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Rexavar versus Formula 41 Extreme Supplement Comparison

by on April 16, 2016

Which supplement should you buy?

Rexavar is a widely-distributed male enhancement supplement that has made its way to the world’s biggest online marketplace, Amazon.com. It’s one of the more recognizable brands in the very diverse market of male enhancement supplements. Very few supplements ever get the exposure that Rexavar has, which makes it a clear favorite in this head-to-head match up.

Formula 41 Extreme is an up-and-coming brand that has quickly gained popularity since it went viral a couple of months ago. Formula 41 Extreme has quickly gained a following among its users, which is quite evident with the number of positive reviews the product has online.

Will Formula 41 Extreme be able to edge Rexavar in a head-to-head battle, or would Rexavar bow to the underdog? We’ll measure these products through our key points: User reviews, ingredients, and pricing.

User reviews
Many potential customers use user reviews as their basis for buying a product. In this regard, Formula 41 Extreme has a greater number of customers that have taken the time to write and publish their own positive review of the product. Of course there are several reviews that do not share the opinion of the majority, but these are mostly reviews coming from pseudo-review websites created by competitors to bash their competition.

Rexavar, on the other hand, is openly reviewed on the largest online marketplace, Amazon.com. However, reviews are not as favorable as Formula 41 Extreme, as it only scored an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon’s customer review scale. Clearly, Formula 41 Extreme takes this category of the match-up.

The main reason why we’re doing this review is because Rexavar and Formula 41 Extreme are almost identical in their ingredient profiles. They both contain L-Arginine as the vasodilator, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali and Maca Root. These ingredients are also found in the best male enhancement supplements, because these are simply effective.

Rexavar has more ingredients, which include Avina Sativa, L-Citrulline, and something they call Protodexx Matrix. While it looks good on paper, cramming too much into one pill may actually be detrimental to the quality of the formula.

Formula 41 Extreme sets a good example by balancing the contents of the ingredients in order to bring out the true potential of the ingredients. The ingredients designed to be balanced in order to work as a single unit rather than 5 overpowering ingredients with different effects. Through balance, Formula 41 Extreme is able to achieve the long sought-after effects of penis enlargement, libido enhancement and sexual stamina.

Formula 41 Extreme and Rexavar are both sold per bottle, which is equivalent to a month’s supply of the products. Formula 41 Extreme is priced at $44.95 per bottle, while Rexavar is sold at $39.99. Like many products, both can be bought in bulk. You can get Formula 41 Extreme for as low as only $20 per bottle, while Rexavar is rock-bottom at $26.67 per bottle.

Formula 41 Extreme clearly edges Rexavar in this David vs Goliath matchup. Formula 41 Extreme may be the underdog, but as it always has been, the formula wins it for the brand. Check it out.

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