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ThermOxyn – Can this supplement be trusted to have the most advanced formula?

by on August 11, 2016


Losing weight is hard at the best of times and the usual dieting and exercising doesn’t work for most people and a lot of people are now turning to more holistic options. The problem is there are a lot of scams out there which need to be avoided.

To enable you to search for a legitimate option we have created a reviews so that you can find the best option or you. We base all our advise on clinical trials and expert knowledge so that you can be sure that you will get the best information here. Instead of spending hours doing the research and trying to avoid the scam, you can let us do all the hard work or you.

Product purposeBurn fat faster

A product that will help you lose weight without the chance of also losing your muscle is ThermOxyn made by iForce Nutrition. This thermogenic weight loss supplement will help you lose weight, decrease body fat, suppress the appetite, increase energy, and boost the mood.  “Getting you shredded and allow you to unleash your inner sexy” is what this company claim this supplement will achieve. The manufacturers state that this is the world’s strongest fat burner

Without causing the effect of a ‘crash’ this particular formula uses a unique ingredient blend to help you lose weight and burn fat faster than any other. It increases energy levels and promotes thermogenesis and increases basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Ingredients usedThermOxyn - Ingredients

This formula consists of four blends: Adrenaplex, Thermoplex, Retainplex and Metaplex.

  1. Adrenaplex which uses caffeine anhydrous and acacia rigidula extract and provides “limitless” energy without causing you to crash afterward.
  2. Thermoplex includes citrus aurantium extract and rauwolfia serpentina extract to boost thermogenesis. This helps to burn more calories and fat.
  3. Retainplex which uses lemon verbena extract and raspberry ketone and preserves muscle even with a calorie deficit (helps you lose fat and not muscle).
  4. Metaplex includes garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract, and olea europaea leaf extract and increases the metabolism and burns fat.


The price is $39.99 and you will receive a bottle of 120 capsules.
To ensure you tolerance is capable of dealing with this formula you should test taking one in the morning before btreakfast and the other before lunch. Do this for two days.
After everything is checked to be fine, you may begin taking the dose of four per day.
Effects can be noticed after eight to twelve weeks of continual use.

To conclude:

For the most advanced formulas on the market today, your will pay a substantial amount less than this product. Flat Belly and GarciniaX are each $19.95 and have been clinically tested to be the best product of this kind with ingredients that work and are 100% safe to consume. For this price or each container, you will receive a one month supply. The elements contained within these mixes are natural herbs from around the world and the likes of Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

Both of these supplements are aimed towards men. Neither of these remedies use caffeine or stimulants and therefore do note inflict any type of unwnated side effects.

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