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16 Dec

At a Glance

Today anti-aging products grow in number as more people find remedies to slow down the signs of aging. There are eye creams, skin firming lotions, and creams to eliminate wrinkles, to name a few. With all this, there are parts of the body that also show signs of aging early on, but don’t get the attention as much as the face and other exposed areas. We’re talking about the neck. The neck is usually overlooked when thinking about treating signs of aging when in fact the skin on the neck can get really loose. The outcome is the “turkey neck”, which apparently is not aesthetically delightful to see.

On the other hand, there are so many remedies accessible out there. As mentioned, there are anti-aging creams everywhere and purchasing them is not hard. However, it is also crucial to make a thorough research about a product before trying it. You need to know all about it, from the components to how it works, its strengths and weaknesses and so on.

In this writing, we’ll discuss one of the neck creams that are growing in popularity – the Somme Institute Neckline Cream.

Product Overview of Somme Institute Neckline Cream

shutterstock_357765965For one, this neck cream touts to act as a solution to sagging neck and fine lines on the chest area. This is because the neck and the chest areas are usually overlooked when people try to lessen or remove the signs of aging. Somme Institute Neckline Cream includes components that can diminish the appearance of lines on the neck and chest. It can also treat sun damage on the chest and address hyper pigmentation concerns.

Furthermore, Somme Institute Neckline Cream has active components that take care of skin firmness and hydration. It also asserts to be unique by using Molecular Dispersion Technology or the MDT5. This is an exclusive protein or vitamin delivery method that lets the primary components go through deeply into the skin for optimal efficiency.

Somme Institute Neckline Cream Assertions

About Somme Institute Neckline Cream being especially created to treat aging signs on the neck and chest areas
About Somme Institute Neckline Cream being able to cut down fine lines
About Somme Institute Neckline Cream being able to deliver firmness
About Somme Institute Neckline Cream being able to help with hyper pigmentation

Active Components

Water, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glycolic Acid, MethylsilanolCarboxymethyl Theophylline Alginate, Dimethicone, Cetyl Esters, Pentylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate Cirate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate, DaucusCarotaSativa Root, Butylene Glycol, Sorbitan Stearate, RetinylPalmitate, Biotin/Folic Acid/Yeast Polypeptide, AscorbylMethylsilanolPectinate, Tocopherol Polypeptide, Ceramide 2, Hydrolized Rice Bran Protein, PalmitoylOligopeptide, Polyacrylamide, Glycerin, Algae Extract, Beta-Glucan, Caffeine, PEG-1o Rapeseed Sterol, Ceteareth-20, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Tribehenin, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Xanthan Gum, Laureth-7, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Yeast Extract, Glycine SojaProtein, OxidoReductases, Glucosamine HCL, Urea, IodopropynylButylcarbamate.

What Makes Somme Institute Neckline Cream Special?

There is actually nothing unique about Somme Institute Neckline Cream. Though it comes from a highly regarded company, this neck cream is just like any other neck creams.

What are the Good Points?

SG-Necklinepc-081508 final front

Several customers who have experience using the product have testified as to its efficacy when it comes to making the skin firm, especially on the neck and décolleté areas.
Buying Somme Institute Neckline Cream is easy via online retailers.
This neck cream is not as expensive as other products, which is good for budget conscious customers.
Somme Institute Neckline Cream was made by a highly regarded company in the skincare industry.

What are the Negative Points?

Despite the positive claims, Somme Institute Neckline Cream hasn’t actually gone through any clinical research and trails to verify the said claims.
There’s no adequate information about this neck cream and how it generally functions.
Also, how the components specifically function is not elaborated.
There are some claims saying that this neck cream is not effective on serious signs of aging like turkey neck.
It becomes more effectual when you use another product from Somme Institute called A-bomb. If you choose to purchase both, you spend more.
Money-back guarantee and free samples of the product are not included.
There are several components in the product’s formula that seem like harsh chemicals.

Somme Institute Neckline Cream – Final Recommendation

As stated earlier, Somme Institute Neckline Cream is not uniquely special. It comes from a highly-regarded company but the product itself is ordinary. There are neck creams out there that are more superior and more remarkable. Somme Institute Neckline Cream is basically just a neck cream to lessen or remove the signs of aging manifested on the neck and the décolleté areas. While the product’s cost is within the means, the claims made by its manufacturer are not substantiated by any clinical evidence. Also, there are numerous components in Somme Institute Neckline Cream that seem like they’re strong substances that could trigger adverse reactions.

28 Nov

General Idea

When you lessen your intake of calories, you naturally lose weight. This is the principle that drove several companies to develop weight loss products such as meal replacement shakes. These protein shakes designed to be alternatives for a full meal are usually rich in proteins and low in carbs, which helps to decrease your consumption of calories.

Currently though, the market is swamped with many kinds of protein shakes. This makes the process of choosing for the right brand more complicated. In this writing, we will focus assessing on one specific product that is getting more popular in the market. This is the Special K Protein Shake.

Describing Special K Protein Shake

specialk-protein-shake-explainedIn essence, Special K Protein Shakes are formulas designed to fit your breakfast nutritional needs. Aside from this, this meal replacement shake also enables you to have the control over your appetite, which effectively deals with your caloric consumption. Special K Protein Shakes have high protein content but low carbs.

According to the company that developed and financed the production of Special K Protein Shake, this meal replacement is especially suitable for those individuals who are always on-the-go and don’t have sufficient time to eat properly in the morning. This product is delicious, sufficing your breakfast cravings, while also ensuring that you lose weight by using it on a regular basis.

This meal replacement shake is available in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Each one is a must-try.

Special K Protein Shake Promise

The company behind Special K Protein Shake states that the product has been illustrated to help alleviate hunger, which enables you to stay away from carbs. Do this every day and you’ll surely lose weight in the long run.

The product’s manufacturer also has this online scheme called “Special K Challenge” to persuade people in trying Special K Protein Shake. Here, you will be assisted with suggestions, tips, and recipes to help you lose weight more efficiently.

Which Company Manufactures Special K Protein Shake?

Special K Protein Shake is manufactured by Kellogg’s. This company is internationally recognized for its wide range of cereal products. Now Kellogg’s has also started in creating new product lines such as the special K lines. These products are breakfast bars, crackers, cereals, and shakes.

The company was built in 1906 by W. K. Kellogg. It has been operation for more than a decade and has since become an international household name for its various products.

Understanding the Nutritional Content

specialk-protein-shake-claimsThere are four crucial components in Special K Protein Shake’s formula – protein, sugar, fiber and fat. This is in addition to vitamins A, B and D, and minerals sodium, potassium, manganese, chromium and magnesium.

The protein in the product’s formulation is from whey and soy. Their main function is for muscle growth and tissue restoration. In total, there is 10 grams of proteins in this product.

On the other hand, the sugar content in Special K Protein Shake is higher than the protein content. It has 18 grams in total, which is somehow high for sugar. Nevertheless, the total calorie amount is 190, so it’s still fine.

Lastly, the fiber in Special K Protein Shake sums up to 5 grams. Its main purpose is to slow down digestion and transport fat tissues outside the body.

Special K Protein Shake in Helping You Lose Weight

Special K Protein Shake promotes weight loss by lessening your consumption of calories. This does not happen overnight though. You need to take the product on a regular basis, so you also cut down your caloric intake on a daily basis. Eventually, you will notice weight loss after some time. This way, you don’t need to engage in any workouts or fasting, which both are exhausting and kind of saddening.

Clinical Studies on Special K Protein Shake

So far we haven’t seen anything suggesting of a study on Special K Protein Shake. We only recognize the principle behind Special K Protein Shake’s features, that by decreasing caloric consumption, you also lose weight.

Has it Received FDA Approval?

There’s no information suggesting of an FDA approval. However, it is important to remember that Special K Protein Shake is only a packed good. It is not a form of treatment or even a supplement. If it’s the safety you’re concerned about, just consider the fact that Special K Protein Shake is made by Kellogg’s, a company that has been operating in the business for over a century.

Refund Guidelines

There’s no available information indicating of the presence of a money-back guarantee. However, there was a case before where the company agreed to give refunds to customers after recalling one of its products. This being said, Kellogg’s will give you a refund if you have a strong claim.

What are the Upsides of Special K Protein Shake?

The caloric content is so low

Lets you have an upper hand of your hunger

Cheaper compared to competitors

The taste is good

What are the Downsides of Special K Protein Shake?

There’s no verification that it can promote weight loss

Sugar amount is higher than other similar products

Protein amount is lower than other similar products

Adverse Reactions Linked to Special K Protein Shake Use

There’s whey protein in Special K Protein Shake and whey protein can trigger bloating and cramping, but only when used beyond the recommended dosage. Overall, this doesn’t mean that you’ll feel these side effects after using the product, though there’s no harm in practicing caution when using Special K Protein Shake.

Product Cost and Location for Purchase

On Amazon, a pack of Special K Protein Shake containing 6 bottles costs $29.94. This meal replacement shake is mostly available in online stores and supermarkets nationwide.

User Feedbacks/Statements

Out of the 200 customer reviews on, 153 of these provided Special K Protein Shake a rating of 5 stars. Overall, the product earned 4.4 stars out of 5. If most people are satisfied with the product, chances are you will be, too.

Special K Protein Shake – Is this Product Genuine?

For one, Special K Protein Shake is a meal replacement shake that comes from an internationally recognized company. If your goal is to shed pounds through the reduction of your caloric consumption, Special K Protein Shake is the product that needs trying.

08 Jul

Ensuring that you have made the right decision when it comes to grabbing the right supplement for you and your needs is crucial to achieving your goals. Whether you are aiming to improve mentally or physically (or both), the holistic approach is a much better direction than risking yourself any chemical filled pharmaceuticals which may have negative repercussions.

In order to assist you make the right choice we offer informative reviews to that allow you to understand the different kind of natural substances and remedies are available to us on today’s market. Here you can look at facts and compare products determine which is the best for what you need.

How does it work?

cognitine-ingredients-bocopamonieripowderLegacy Labs Cognitine is one formula which is specially designed to improve cognitive functions of the brain. Mainly aimed towards those who are 40 years plus, it is said to help in restoring memory, concentration and improve learning capabilities.

Nutraceuticals and neurotransmitters are supplemented and this is supposed to support the aspects that affect everyday lives.

The advantages of this product are said to be most effective for the people who have lost (or partially lost) ability to focus and improve blood and oxygen circulation, increase energy levels and boost nerve growth for the brain.

Ingredients and formula

cognitine-ingredients-vinpocetineThe following have been thoroughly researched and are the key components: Bacopa Monnieri, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine, Pantothenic Acid, Cobalamin, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, DMAE, Pyridoxine HCL and Gingko extract.

Using plant-based substances from around the world to help naturally boost GABA neurotransmitters namely Bacopa Monnieri. This organic ingredient allows the mind to become free or better yet stress-free, to bring relaxation.

The extract from the Periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine, recuperates memory, increases oxygen and blood flow and lets you concentrate.

Nerve chemical functions are improved by Phosphatidylserine, a compound and with its deficiency can also replenish cell membranes.

o convert protein, fats, carbohydrates into energy, Pantothenic Acid is added which benefits health, development, growth, and energy.

Lowering the levels of homocysteine in the blood by working with Vitamin B6 and Folic acid is Cobalamin which produces brain and blood cells while protecting nerve growth. Whereas, vitamin B12 works with Folic Acid to prohibit DNA synthesis.

Cognitive functions are enhanced by DMAE and the Niacinamide is a precursor to Niacin.

Amino acids are made by Pyridoxine HCL (also known as Vitamin B6).

Furthermore, Ginkgo Biloba the powerful antioxidant leaf extract cleanses.


At $67 for one bottle when really you need two for a one month supply is extremely steep in price. There being only thirty tablets per bottle and you must take two per day it is going to cost a lot of money in the long run. However, the option is available to make a multiple purchase which, although it doesn’t save you much – it still saves you!

Our conclusion

Preferably, spending less money would be more ideal! Of course!

You can buy the leading brand Optimal Omega or Brain Gain for $19.95 each. These two aproducts are the top choice of holistic products today.


08 Jul

Test X180 Alpha: Inquiry

Force Factor is the producer of this formula and they have a great deal to say about it and its abilities. Right from the get go they claim it is more powerful than any other supplement of its kind. It is designed to enhance bedroom performance as well as gains in the gym.

Additional boasts are that it stimulates the manufacture of testosterone and enhances the body’s use of it. It is supposed to kick the libido into high gear and drive users, as well as their mates, crazy.

Each individual ingredient has been carefully studied by the scientific community and it has provided a large amount of evidence that points to the formula’s effectiveness. Consumers have posted their experiences across the internet and it seems that they have been more than satisfied. One of the most crucial pieces of evidence is that a few of the properties have demonstrated immense cardio-protective capabilities.

Test X180 Alpha: Properties and Actions

testx180alpha-ingredientsandfunctions-stingingnettleextractVitamin B1, which is also referred to as thiamine, helps to fine tune focus and enhances the health of the central nervous system. Obtaining a deeper concentration assists consumers in controlling excitement to a degree. It stimulates the production of choline which has a number of important responsibilities such as overseeing the transport of important nutrients to cells.

Vitamin B6, sometimes called pyridoxine, increases users’ sexual desire and enhances sperm count. It has long been known that it can correct sexual dysfunctions and infertility issues.

Stinging Nettle has been utilized for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and is used in today’s holistic medical communities. This powerful property stimulates testosterone production and enhances the body’s ability to put it to proper use. It increases the libido’s energy levels and amplifies sexual performance.

Maca root is an ancient medicine that is still used to intensify sexual desire today. It can assist body builders with gain at the gym as well as in the bedroom through an increase of free testosterone.

Brazilian Catuaba bark has been used by South American peoples for many centuries. It can power stamina and fuel the libido. It is still used to revitalizes the entire nervous system today.

Muira Pauma is another ancient South American medicine which is still used all over the world today. It is a common property found in supplement products because of its ability to correct erectile dysfunction, stimulate the libido, and charge sexual performance.

Test X180 Alpha Credits and Debits


Test X180 Alpha Credits

Potential consumers can read a large number of posts which include praise for the effectiveness of Test X180 Alpha.

Customers can ask for their money back, if the product does not produce the desired results.

Force Factor has published a comprehensive list of the ingredients in this specific formula as well as their respective functions.

This supplement producer is well-liked and well-known in the industry.

Test X180 Alpha Debits

Users must commit to long term use to obtain optimal results of this supplement.

The cost of this supplement is definitely steep.

Where to Get It

Test X180 Alpha can be ordered from the Force Factor official website at a cost of $140 for 120 capsules. and GNC also sells this product.

The Verdict

This supplement has great potential and with a money back offer there is not much to lose. The verdict is that it is worth a shot.

08 Jul

Supplements have come so far and as technology advances there become more and more products to choose from with various formulas and ingredients.

Trying to find the right one can be tough and so we are attempting to make it easier for you to choose with our reviews. With expert knowledge of natural herbs and their effects entwined with the results of clinical trials we hope to make your decision when it comes to buying the right supplement for you, easy.

The purpose of the product

braininkcomplex-overviewIn order to improve cognitive functions like memory, focus and concentration, Brain Link Complex has been specially designed as a brain enhancement supplement that is safe to consume by both adults and children. This formula is said to build neurotransmitters that provide nutrients to the brain.

When this happens, the body receives essential amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals.


There are a number of ingredients that make up this product, all of which are natural amino acids which will improve short term and long term memory operations, including:

Glutamine, GABA, Methionine, Glycine, Taurine, Tyrosine, Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine and Phenylalanine, Vitamin/Mineral Blend including Calcium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate, Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Diphosphate, Magnesium Citrate, Choline Bitartrate, Calcium Pantothenate, Inositol, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin E Succinate, Iron Citrate, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Pyridoxine HCl, Niacin, Copper Citrate, Para Amino Benzoic Acid, Cholecalciferol, Chromium Niacinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Beta Carotene, Biotin, Manganese Citrate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Selenite, Cyanocobalamin, Food Starch, Whey Protein Isolate, Fructose and Maltodextrin, Lecithin Powder, Natural Flavors, Egg Albumen Powder and Medium Chain Triglycerides.

The main inhibitors of this supplement are substances Glutamine, GABA, (neurotransmitters) and Glycine.

Looking over the contract

Looking over the contract

Each of these has its individual purpose to benefit the system – Glutamine (a neurotransmitter) is the substance that improves focus, concentration and memory – Glycine, allows for the avoidance of sugar cravings – GABA (also a neurotransmitter) reduces anxiety and oxidative stress.

Even if these substances do not work well on you as an individual for the purpose of the brain, you will still feel an overall advantage to the body.

No matter what, make sure you are advised by a doctor whether you can take this supplement as there is no evidence that this will not generate any side effects and there have been no clinical studies to clarify its 100% safety.


The expense is a little steep at $34.95 but an 18 ounce tub should last a long period of time. The recommended allowance per day is two scoops three times. However, the dosage does depend on weight and if a child weighs 75 lbs then he or she should only consume a total of two scoop per day – maximum.


Overall, this product seems OK – but does just OK cut it?

Preferably you want an easy to take capsule that you do not have to mess around mixing powders, or a better price deal! And you get both of those and more with both Brain Gain and Optimal Omega.

Each of these leading brand products are top of the range with clinical study results to back information and cost no more than $19.95 each. Take your pick!

03 Jul

Focus Formula Summary

Windmill Health Products was founded more than 40 years ago and today their supplements are sold in over 3,500 separate locations. The most recent brain child is Focus Formula blended to increase cognition and improve recall abilities.

It was carefully blended to rejuvenate neural cells, enhance concentration, and focus the attention span.

The vitamins, minerals, and chemical components were picked because they demonstrated neurologically beneficial actions within the human brain.

An investigation into Focus Formulas ingredients and function was launched due to the high level of positive feedback from users within supplement forums stating that it does indeed fuel neural cells and information processing.

Focus Formula Functions of Ingredients

focus formula-propertiesThe vitamins are first on the Focus Formula ingredient run down:

Vitamin B6 was added for the enhancement of cognitive development and the prevention of the aging decline of neural processes.

Folic acid which is a synthetic form of folate is also neuro protective and has been shown to reverse some cases of past damage.

Vitamin B12, or Cobalamin, promotes neural processes, enhances the health of the nervous system, and are largely responsible for red blood cell development.

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants available and is over the formation of vital neurotransmitters and L-Carnitine.

Vitamin E is powerfully neural protective against cognition declination and if quite frequently prescribed for individuals who suffer from neurological issues in the dementia family.

Properties and results within Focus Formula:

DMAE, a molecule within choline, which enhances all neural processes through boosting the presence of essential neurotransmitters.

DHA complex, an omega 3 fatty acid, shields the brain from cognitive declination of aging as well as stimulates maximum functioning of the cerebral cortex.

The organosulfur compound called Alpha Lipoic Acid impacts energy production and defends mitochondria against degradation of cognitive processes.

Vinpocetine is a type of alkaloid that is also known as nootropic as it influences the strength of the formation, preservation, and recollection of memories.

The alkaloid Huperzine A raises choline levels in the cerebral environment in order to increase neural synapses.

Focus Formula makers say for optimum results ingest 2 pills with every meal.

Credits and Debits of Focus Formula

focus formula-positive aspects

Credits of Focus Formula

Focus Formula is not an expensive brain boosting supplement.

Positive feedback is widely available for this supplement

Science lends merit to the effectiveness of the ingredients in Focus Formula.

There are many places to buy this supplement.

Debits of Focus Formula

Not all reviews about the effectiveness of Focus Formula are praising it.

Where to Buy It

Consumers can purchase Focus Formula from the Windmill Health Products website. They can also buy it from the Amazon website or at Walmart and CVS.

Final Decision

Focus Formula is one of the least expensive brands of this type of supplement. It has a dedicated following and positive user experiences. In addition to that there has been scientific research to demonstrate the ingredients have the potential to do what Windmill Heath Products claims making it worthy of a chance.

30 Jun

It can be flabbergasting trying to figure out which supplements n the market are worth buying, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for! There are a variety of specific pills that claim to be made of safe ingredients and when you want to reduce fat you want to make sure that they are just that.

By using our knowledge of natural herbs and our extensive understanding of their effects we are able to provide expert information and advice on what you should be looking for to achieve your workout goals.

Instead of hurting your head and testing out each one (which also hurts your pocket and health) we have compiled reviews that will make life easier for you!


rippedfuel-purpose-burnfatTwinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme is a dietary supplement that will assist weight loss and help to burn fat. The combination of natural herbs, are to ensure to boost your energy and help you boost your workout.

The formula has recently been modified to substitute the original blend which held the banned controversial substance of Ephedra which is now classed as a contaminant due to reports of people suffering major health problems as a result after consumption.

There were also several death reports which lead to the FDA’s decision. The manufacturers of this product are trying to generate the same feeling provided by the previous version.


rippedfuel-ingredients-cayennefruitThe organic extracts used are: green tea leaf, caffeine, cayenne fruit, cocoa seed and L-carnitine.

Because the pills include caffeine they are sure to help increase your energy and alertness. The problem is there is a high dose of 220 mg – (the equivalent of four cups of coffee).

The recommended daily allowance of caffeine is 400 mg, so if you like coffee – you would have to compromise!


For $39.95 you will receive two bottles of sixty each, (120 capsules), which is a two month supply. Not a bad deal if you want to keep stocked up!

To conclude:

I would opt for a pill that does not contain caffeine like Flat Belly or Garcinia X and avoid the side effects that come along with this component. If caffeine is unnecessary to achieve the results like that which are apparent from taking alternatives, then why bother?

And especially with the price comparison of almost doubling the price, then these products are all-round winners!

Also, it is better to have a fat burning supplement that acts fast with results you can feel and notice as opposed to just suppressing the appetite with a formula that uses all natural and potent herbs which are 100% safe to consume and do not cause dodgy side effects.

Flat Belly fat burning supplements include organic extracts, vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants that are proven to improve gastrointestinal health and reduce fatty buildup and gently cleanse the system without interfering with your body’s natural process.

Garcinia X is another choice because it uses nutrients that get rid of fat deposits through preventing fatty buildup!

30 Jun

Summation of Brain Vitality GPC

ADD/ADHD Off-label prescriptions have opened a world of opportunity and a billion-dollar industry to eager supplement manufacturers.

People around the world began to demand these amazing supplements because they knew that the ingredients could utterly destroy cognitive road blocks and sharpen their focus to a fine point.

The call from around the globe was heard by Purity Products and it immediately responded by marketing Brain Vitality GPC.

The manufacturer states that its supplement blend can reinforce cell membranes and enhance the efficiency of signal cell receptors; completely clear away brain fog; and bust through mental clarity obstacles in a single bound.

We are going to examine Brain Vitality GPC in order to bring the claims out of the shadows shed light on the facts.

Brain Vitality GPC Ingredients Under the Microscope

brain vitality-focuses concentration

The information listed below concerning these ingredients may also be reviewed on the company webpage.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been shown to hone mental clarity by supporting the health of neural cell membranes and is responsible for vital production of energy that the brain and body require.

Phosphatidyl Serine enhances higher cognitive functioning and encourages healthy aging of the brain while in the process of supporting spatial and temporal recall. It is neuroprotective against the many declinations that commonly befall individuals while they are aging.

Alpha GPC enhances the levels of an amino acid derivative known as choline. Neuro cells require choline for optimal cell communication, information processing, and synaptic transmissions.

According to the package instructions users may expect maximum results by taking 2 to 4 capsules each morning along with a nutritionally sound diet, and regular physical activity.

Brain Vitality GPC Benefits and Drawbacks

All consumers should practice to be informed by weighing all of the elements before committing to a purchase.

Brain Vitality GPC Benefits

Purity Products is pretty well-known within the supplement industry.

There is support available to uphold the maker’s assertions to the ingredients and their actions at last individually.

Drawbacks of Brain Vitality GPC

The prolonged use of the Brain Vitality GPC formula could become quite costly.

There are no available customer reviews to attest to the success or efficacy of this product.

No reviews concerning clinical trials involving this specific formula could be located.

No monetary guarantee is offered by the makers of Brain Vitality GPC.

Shop Spot

brain vitality-mental clarityInternet customers may visit the webpage for Purity Products to order Brain Vitality GPC.

A supply which may last approximately one or two months, depending upon the user’s individual dosage, may be purchased for $80.

Users are offered a fifth, but free bottle after purchasing four in one transaction.

Registering for automatic delivery with reoccurring charges will result in an additional discount.

End Result

The individual ingredients which create this formula has outstanding beneficial potential, but there really should be a few other properties in it as well.

Purchasing Brain Vitality GPC cannot be recommended in good faith as both a reimbursement guarantee and consumer experiences are void.

30 Jun

Why waste your time pondering over which supplement to buy just because of your lack of knowledge about different ingredients? If you want results, especially in bodybuilding, you want them fast! There is no need for time wasting – you can rely on our reviews.

We understand the importance of finding a product that is going to do just as it claims on the label. Our extensive knowledge of remedies, natural herbs and ingredients within the holistic industry helps us assemble fantastic reviews that save you the effort of researching.

You really do not have to worry about faffing around with different powders and pills to try and achieve your goals – no one needs to be messed around and slowed down in their workout simply because of bogus products that are a waste of hard earned cash. Take a look at the information we offer and make a conscious decision.

The product:

ultimatemuscle_purposeAs a body building formula Ultimate Muscle Black Edition promises to deliver. The benefits you should feel from using this product are and increase in your motivation; energy and endurance which will help you get stronger.

The specially designed supplement will reduce your body fat and prevent fat from being stored which will allow you to build lean muscle. Your metabolism may also improve.

A great thing you might experience is that your libido may improve and you will have an optimised performance in the bedroom!

The formula:

The ingredients within this product are as follows: L-Leucine, L-isoleaucine, L-Valine, D-Ribose each of which are safe amino acids if taken in the correct quantity.

If the quantity is exceeded or abused then there can be serious repercussions and nasty side effects. L-Leucine has been known to cause health problems like dermatitis, diarrhoea, dementia and in extreme cases even death.

Other ingredients:

ultimatemuscle_ingredientsWhat is the need in making a separate list of ingredients? To show you what they manufacturer has used to bulk out their product and so you can see the ingredients included that are intentional to the purpose of the supplement and then whatever else they have added to it.

Fillers are actually unnecessary; the only person who benefits from using them is the company when they make the sale.

However, this particular product has bulked their product using Creatine MagnaPower which is a combination of Creatine and magnesium.

This is quite clever as the Creatine gives strength to muscles and that allows you to do more within your workout; whereas the Magnesium is the nutrient that helps to maintain the muscle mass. Magnesium also works well with Creatine and assists in its absorption.


At $23.85 this product is a great price. You are even offered a satisfaction guarantee or you will receive a full refund!

To conclude:

As great as this product sounds my preference is a supplement that contains L-arginine which is known to provide Nitric Oxide to increase muscle. Nitro Genix 365 is the best for achieving this particular goal.

When building strength you can try Xtreme Testosterone.

These products are sold for no more than $19.95 each and use fantastic powerful all-natural ingredients that are safe to consume.