5 Ways to Dress like a Gentleman 

5 Ways to Dress like a Gentleman

Some tips and tricks to dress like a real gentleman

Men should be gentlemen. Forget about your baggy pants and cargo shorts. You’re not going to the safari, and you’re not 16 anymore. It’s about time for you and your wardrobe to undergo a transformation. It’s time for you to be a gentleman.

Ladies always like a man who’s dressed nicely – someone who pays attention to how he looks. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of time in the mirror to look nice; you just need to know how to make some adjustments. Being a gentleman is just about as manly as it gets, and you don’t need to break the bank just to look nice. Here are some tips to dress like a gentleman:

Figure out your budget

No, you don’t need to spend a whole lot trying to look nice, but some extra cash can definitely help. If you’re short on cash, don’t pick brand-new but low-quality clothes; try to pick quality clothes that fit in a vintage shop or flea market. These shops offer the best bang for your buck if you can get past the idea that you won’t be the first person wearing them. But really, who cares?

Invest on your footwear

Learn the difference between oxfords, loafers, top-siders, and sneakers. These shoes are just about what you need to match your outfit. If you’re not running, leave your running shoes behind. Shoes can get expensive, but some brands offer affordable, but high-quality shoes.

Casual does not mean messy

Many men mistake casual for messy. You can be casual and your outfit can still be on-point. Wear clothes that fit. It can be a difficult task to find clothes that fit you, but it would be well worth it if you find the right shirts and jeans for your casual look. Leave your basketball shorts for your gym time, and always find a pair of sneaks that would match your casual look.

Invest on a suit

Remember this – people who buy cheap, buy twice. You’re not really saving if you’re buying off of deals and super savings. Suits are meant to be tailor-fitted, and you can expect it to be a bit expensive. You’re lucky if you can pick a ready-made suit that suits you perfectly, but until you do, save some cash to buy a suit that fits you. Suits can be used when you want to dress to impress, and you can use them as casually as you want to. With or without a tie, men just look better in a suit.

Wear clothes that fit

You don’t want to look like the guy who still has his mom pick his clothes for him.  Men tend to buy shirts that are one or two sizes bigger than their actual size because some men are terrified of wearing smaller clothes that would expose their bulging bellies – but that’s not something that the best fat burning pills like LipoGenix Elite couldn’t take care of. What’s important is that you wear clothes that fit.