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How Does True Slim Tea Work?

by on September 10, 2016


We think if we take the right product correctly that it will just work, but we don’t understand why or how it works because companies use vague mysterious language that sugar coats the products actual mechanisms that facilitate weight loss results. In some cases, these products are just a scam are there are no results to be had. Before buying any product you should understand scientifically how the product works to your benefit. There should be cold hard facts that stare you in the face and make you feel good about using your purchasing power to support this product and what it does to improve people’s health.

What is True Slim Tea?

Bamboo Leaf is the key ingredient in Li-Si-Zhen’s True Slim Tea. Li-Si-Zhen is not a company, but a person. He is a master herbalist that has worked with Chinese Herbal Medicine for decades. He designed this tea based on his background in herbalism and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tea comes in convenient bags in 3 different strengthens: regular, regular plus, and extra strength for advanced users. The Food and Drug Administration support this tea and has deemed it safe for public consumption.

True Slim Tea Secret IngredientsIngredients of True Slim Tea

Li-Si-Zhen is not very forthcoming in describing to users what is inside his magical weight loss tea. On the box and website the only thing that are listed in the ingredients are:

Natural Oriental Herbs, bamboo leaf, and Malva Verticellata

What is Malva Verticellata?

The use of Mallow dates back to the ancient Greco-Roman era. It has many uses such as, soothing dry coughs and sore throats, or treating renal disorders and diarrhea.

How Does True Slim Tea Scientifically Work?

The herbal blend is a slimmer, which means it acts as a natural diuretic and laxative to keep the bloat down and the digestive system running at top speed. When the digestive system is functioning properly, the body is able to better metabolize food to use it for energy, rather than store surplus food as fat deposits. Another key component to a health body and successful weight loss is a clean colon. Detoxifying the body is the first step to any weight loss program. To move the toxins out of the body you may need something strong to clean out blocked pipes that have build up from years of poor diet.

User Review Analysis:Boost metabolism

On Amazon.com the tea received 21 reviews on the regular strength tea bags and received 4.2 out of 5 stars. 67% of reviews are 5 star and 14% are 1 star, there is a large dispparity and there are very mixed reviews about the product. Many users raved that his tea is an essential part of their weight loss program and believe it has helped them have success. Others use it as a daily laxative and enjoy the benefits it has had for their digestive system. Others reported a lot of abdominal pain and discomfort. People also complained about how you can’t know what is in the tea before consuming.

Is True Slim Tea Right For You?

If you feel bloated and sick, unable to have regular healthy bowel movements, this may be the perfect product to accompany a healthy diet and exercise program geared towards weight loss. A high functioning and clear digestive system is underrated in assisting with weight loss result. While this tea may not be a proverbial golden ticket, it can unclog the pipes and give you energy from experiencing a detoxification of the digestive and elimination processes.

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