch to the other side. It will be like having an itch you can’t scratch. It will feel torturous for a minute or so, but just hold on! By doing this you are telling your brain to go to sleep. You’re kind of tricking it, in a way. This won’t work if you’re mind is racing. In fact it might result in a stressful, scary dream.

6.  Herbs

There are some herbs that really help with calming your nerves. California poppy and Chamomile are especially good. Passionflower can help calm down an active mind. Valerian also works in high doses. These herbs are best when consumed in a tea form, that way it absorbs into your system right away.

7.  Drink a little red wine

I’m not advocating getting drunk every night, but having a little red wine never hurt anyone. Do you ever notice that wine gives you a sleepy drunk feeling? Use that to your advantage! Have 5oz before bed and you’re off to dreamland.

28 Apr

You may not believe this, but there is a way to create sexual attraction with literally every single girl you come across. Even the girls you don’t necessarily like or who aren’t necessarily attracted to you. You might have heard of “push, pull theory”. The thing is, it really works. Here are all the reasons why.

1.  Don’t get stuck on one mode

Its easy to get stuck on one mode if you see it working. Don’t fall into this trap. By switching back and forth between friendly flirtation and annoyed aloofness, she won’t know what to think of you. You can do as many as 5 switches in a minute if you really wanted to. The first interaction should be in the friendly realm and then you can go from there. You will become very interesting to her. Does he like me? Does he hate me? Why did he say that I’m ruining his day? But before that he said that I seemed like a cool girl?…You’re confusing her and that will make her think about you all day.

2.  Don’t be too mean

You’ve got to gage whether she seems like she can take a hit. In general it’s always better to go with “annoyed” than with down right mean. Unless she has a ton of attitude, it’s better to do things like ignore her, roll your eyes, shake you head at her etc.. Don’t get too specific and say something like, “your hair looks awful today”. Don’t be a jerk. If she seems like the sensitive type she probably is, in which case it is better to be less direct.

3.  Don’t act like her friend

You don’t want to go from friendly and polite to suddenly aloof. She won’t really notice if you do that and will assume you’re just suddenly in a bad mood. You want to make it clear that you like her. Be super flirtatious, and then take it all away. Say something like “You are so interesting to me”. Finish the interaction and then next time you are talking to her, switch to aloof mode. It will make her so frustrated, yet so attracted.

4.  Avoid mood swings

You don’t want it to look like you’re getting mood swings. Whatever she says or does to you, use that as fodder to react. You want to make it seem like you are truly annoyed at HER and not just annoyed at life in general. That might make her to afraid to talk to you if she sees you’re in a bad mood. You can totally be in a consistently good mood and still “lash out” at her. Look for ways to interpret what she’s doing as annoying. Maybe she brought a cake to the party you’re at and it’s chocolate and you say “I fucking hate chocolate, thanks a lot”. Then , next time you interact, get all flirty with her.

28 Apr

The right kind of foreplay is crucial for giving your lady a good time. Women love being touched, teased and caressed and if you do it the right way, she will be like soft butter in your hands. There are a few key moves that will get a “yes please, keep going” reaction every time guaranteed. This is what makes a lady purr:

1.  Fun with nipples

Women love having they’re nipples licked. Place your lips around her areola, the dark area surrounding the nipple and flick your tongue back and forth. Keep your teeth tucked in unless you know for a fact she enjoys biting. After about 10-15 repetitions, her pussy will be pulsing with pleasure. Bonus points if you do this while sitting or standing up. When you release her breast from your mouth the jiggle will feel oh so good.

2.  Drag that ass

There’s nothing that feels quite as good as the curve of a woman’s ass. When you’re cupping and/or squeezing that beautiful thing. Run your finger along her cleft or butt crack if you want playground terms. Start at her vaginal opening, drag your finger up and then go back to your squeezing. Keep it one swift movement. She will be pleasantly surprised.

3.  Spank n’ swirl

While massaging said ass, give her a little spank. Even women who are against any sort of aggressive play will welcome a single spanking when bookended by a massage. It’s almost as if you are soothing the pain away. It will catch her off guard and make her giggle with delight.

4.  Sneak a kiss

It’s always good to throw a little teasing into your foreplay game and this move will make her lose her mind. While making out with her, stop for a minute and give her single kiss between her outer lips. Come right back up and continue to make out as if it was all apart of the routine. Bonus points if you lick your lips and comment on how good it tastes.

5.  Hold her down

When making out with your lady, hold down her hands above her head firmly, but not too hard. Being vulnerable in this way will really turn her on. If she seems tense in her arms, hold her a little more lightly until she relaxes. Kiss her breasts, neck and lips to your heart’s content.

6.  Back it up

The back is incredibly sensitive, especially where the curve is the deepest. This move works especially well in the morning when you wake up and spoon. Just know that every kiss you plant on her is making her pussy more and more wet.

7.  Lip service

Much like move number two, she will love the teasing nature of this one. Touch her vaginal opening with one finger and drag up lightly through her lips. You will slightly brush the clitoral hood, making her ache with pleasure. Less is more with this one!