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Revlon Touch and Glow Review: Is it Effective?

by on August 11, 2016


Revlon Touch and Glow Summary

Skin care formulaRevlon says that their Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream is a revolutionary skin care formula that provides a shine-free, even look for the entire day. They say that it maintains the normal moisture balance of the skin and minimizes dark spots.

Revlon claims that this cream contains agents that inhibit melanin production in skin cells.  They advertise this cream with the ability to effectively reduce the development of hyperpigmentation and age spots.

The formula contains sunscreen to protect the skin against harmful UVA rays as well as properties to penetrate deep into the skin and rehydrate it providing radiant skin throughout the day. This is to reveal the truth of the matter by examining the ingredients, their effectiveness, and perks which may be offered as consumer assurances.

Revlon Touch and Glow Ingredients and Functions

Revlon Touch and Glow IngredientsThe polyphenolic compounds of Bearberry provide some of the strongest anti-oxidants in the botanical world. They scavenge not only free radicals, but damaged skin cells which cause fines lines and wrinkles to appear.

Lotus is rich in vitamin B complex as well as vitamin C and conditioners which moisturize the skin on a microcellular level plumping fines lines. It also brightens skin fading age spots and correcting hyperpigmentation.

Compounds from licorice have been revealed to produce anti-inflammatory actions and battle acne causing bacteria. Licorice also provides five separate properties which inhibit tyrosinase activity and thereby block melanin production.

Vitamin A contains a number of components known as retinoids which when applied before UVA exposure mitigate some of the damage. Clinical trials have demonstrated their ability to reduce fine line, smooth skin, and diminish hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin E hydrates and creates a barrier to protect against moisture loss of skin cells. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which slows damage from the sun.

Pro-vitamin B5 stimulates the natural healing ability of skin cells, increases their absorption rate, and incites anti-inflammatory actions.

Revlon Touch and Glow Pros and Cons

Revlon Touch and Glow Pros

The ingredients in Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream have been scientifically examined.

If effective, this product is relatively inexpensive.

The reviews available are positive in nature.

This formula contains sun screen.

Revlon Touch and Glow Cons

The end product has never been tried.

There are not many reviews of any kind readily available.

There seems to be a question of whether there is an actual guarantee of any kind.

Shop Spot

This product is available from Amazon and several popular skin care websites. A 40g tube costs between $10 and $15 depending upon which site it is purchased from.


The Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream contains ingredients proven to be effective for the company claims. The end product has never been tested. There are positive reviews; however, the amount of any type of feedback is limited. There does not appear to be a refund policy and the Amazon website states that it is non-returnable. This is an unwise purchase decision.

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