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A Review of Cutting Gel

by on August 27, 2016

There’s a topical treatment that makes physical transformation easier than ever. Cutting Gel, a topical treatment, can define muscles with just a simple application on the part that needs improvement. Surely, getting ripped muscles is now an instant possibility.

Temporarily stopped in the United States, Cutting Gel is now back in the market under a new authorized seller, NutriSport. This came as a result of the deal entered by Novex Biotech with the aforementioned seller.

Though there’s a tiny skepticism on our part, we came up with the decision to give it another go.

How the product works?



Cutting Gel, also called Epidril, consists of Aminophylline as one of its ingredients. This component is actually used to cure asthma as well. In some studies, it’s been shown that this ingredient helps in weight loss by reducing fatty tissue when used topically. However, more studies, researches, and clinical trials have to be done in order to verify if it’s really effective or not.

In addition, Cutting Gel hasn’t been examined by FDA, and in many cases cynics believe that it’s the demanding exercises, which is in conjunction with the product use that’s causing the concrete results.


In all seriousness, this product has one of the most overstated claims and outrageous method on weight loss it was not easy on our part to say something decent about it. It’s actually weird that anyone would think that this product is for real.

For one, it’s free from any stimulants, which is a great thing. It becomes more convenient to use. It’s also great that you can bring it anywhere with you because it’s mobile.

Too much Epidril on the skin is not something that a lot of people can handle, which is why there’s a warning sign on Cutting Gel saying users should not apply this product on the entire body.

Though there are a few good reviews on the product with some users saying it works wonders on the abdominal area, Cutting Gel, generally, is a failed attempt.


It matters to us that we keep our reviews professional and to make that happen we avoid bashing other products, but with Cutting Gel, there’s just nothing in it.

It is clear that Cutting Gel’s claims of weight loss and muscle shaping are nothing but exaggeration. For this very reason, the FTC has launched a crackdown on the product’s creator NutraSport for making such unsupported assertions.

Despite it being brought to the market again by Novex Biotech after purchasing its rights from NutraSport in 2009 when the latter opted to discontinue, it is still uncertain if the product is safe for regular intake and if it really brings ideal effects.


Its current cost is $70 a bottle, which is costly considering it doesn’t have all the good ingredients. It doesn’t have any components that help in achieving a faster metabolism nor does it have ingredients for controlling the appetite, burning of fat, and muscle development.

Final SayWeight loss supplement

Cutting Gel can be considered a practical choice if you want to stop using Cellulean for another product. The ingredients in this formula can possibly be effectual in the decrease of fatty tissue as long as done topically, but still there haven’t been extensive trials done to prove that excellent results are likely.

Its history of being discontinued is also an issue for us along with its irregular or uncommon method in achieving weight loss. But since each has specific needs and preferences, there’s also the chance it may have good effects to some people.

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