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28 Apr

I can’t believe this is a thing, but it is. Dating in real life or “IRL” is making a comeback. People are tired of the flakes, the weirdos, the emotionally unavailable train wrecks. If you date IRL, you are screening out the crazies and get straight to the cool girls who are actually worth spending time with. Not to mention, cat fishing will become like a distant memory. In case you forgot how to do it, here are some tips to get dating in the real world.

1. Look up

Instead of walking down the street with you head in your phone, look up! Look who’s walking by, who you see through that store window, who is cashing you out at the grocery store. Say hello! It can’t hurt. If anything you will brighten their day and you will increase your pool of potential dates.

2. Ask your friends for their trash

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your friends probably have tons of online dates that fizzled out. Why not get them to refer you as a potential suitor. This is assuming of course nothing weird or bad happened between them. Hopefully most of the time it was just them agreeing they should just be friends. You never know what might come of it!

3. Get in touch with an old acquaintance

Contact one of your old co-workers, classmates etc….I know this is technically “online” because you probably don’t have her number if she’s an old acquaintance, but it’s still keeping it in your real life social circle. Maybe you saw something that day that reminded you of her and were compelled to message her. Try not to make it seem literally out of the blue. There should be a reason behind it. You don’t want her to sense you want something out of her.

4. Organize a double date

No one does double dates anymore! They’re so much fun and having your friend there will ease the awkwardness. Here’s how to engineer one of these suckers. If your friend is going on a date with a girl he already knows, ask if he’d be down to so a double date and get him to tell the girl to bring a friend. Girls absolutely love doing this kind of stuff. It’s something different from the typical dinner and movie.

5. Have multiple social circles

You can’t just hang out with your work friends all the time and expect to get dates. The best thing to remedy this is to do a lot of cool shit. Take some kind of weekly class, be it improv, life drawing, circuit training, anything you think would have a decent amount of women attending. It’s good to do something long term because people will be more likely to want to “hang out” afterwards. If it’s just a drop in class, the chance of people being open to making friends is way lower.

28 Apr

Texting is great. It’s super convenient, it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s a godsend for introverts. It’s the way of the future and it has completely changed the way we communicate. Texting has also completely changed the way we date. No longer is it “will she call me back?”, it’s “will she text me back?” Knowing the “how-to’s” of texting is critical for relationship survival. Just make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes and you’ll never lose a girl to text again.

  • You wait to respond

    1. Don’t wait! Especially if she responds to your initial text right away. You know why? You know she now has the phone in her hand. Unless she’s texting under the dinner table or secretly in her pocket at work, she’s looking at her phone. Maybe she’s browsing Instagram or checking her email. This is your chance to “create an experience” with her. Take her on a little ride. Girls revel in the half smiley back and forth flirty text session. It gives them so much pleasure. It’s not needy at all to respond right away. Maybe it was about 5 years ago, but nowadays, it’s kind of assumed you were already looking at your phone. It’s sad, but true.
  • You ask questions

    1. If you don’t really know the girl, don’t ask things like “how was your day?”, “what are you up to later?”. Not only are these boring, but she KNOWS you don’t really care. Asking these questions are making you seem like you’re trying too hard and putting the power in her hands. Instead tell her something funny that related to what you were talking about earlier. Or if you haven’t even spoken on text yet, reference something from the night before. Maybe she said she can’t drink a certain brand of beer because one time she got really sick from it. Say you’re at the beer store and see a bunch of cases of said beer. Send her a picture of it and say, “I found your kryptonite”. Something funny and relevant.
  • You’re boring

    This is a huge mistake. Texting is NOT the same as having a vocal conversation. It’s kind of like a condensed conversation. If you send a boring text, you will condition her to be bored when she sees that it’s you. Kind of like Pavlov’s dog. Condition her to be excited when she sees it’s you. Send her messages that will make her feel good. Funny jokes, funny things that happened to you that day. A really good thing to do is send something cool or funny that happened and it doesn’t even have to be real! An example would be: “OMG Christopher Walken just walked by me on the street”, or “I’m at work right now and I think I’m still drunk from last night…whoops lol”. Text her as if you’re texting your best friend. She will sense your sincerity and will be more likely to respond.
15 Apr

Losing weight is an uphill battle for most. It takes a lot of dedication to a rigorous workout schedule, a serious diet that involves cutting out all of your favorite foods, and a commitment to staying healthy so you can reach your goals.

Unfortunately, many people can’t keep this up for an extended period of time, leading to a relapse in weight gain. It then becomes a vicious cycle of gaining weight and losing weight, and you can never just keep it off and be the person you want to be, and that is frustrating.

But if you had a really solid weight loss supplement, you CAN keep off the weight, and lose it FASTER when you include diet and exercise. This is why these supplements are so important. Without them, you won’t even get half as far!

So if you’re finally looking to get rid of that excess fat that has been bothering you and keep it off, here are 3 weight loss supplements that you’ll want in your house FOREVER:

Garcinia X

Garcinia X is one of the best and most successful weight loss supplements on the market, and it’s all in the formula. With the main ingredient being the rare and potent garcinia cambogia fruit, you’ll lose weight, reduce your hunger, and reduce your food intake.

All of this leads to taking in far fewer calories, reducing your overall fat content. And since it’s clinically proven to block the enzymes that cause fat build up, you’ll be on your way to success.

Lipo Genix Elite

Lipo Genix Elite is a world-class weight loss supplement, with a formula that is 100% guaranteed to work fast. Because of the way the ingredients work together, they increase the thermogenic activity in your body, which provides a continuous burn of calories and fat, even when you’re not doing anything.

So even when you’re not in the gym busting your butt, you can be burning calories on the couch!

In addition, you’ll see a huge boost in metabolism and energy levels. You can’t lose.

Flat Belly

If you couldn’t already guess, Flat Belly has one goal in mind: burning away that nasty belly fat that everyone hates. It uses an innovative blend of powerful fat-burning ingredients, as well as probiotics to give your digestive system a kick in the pants.

When your digestive system is working in overdrive, you’ll digest food at a much more rapid pace, throwing out calories but absorbing all of the nutrition at the same time.


With these 3 weight supplements by your side, you’ll be thin in no time. Even just using 1 of these will provide amazing results.


21 Jul

Your blood is the backbone of your entire body. It helps lubricate everything, it keeps oxygen moving throughout your body, and even as defense mechanisms in place to help you when you’re in trouble.

One of your blood’s most potent defenses is in its ability to congeal. While this could obviously pose some risks in people who have rare congealing blood disorders, where the blood unnaturally coagulates and causes your flow of blood to cease.

But for the overwhelming majority of people on earth, this congealing factor allows your body to ward off injury without bleeding to death.

Blood Coagulation Occurs When You’re Wounded

When you suffer a small to medium sized cut, your body goes to work to make sure your blood just doesn’t come pouring out, otherwise a minor cut could end your life in a matter of minutes.

When you’re cut, your body sends white blood cells to the rescue to clog up the wound to stop your blood from exiting your body. This results in a thickness to your blood around the cut, and is the reason why you’ve survived so many falls off of your bike as a kid.

With this mechanism that was spawned from millions of years of evolution, you wouldn’t be the kind of human that you are today.

But it Wasn’t Always Like that!

Millions of years ago, prehistoric human-beings didn’t have anywhere near the complicated bodies that we have now and take for granted. We even see a lot of leftover things on our bodies that we no longer have use for, such as the spleen, wisdom teeth, and appendix.

We’re not sure what role these organs and teeth played, but it used to be important. Wisdom teeth were most likely necessary for thrashing through larger food items that were more plentiful back then, and we no longer have use for them.

Modern human bodies reject wisdom teeth, as is evident in the immense amount of pain that a lot of people face.

In addition, prehistoric humans didn’t have the ability to congeal blood or fight off infections as well as modern humans. This left many a caveman dead after a day or day due to blood loss and severe infection.

Our Bodies are Awesome

Therefore, because of these awesome attributes, modern humans are really modern marvels. We have amazing immune systems, awesome defense strategies, and plenty of extra body parts that we no longer have any use for.

So the next time you take your body for granted and hate that you’re having a bad hair day, remember that your ancient ancestors didn’t even have half as good as you do!

17 Jul

Every man on earth wants to be a provider for his kids, girlfriend, parents, and any other important person in their life. In addition, they also want to have the most money out of anyone in their circle of friends.

Having a lot of money and being able to pay for anything out of your own pocket in front of everyone makes you feel amazing, like you’re king of the world. There is little that can top the feeling of paying for an entire dinner than you invited your friends to.

So if you want to be the most successful dude in your group of friends, here’s how you can give yourself the best chance to make it happen:

#1 – Stop Spending Your Money on Stupid Stuff

Want a new car? Stop and think about what it will give you. It’s only a car, and after a few months, it’ll be just like any other car on the road.

Want that expensive coffee drink every day? Think about buying those every day, and then think about how much that adds up to be over the course of a year.

Still purchases like this need to be avoided if you want to be successful. Pinching pennies allows you to focus your earnings on actual business ventures so you can make money. Buying silly coffee drinks every day for $5 per drink will add up to over $6,700! And that’s just one year. Imagine what else you’re wasting money on?

#2 – Think About a Good Business to Run

This is the most important part, and the part that will make you money. You need to sit down and brainstorm some ideas for a business, and you don’t even need to be that complicated with it.

You’re not building the next Microsoft here, you’re just building a simple business to make you enough money to have some bragging rights.

The best and easiest ideas for starting out that require the least amount of money are Internet-based ventures. These can include website design businesses, SEO businesses, informative websites, or some other service that you can advertise on the web.

Informative websites require the least amount of skills. All you need is a website and some ability to write. You must consider a niche, though. If you’re writing random junk, you won’t get anywhere. For instance, if you’re focusing on technology, you should write mostly about technology and not about pets.

This should be your meal ticket in a year or so.

Get used to the cash, because it’ll be rolling in!

03 Jun

Most humans have gone through periods of stress in their lives, ranging from severe to just slight. But even just light stress can affect your well-being, from your immune system all the way to your mood in general.

Most people are severely stressed out will get sick more often, require more sleep, go through bouts of depression, and may even have a dramatic personality shift that may never go back to the way it was.

So if you think you’re stressed too often, here are some ways to help you reduce your stress in your daily so you can go back to be happy and healthy again:

Come to Terms with Your Stress Causers

Before you can correct your stressful life, you need to figure out which parts of your life are causing you the most stress. Is it your job, which is the #1 cause for stress in the world? Is it your home life? Is it an internal struggle with yourself that’s causing the stress?

Whatever the case may be, you need to figure out which one might possibly be the worst cause for you.

But since your job is often the biggest cause for stress, we’ll start with that.

At Your Job, Plan Out Your Day So There Are No Surprises 

The most common cause for stress at the workplace is a surprise task or surprise visit from upper management. In addition, the next most common cause for stress is from your co-workers.

By planning out your day to reduce the amount of surprises, you’ll be less stressed because you know what your entire day is looking like and how long it’ll take to finish.

In addition, try to maintain positive relationships with your fellow employees. Going out to lunch, dinner, or for drinks after work are great ways of having good relationships with one another,

At Home, Plan Some Alone Time

At home, whether you have kids or not, the biggest cause for stress is figuring out dinner, trying to get to the gym, and any other activities you do.

By planning some alone time that is free of any outside distractions, you’ll be much less stressed out.

You could even use this alone time to practice yoga or meditation, both of which have been show to significantly reduce stress and negative emotions.


So whether you’re stressed at your job or stressed at home, you need to correct the situation with the options I listed.

Simply accepting stress will only make things worse. You need to fix the situation before your health takes a dive!

02 Jun

Going to the gym 5 days per week and barely getting anywhere in regard to muscle development is frustrating. We’ve all been there for sure.

The fact of the matter is that you can only get so far without using supplements. The food you eat and liquids you drink contain great nutrients that your body needs, but you’re unlikely to find l-Arginine and other testosterone boosting ingredients in your food.

This is why strength supplements are so important: they give your body what it needs to get huge, and it does it with all-natural ingredients that you won’t find in conventional food.
So if you’re looking to get big quick, here are 3 supplements that will get you there in a matter of months:

Nitro Genix 365


This product contains so many amazing ingredients that you’d have to eat cake and pies every day to ruin your progress. It’s an amazing product.

While steak and chicken give you awesome amounts of protein to get larger, Nitro Genix 365 offers even more nutrients to give your muscles a big boost in nitric oxide and testosterone.

These two things combine to give your muscles an unbelievable pump, allowing you to lift more, lift more often, and see unmatched progress and potential.

Deer Antler Maximum Strength


Deer Antler Maximum Strength, despite the name, does not contain any part of a deer. It’s merely the name of the key ingredient: deer antler velvet.

This ingredient isn’t found in food, but it gives your body a ridiculous spike in testosterone and aerobic muscle development.

Deer Antler Maximum Strength is a great product to use in conjunction with another product like Nitro Genix 365 for maximum growth.

Xtreme Testosterone


Want a massive boost of testosterone to increase muscle development, sex-drive, and energy levels? Xtreme Testosterone will get you there.
With an innovative and potent blend of ingredients that have been proven to spike free testosterone and overall testosterone, you’ll feel the power surging inside of you after every dose.
After using Xtreme Testosterone with Nitro Genix 365, I saw over 10 pounds of muscle added in just a few months. That’s huge!
If you know anything about weight lifting, you would know how hard it is to gain even one pound of muscle.


So if you’re ready to hit the gym hard to see monumental muscle growth, use these products to help get you there.
I guarantee that these products will work for you!

01 Jun

Listen up, guys: lifting weights without any help will get you nowhere.

Sure, you’ll see some progress with just eating protein and the right foods, but you’ll eventually hit a road block that won’t let you progress any further.

And if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably hit that road block and are looking for an edge in the gym to get you past those plateaus you’ve encountered.

You’re in luck, because I’ve went through hundreds of shit products to find the best ones for you to use. I’ve put on pound after pound of muscle using the products I’m about to tell you about.

Ready to put on some awesome muscle? Here are 3 products that will get you to being the big guy in the gym again.

Nitro Genix 365


This product is simply awesome. There are so many amazing ingredients in this product that you’ll have to eat ice cream every day to ruin any gains you’d see. It’s THAT good.

After using this product for 2 months, I saw 5 pounds of muscle gained, plus an extra couple of pounds toward the end. That’s a total of 7 pounds of muscle in 2 months.

If you know anything about building muscle, 7 pounds of it is incredibly hard to do, especially in such a short period of time.

If you keep using this product, you’ll easily blow past your records in a matter of months. I guarantee it.

Deer Antler Maximum Strength


This product is a little different, but it’s still extremely effective. It works by a dropper system, where you just ingest a drop or two at a time, or as needed.

The ultra concentrated ingredients go straight to your muscles, giving you a big nitric oxide boost and testosterone boost.

You’ll feel like superman after using this product regularly. Hell, try using this product with Nitro Genix 365 for double the effects. I gave it a shot, and noticed my gains skyrocket!

Xtreme Testosterone


Looking for a maximum strength and natural test booster? This is it right here. Nothing comes close to this product when it comes to increasing your test levels.

Testosterone is the basic building block for anything to do with the male body. It helps you increase muscle mass, helps your sex-drive, and will also help with your mood and aging process.

This product is perfect for men of all ages, even if you weren’t building muscle.

But if you’re building muscle, this will pack it on QUICK!


These 3 products have worked so well for me that I’ve decided to buy a full year of each. I use all 3 of them together for maximum gains, but even using just 1 will show significant muscle increases.


22 May

In Your Gym

If you’re like most men who are lifting weights at the gym, you want to be the biggest and strongest guy in there. If you’re not, then it looks like someone else has dominance over you.

And when you’re a man, that is just unacceptable. You need to be the alpha male in the gym, and the most important figure in the room. When people walk by you, you want to hear whispers of your legendary status.

When you walk through the doors of your gym, you want everyone to stop what they’re doing and look over at how huge you are.

But how do you do it without steroids? Is it even possible? You probably don’t want to wait 5 years to see any real results, so here is the art of becoming the strongest guy at your gym with 3 easy steps.

#1 – Get a Muscle Building Supplement Immediately

You’re not going to get anywhere without a good supplement by your side. Yeah, you can try eating a million eggs every day followed by a 30 ounce steak, but that’s just not realistic.

You can do a lot of good by eating right, but it’s impossible to consistently get the ridiculous amount of nutrients you need to build huge muscle.

But with supplements, they do all the hard work for you. Rather than wasting time with all this food and planning, take a supplement every day and you’re golden.

You still need to eat good food, but you don’t need to shovel in pounds of food every hour to see a bigger body.

Here are my 3 favorite supplements that allowed me to gain 40 pounds of PURE MUSCLE in just ONE YEAR:

Nitro Genix 365

Xtreme Testosterone

Deer Antler Maximum Strength

#2 – Start Lifting Like a Man

Not doing deadlifts? Not squatting? Not benching? Not doing rack pulls?

You’re a pansy! Start lifting like a man, and you will look like a man.

These exercises I just listed are huge for building gigantic muscles, and there’s a reason why all Olympic lifters use them to train for a competition.

If you want to get huge, incorporate these exercises into your routine.

#3 – Eat Right Or Get Out

I know I told you that eating a lot every day is impossible, but you still need to eat right if you want to see huge muscle increases.

A good diet consisting of fish, steak, chicken, sushi, vegetables, rice, and potatoes, among other healthy foods, will get you in shape fast and easily.

Plus, all of these foods taste amazing. Who wouldn’t want to eat these?

As a bonus, you could add eggs or nuts to the equation. They’re easy to make, and full of nutrition.


That’s all you need!

So lift hard, lift heavy, and lift often!