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ProState Relief Review: Are the claims true?

by on July 22, 2016


ProState Relief Inquiry

Native Remedies claims to manufacture completely natural Solution of Prostate Diseasessolutions for the inability to void the bladder entirely and nocturia. The company says that ProState Relief is capable of correcting these and other issues. The company also proudly displays that is it registered on the Food and Drug Administration site. The promotions for this formula describe its prostate inflammation soothing abilities and urine flow enhancing properties. A man’s prostate keeps growing through his life. As the gland gets bigger, it constrains the urethra and hinders urine flow. Users say they feel relief from the pain of urinating and have better bladder function when taking ProState Relief. Native Remedies claim that it also significantly lowers the risks of prostate diseases which plague aging men the world over.

ProState Relief Components and Actions

Sabal Serrulata thrives abundantly on the North AmericaProState Relief Components continent and native tribes made medicine from its berries long ago. It has displayed the capacity relieve BPH symptoms at least as well as its prescriptions counterparts; however, this is without the maddening sexual effects. These components calm the overactive bladder and lessen inflammation. Cubeba contains a number of phytonutrients that have demonstrated tumor retardant actions. It prevents the body from manufacturing dihydrotestosterone by the conversion testosterone. It appears to bars many androgen signaling routes. Chimaphila Umbellata is commonly implemented in BPH treatments as well as those for Prostatitis. Inflammation responses to these types of disorders seriously constricts urine flow. This plant triggers anti-inflammatory reactions in the prostate gland in order to enhance urine output. Saw Palmetto berries are often combined with Conium Maculatum, commonly called Poison Hemlock to relieve prostate inflammation and drive up the libido up.

It is recommended that this supplement be taken when the stomach is empty.

2 Capsules in 3 hour intervals should be consumed with the first sign of symptoms.

This should be followed with 2 Capsules 3 times daily for 5 days.

ProState Relief Upsides and Downsides

ProState Relief Upsides

This product appears on the registry of the Food and Drug Administration.

There are a lot of scientific publications which endorse the claims set forth by the manufacturer for each ingredient’s effectiveness individually. Tons of excellent user reviews are readily available on the Native Remedies website.

ProState Relief Downsides

This product is not truly backed by the FDA.

The are no sites to read reviews except on the company webpage.


Users can buy this formula from the official company site and it is offered on numerous other supplement site as well for around $20 to $40. A bottle with 180 caplets said to last one month.

Ending Note

There are great reviews for this supplement, but these only appear of the Native Remedies’ website. The supplement also appears within the Food and Drug Administration’s registry; however, consumers can plainly read that does not mean nor is it approved. This supplement manufacturer begins its pitch by immediately misleading the consumers. This seems extremely suspicious and ProState Relief is declared a poor purchase decision.

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