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Does Xenadrine Give Users Weight Loss Results?

by on September 8, 2016


Xenadrine has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years after that high profile law suit back in the late 90s. To refresh your memory if you don’t remember the news coverage, a woman who rammed another car going 100 mph on purpose blamed taking Xenadrine for her actions and they were actually able to prove it in a court of law. Xenadrine fought back saying that the user simply did not read their warnings that you should not take Xenadrine if you have been diagnosed with mental illness or even suffer from general nervousness.

Products like Xenadrine with ephedra-caffeine combinations along with whatever other herbal fillers are in the capsules have received so many complaints, over 1,400 in total to be exact. The Food and Drug Administration has heard it all: increased blood pressure, strokes, and even heart attacks from those users taking weight-loss products with this ingredients combo.Weight loss pill

Xenadrine is very clear with their extensive warning label and has since revamped their product. It was not banned despite the court case. Instead, the FDA almost ten years later banned Ephedrine from all ingredient lists. They quickly regropued and launched new Xenadrine products without this deadly combo.

What are the new ingredients in Xenadrine?

It is nearly impossible to get a straight forward ingredient list for Xenadrien they are are often green tea and raspberry ketone in their products, but they hide the real ingredients in a list and call it their special blend.

Common Side Effects From taking Xenadrine?

  • Jitters
  • Bloating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Low abdomen pain

USER REVIEWSMental illness

Using it at one cap twice a day didn’t hit me as well as I thought, but when i bumped it to two caps twice a day it really kicked in nice, you feel extremely focused and this will definitely allow you to lose some weight fast. Overall for the price and using 3 to 4 caps a day i would for sure recommend this, but im sure for the common person 2 caps a day will work just fine.

I received a sample bottle of this product for review. I started off with the recommended dosing instructions. I felt the effects about 20-30 minutes after dosing. Not a problem with the feeling, no nausea or jitters.

As far as giving me more energy this product did the job but as far as weight loss all it did was make me sweat more when I worked out or when I was doing basic house work. I have been taking the product as directed for a month now and I realized it is starting to become ineffective because I am growing a tolerance to it and uping the dose is something I really don’t want to try again because it gave me a massive migraine the one time I tried. I stopped taking it for two weeks with no problems then took it again and the energy like I had from day one came back so I would recommend not to take it every day to get the full effect of it.

The Bottom Line…

Xenadrine is really a great energy booster as it is mostly caffeine. It has given users great weight loss results, but the list of side effects are still pretty long and the reviews pretty mixed despite the company eliminating the ephedra-caffeine combo from the ingredient list and revamping the product.

How can you safely take a product that you do not know what is inside no matter the results other users are getting. This product may be dangerous for you and is really just caffeine.

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